Candy Crush Level 56 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 56.

Level 56 Cheat #3: Clear the bottom .

  • Let special candy combinations drop to the bottom level, they’ll be more useful for clearing jelly. Once you have more than half the chocolate cleared, stop focusing at the top and move to the bottom and to activating special combinations.

  • Tracy Hogan Losoncy

    I have been stuck on this level forever! I try collecting them at the top first but something always causes it to drop before I’m ready and then the damned chocolate covers it all up.

    • Rustie Celeste Winger

      I hate this level so much! I’m stuck and so bored with it I am actually thinking about doing my HW now :(

    • Ashok V Nair

      So, did you finally break the jinx? I’m stuck on it for a while now.

  • Sandy McAllister

    I try to save the special ones to use together for a bigger bang, but they keep getting set off unintentionally even though I try to look ahead.

  • Rustie Celeste Winger

    I HATE THIS LEVEL! So bored with it I am actually thinking about doing my HW now. :'( Candy crush is supposed to be my escape when I am trying to avoid doing hw. much sad!

  • Rustie Celeste Winger

    I DID IT!! Easy after I got the tips from this site! Got it on my 2nd try TY TY TY

  • Natalie Green

    I hate the sound when the chocolate starts covering stuff up. Damn thing.