Candy Crush Level 479 Cheats and Tips


Level 479 is a Candy Order level, one of five level types in Candy Crush Saga. Your objective is to collect 101 blue candy, score at least 10,000 points in just 35 moves. In order to complete a Candy Order level, you will need to crush a certain number of specific candy colors or types. Some early Candy Crush order levels just ask you to collect colored candies. Others will require you to get types of special candies later in the game. You’ll have to approach Candy Crush order levels very differently from other stages of the game! Use these all-purpose tips for Candy Crush order levels to dominate them and score truckloads of points.

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Candy Crush Order Levels Tips

  • If you need to collect special candies, focus on forming them right away. Don’t bother making any special candies that don’t fill your orders. If you need to make wrapped bombs, don’t waste turns by making striped candies.
  • Making special candy combinations can be incredibly hard. Try to make special candies next to one another so you don’t have to move them together. Plan your moves ahead so you don’t accidentally set one off before making the combo.
  • Be careful when using special candies to fill colored candy orders. It sounds like a good idea to use a color bomb to get lots of candies you need. But this will make it harder to collect more of those candies if your order is still not filled.
  • Use color bombs on candies you don’t need to get rid of them. Then you will have more opportunities to make big combos with candies you do need, since they’ll take up more room on the board.