Candy Crush Level 500 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 500.

Level 500 Cheat #3: Keep ingredients in outer 2 columns.

candy crush level 500
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  • As you can see at the start of this level, ingredients can only be cleared in the two outer columns. When you have ingredients in these columns, do not move them to another column. You will have to move it back later and it may be extremely difficult.

  • Carl Russ

    Where is any cheat codes at.

  • Carl Russ

    I see only tips on this game there isn’t any cheat codes.

    • lovetocrush

      if you have to cheat you shouldn’t play

  • Anoop

    I completed :)

  • Heather McKendrick

    I’ve been on this for months :(, its that bad they let me pass it without me getting a star. But i have completed all the other levels after 500. but can’t pass this. :( grrrr

    • Kathy Tyson

      how did you pass it?

      • Heather McKendrick

        When candy crush updated the owl and the next 15 levels I seemed to have arrived in the new part without adding the three friends :S but I did finish all the other levels and then I kept going back to level 500. I passed it a few days ago on my last move. πŸ˜€ it took over three months to pass this level.

        • Kathy Tyson

          lol, i thought they just gave ya a free pass!! CONGRATS

    • Soncie22

      how were you able to pass this level without actually passing it?

    • randy

      I finally beat 500 after a month. I brought all the ingredients down one side. And heres the kicker. I had 11moves left.sigh

  • Sorora

    Wow that was awesome!!! I have been on this level for a few days now… ugh

  • Vicki

    I still haven’t beat 500, confirmed by no stars showing for it, but the game is letting me play board 501 now??? What the heck?

  • Mohit Jain

    Just completed

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats Mohit!

  • Dani Moss

    This is ridiculously hard and it cheats

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      How does it cheat exactly?

      • Lies Pollet

        It cheats like crazy..when you’re entitled to a striped/wrapped candy or a colorbomb and it doesn’t give you one for example..happens at least 2-3 times per game..

      • Rohith Fernandes

        Been here for about 3 weeks now…
        I had once managed to clear all obstacles as well as cleared 7 of the 8 ingredients with about 24 moves to spare. The last ingredient did not even appear until I had about 3 moves left!! Not like I did not keep making way for them to be released either!!! :/

        I really think CCS should come up with a free pass once a month or each account have 3 for a lifetime or soemthing. One could use it to skip a level or auto clear a level – will retain the number of players for sure πŸ˜‰

        • Dolphinlady695

          This happened to me too!!! Had one nut left with more than 20 moves left and it never came out until I had a few moves left. I had only played the level a few times but now it’s been a few days & after reading the reviews think I may be playing this level for months :-(

        • Maureen Doran

          I agree they should let you skip a level or even pay a small fee to move on. :(

  • Bobbie

    I have been on 500 for months. It’s just no fun any more. There is no reason for any level to be so difficult. I have even deleted the game but decided to try once more. I loved Candy Crush until I got on level 500.

    • Dorothy Acevedo

      I’m feeling the same way right about now. I’ve tried to pass with everything I got. Just can’t manage to get passed it. I’m not using money either. One dayiI’ll get it. I love the game.I just hope I dnt get bored cause I’m stuck on 500. Good luck

  • Kathy M

    I have been stuck for a month they let me go ahead on my pc but still am stuck on level 500 on my phone! This level sucks must of played a million times!!!!!!!

    • elinor

      Just get your phone to sign on with Facebook and it will coordinate your level

  • Erica Jones

    i’ve tried this level several hundred times, and managed to get 7 items, but I have NEVER even SEEN the 8th… could this be a glitch? I’m fine with it being a difficult level, I am NOT fine that it’s unbeatable because of this problem. Even when I have 20 moves left and 7 items out, it never comes down, even with major combos.

    • Thomas Chang

      On PC, have gotten close (8 moves left, 7 items finished). Then the 8th item never comes. Fix the game on the PC please.

  • kara cavill

    Im now getting very bored with candy crush iwas stuck on a level for 7 months got pased that and now cant do level 500 I dont mind hard levels but this one is taking the p### think its time to stop playing the game

  • Jen

    I’ve been stuck for so long, I now feel bored with the game. Too bad too cuz I have really been having fun up until now. :-(

  • Dani Moss

    How do u unlock the levels after 530 on your iPhone and iPod

  • Dani Moss

    534 is way too hard you have 25 moves and 8 seconds on the bombs so u get 8 moves before the bombs explode so you never get to finish all of the moves. They want you to spend money to finish this one.

  • Ala Potter

    This is my third month on it…. I stopped playing because of this damn level :'(

  • Vishal Bhumkar


  • D soloway

    Just like the rest of you, have been on this level for months now. Too bad I am done with this game now, I have really enjoyed playing it. I really like a challenge, but this is so calculated, and the special candies don’t take out the cake all the time, too frustrating I hate a quitter but….

  • Heidi Bissel

    i have also been on 500 for soooooo long. Truly am getting ready to quit. Too bad because I really liked it too.

  • Tracy Topping

    Getting ready to delete, level 500 impossible and no fun anymore !

  • Vincent Wong

    My lucky day, I reach this level 500 yesterday and managed to get through by today after less than 10 attend. The hits here really work. .

    • Soncie22

      Wow!! I’ve been at it for almost three days now…congrats! But how did you do it? I could certainly use all the help I can get…

      • Vincent Wong

        I just follow the tips on this site. The important thing is “Try not to waste a move on normal matches that don’t help you make special candies. Wrapped + striped, Color bomb + striped”. Watch the Video Walkthrough, Good luck.

