Candy Crush Level 76 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 76.

Level 76 Cheat #3: Use special candies to clear top left.

candy crush level 76
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  • Candy Crush level 76 is difficult because special candies are not as useful as they typically are on other levels, but you will still need them throughout the game if you get stuck. Specifically, when you have no moves to make in the top left section, and your ingredient is lying at the bottom of the right side, you are going to need special candies to mix up the order of the candies on the top left side. For this reason, the most useful special candy to use on Candy Crush level 76 are the striped candies.
  • The horizontal striped candy can mix up the position of candies in the top left when you have no more available moves here. This must be activated at the top right hand side of the board in order to do this. Note that this can also be done with a vertical striped candy if you have one in the bottom left side of the board, since this will clear the column on the top left side as well. The vertical striped candy (stripes facing up and down) can also be used to clear entire columns on the right side, which can be very helpful if your ingredient is at the top of the right and you can bring it all the way down to the bottom of the right in just one move.

  • ariel

    hi guys do you know how to finish level 76

  • Ashley

    I have been stuck on this forever. Very next attempt after reading this i cleared the level, thanks.

    • Sarah


  • Kristine Isley Stordahl

    Anybody know how to get past # 79, I have been able to get down to 1 jelly, then run out of moves, plead any help would greatly appreciated.

    • Blue Lagoon

      You can buy more moves so you can progress.

  • misty

    Why dont the striped candies and wrapped candies work on the chestnuts? They clear a section but the chestnuts are untouched.

    • Beef curtains

      Hey Misty,

      If the candies were to destroy the chestnuts there would be no chestnuts to bring down to the bottom.

      You should be able to confirm this with your classmates when you are back in your special needs class on Monday.

      • getbackLoretta

        Sleeping in his parents basement wishing he could find a girl, or at least someone or something to love him. Probably tired of his blow up doll.

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        I was here looking for tips on how to complete this level. This IS a confusing one Misty, sorry you got such a smart alec answer. The “helpful” person should be able to to get some answers on courtesy and helpfulness when they are back in the beating rudeness class on Monday. For the record, I work with special needs adults , most of who would whoop Beef curtains butt at this game, not to mention the top notch cheerful and helpful outlook they seem to be born with. Good luck with Candy Crush and have a great day.

    • allie

      Don’t listen to her

  • Ezdhiar

    H guys do you know how to finish level 18

  • Kittenatl

    Thanks for the info, I will use this technique to complete level 76.

  • Sandy Padilla

    The cherries keep going down to the bottom and go back to the top. Why can’t I get rid of the fruit? Grrrrrrrrrrrr about to slam my computer!!! Please help!

    • kathie

      im with you sandy I should of been on levle80 after my 3rd time playing 76

  • lara

    on level 76 how do you bring the ingredients to the bottom if when you open the board they are already in the section with the white line and they can’t go past it.

  • Geertje

    Thanks guys, that cleared up the confusion re level 76.

  • Rheanna

    i think its funny how someone spends their time leaving crude comments on forums. Almost makes me question how much time you waste thinking up your comments. Oh btw im talking about Beef Curtains

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      We agree Rheanna! Everyone should just play nice!

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      Well said. Beff curtain’s comment was so unnecessarily rude. Probably guest votes him/her self up daily. Brainless and classless. Scary mix.

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  • Nancy Hale

    Is there a way to determine if the special candy will be horizontal or vertical? I can’t get any action in section 3. Even if the striped candy is at the very bottom of section 2, once I move the fruit to section 3 they are dead in the water so to speak. Have only been lucky enough to get a horizontal activated high enough in 2 to shoot across to 3 one time

    • Mad Dog

      If you move a candy horizontally to create the striped candy, it will have horizontal stripes. If you move the candy vertically to create the striped candy, it will have vertical stripes.

  • Brian

    § We all know that King is in the business of making money. We all know the game is rigged to make you spend money (Lvl 65, Lvl 140, Dreamworld 101). We all have seen the owl “happen” to fall off for no reason on candy breaks, the needle slow down to a snail’s pace on the jackpot just to find that extra “momentum” to go to the next section on the wheel. I believe in a fair game not rigged for people to spend their hard earned money on it. Let me help everyone stick it to King and maybe a fair, reasonable game will happen. This is what you do……
    § You just go into your phone setting… Scroll down and look for (Time and Date) Change your date 1 day head… Then go open Candy Crush, you will have 5 new lives. BUT do not play the game yet. Close Candy Crush, and go back to your setting and reset the date back to the original today’s date….Very Important!!!
    Then go back to Candy Crush and play the game. You can do this as many times per day as you like. Always open CC and make sure there’s 5 news lives… BUT ALWAYS remember to go back and reset the date BEFORE you play the game. IF you don’t the “minute ticker” on CC will turn in days, and weeks, and months, maybe longer. (YOU don’t want this to happen)
    ALWAYS reset your Time and date before you play CC……
    This can also be done on an iPad, Smart phones, and IPhones, and other small hand held computer devices. BUT not a P.C.

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