Candy Crush Level 77 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 77.

Level 77 Cheat #2: Keep the chocolate caged.

candy crush level 77
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  • The chocolates are your biggest blocker in this level–they replicate quickly! Keep an eye on the chocolate and try and keep them caged for as long as possible. They can only cover up the jellies you need to clear.

  • TonsMel

    I can’t seem to beat this level. I finally decided to watch the example video. It’s kind of irritating because is essentially just luck. :/

    • G whiz

      I watched the video, too, and I still don’t get it! What is considered “jellies” in this level???

      • TonsMel

        The same thing that is always considered a jelly in Candy Crush – the blocks that are translucent.

  • Jean

    How do I reset the board

    • Sherwood VA

      Log out and back in. Sometimes you will need to wait to be able to play again.

  • kimberly

    When you start the game and see the board dont make a move you back out to the beginning then you enter the game again with a new board

    • Legal beagle

      I did this and it still took a life

      • Jean

        Yes, it took a life from me too

        • MaSi

          You have to tap in the bottom left corner where the settings menu is. Then on the RED door and you can start the game again without losing a life. You can do this as often as you wish. But I’m still stuck on 77…

  • Claudia Pamela Jimenez-Altman

    Great tips…however if you get rid of chocolate ones 1st they will not reappear & easier to win the level!!good luck..:)

    • carrie white

      Hi, I agree, blast the chocolate first & store as many “bombs” and wrapped & striped candy’s to have a chance at this level..
      The next level 78 is cool ( no chocolate) lol

  • Mae Stacy

    I’ve tried to get more lives on my android but it just adds more waiting time

    • courtney

      To get more lives you need to First exit, making sure you’re on the screen that says play & has all the user settings. LEAVE it on that screen & exit candycrush; but make sure your screen is STILL on PLAY/Settings screen.
      If u have a Samsung galaxy like me u just pull down your screen& enter your settings.
      Go into Date & time.
      Un check Date & time.
      Go into Set time & move ahead 3 or 4 hrs.
      Make sure u GO BACK INTO candycrush BE4 resetting the time!
      Press play & make sure you’re on the screen where your Facebook body is standing next to whatever level your on, as well as posting your friends highest scores.
      When you press your level& the Level, select boosters, play screen comes up DO NOT PRESS PLAY YET!
      Go back into your settings – While keeping that specific candycrush screen up.
      In your settings recheck off automatic Date & time; making sure it’s CORRECT date & time.
      Then your phone should alert u that u have full lives!
      Took me a few times till I finally got it…now wrks EVERY time 4 me, never have 2 worry bout lives! U just have 2 make sure u do this in Exact, proper order or ull screw up your time. ..which even if u do screw up ur time u can still fix it.
      If this is 2 confusing u can go to Google and type in how to get extra lives in candycrush without askn friends or spending money. That’s how I found out, and they tell u step by step

  • Leslie

    I hate this level, I hate this level, I hate this level!!!!!!!

  • pinkydinky

    To get extra lives I just change the date on my phone then when finished change it back it’s so simple! Then you have unlimited lives!

  • Shawn

    Get a wrap and stripe in the right hand side. Blast the licorice and chocolate. Then get a bomb and a stripe/ With only 25 moves and 21 single strokes of jelly/licorice/chocolate to remove you can’t do it with vertical stripes alone. If you can’t make a horizontal stripe in the middle row – you need at least one really powerful move.

  • Wang Ting

    Its not true that wrapped candy candies can’t help to beat this level. A combination of two wrapped candies near the chocolate line can easily clear all the chocolate. Because the combination doubles the power of wrapped candy and its impact.

  • Connie Schlimm

    uggg hating level 77

  • glennvirt

    Make a bomb and get a stripe next to it, Hopefully the stripe will be same color as two or more in the jelly row — and hopefully when you mix, you make a couple of horizontal stripes in the row . Another possibility is to make two wraps on row closest to jellies — will annihilate 4 in that row. But even these are not enough — this level is very, very tough — Almost gave up and then got lucky and had a few bombs and some combos and won on last move.