  • ImRockDoc

    me too heather

  • Jh root

    Why can’t I get boards like these?

  • Jenifer Lee

    Wow so 350 was impossible but I kept at it. Now KING has decided to throw everything including the kitchen sink and the toilet with this level.

  • Sweet D

    Just finished in almost 15-20 lives. If you play wisely, you can do it.Looking to the comments, today is my lucky day……………………..

  • Fozi Az

    i’m not that kind of person who wants to beat the level without using any boosters …
    just finished it with two lollipop hammers at the end πŸ˜€
    so …..
    finally after week of horror and disturbia πŸ˜€

  • Jason Papa

    Yea this level is insanely difficult. Hardest in the game (I’m waiting on tickets to level 516) thus far. But how I did it I combined the coconut wheel with a striped candy and it made an extra horizontal stripe in place of the wheel and really helped a lot. I got a few wrapper stripe combos and was on my way. But in closing I was on this torturous mentally punishing level for 3 months. I never quit playing entirely. My will was tested like never before. Maintained, was extremely nervous towards the end because I became increasingly aware I had a really large chance of finally winning. My hands were shaking. I leaped in the air after that victory. Pure euphoria.

  • ken mol

    not too hard kinda fun. 2 days to pass

  • Margaret MacDonald

    I eventually beat 500 tonight after 1 week of trying! Its sooo hard and worst bit was not being able to crush one cake, not the two!! However, keep trying, I found 2 wrapped candies helped! In the end it was 5 extra moves (69p) and a free hand switch thingy that helped! I never pay for extra moves unless I can see them visible on the board. This is my first post on here! Hiya CC fans! :-)

  • Sher O’Kee

    I read all the comments regarding the difficulty of this level and yes it is. Fortunately, I passed L500 on my first attempt with no boosters or extra moves with 1 star. The key to passing this level is to try to have your ingredients to fall on 1 side. Make as many vertical stripes and wraps as you can. Use a vertical stripe in the row above your ingredient. When you run out of moves in this area, then use a stripe and wrap combo near the ingredient. Not only does this bring your ingredient(s) down it will reset your board. Hope this info helps. Good Luck candy crushing!

  • Mahota

    completed on third attempt… however it looked doable on first two attempts as well… never looked very difficult… 350 still remain the real nightmare

  • Spikemeister Sandeep

    I was able to clear it in my 1st try itself!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
    And I dint use any power-ups πŸ˜€

  • Niels Steen Madsen

    Cleared the level second day. Got the next to last Cherry with a vertical striped. Took out the last one as well, beacuse it was the next in line in the column :)

  • Carlos Barrero

    I just passed it using two boosters at the same time: color bomb and coconut wheel, I made it in the second try, I hope it helps…

  • Faceless Commenter

    I finally beat this level after trying various strategies, including the one on this site, until I found the one that works.

    Basically, FORGET ABOUT THE CAKES. Just pretend the board is your normal, break-the-jelly board where you need combos of bombs+stripes or bombs+wrapped. FOCUS ON THE COMBOS AND CLEARING AS MUCH OF THE BOARD AS POSSIBLE.

    Another tiny tactical tip is to activate the coconut wheel at the right time: while the middle column is full of candies, not licorices, and you have a chance of clearing at least one cake.

    It’s more than luck; I used this strategy and came verrrry close numerous times — within one or two ingredients — until I actually did get that board where I was able to form enough combos to clear it.

  • tristar

    Just passed this level after 2 frustrating nights . I received 3 gift hammers for agreeing to notifications for candy crush soda and I had four saved when the opportunity came I whacked seven times to sugar crush heaven .

  • Leslie

    This level made me delete the game after months of trying.then I started over from level one. When I got to level 42 it recognized me and made me go back to 500. So I tried it and it actually let me pass. Now on level 542. 500 is ridiculous.

  • Norma Wiles

    I’ve just watched the video shoeing how this is cleared and note there are 65 moves whereas when I play I only have 60 moves ! Why ?

  • Kathindi Helena

    I have been on 500 for exactly a week, challenging level, but never to give up. You can ignore the cakes and work on the sides. I have pass it. Its only when luck is actually on your side. I don’t buy any boosters or lives. Just be patient…

    Good luck folks coming for 500… Cheers… Hoooop hooop!!!

  • peachyrva

    HAD TO POST! There are cakes. So you focus on the cakes 1st. Right? Well, I took the advise of one of the other posters and ignored the cakes. Pass it on the 1st try with that strategy. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eileen

    This level (500) SUCKS !!!! I have celebrated 2 birthdays while on this level, IF there is a CC Fairy, PLEASE, GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS LEVEL, PLEEAASE !!!!!!

  • Donna

    Hate this level! Get all ingredients down several times except for one or two and it won’t drop them down! Is there a trick to this!?

  • Leanne Chambers Cornwell

    We’ve been dreading this level after reading all the comments, but my wife just defeated it after two or three tries this morning! No money ever spent getting here, just doing her best creating stripes and wraps/packages. Last fruit came down in good time, with five moves left. A stripe up the row did it with four moves left. Now on to 501!

  • Maureen Staunton Clarke

    I’m really angry. Have played this level 500 so many times the same thing happens all the time where the last fruit won’t come down….. I had the board cleared and had 52 moves left and the 8 th fruit no where in sight,,,,,, that’s me finished with candy crush….. I’m wasting no more money or time on this crap. As its no joy any more….. Can’t believe this happened