Candy Crush Level 87 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 87.

Level 87 Cheat #2: Make striped candies and special candy combos.

candy crush level 87
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  • As all other ingredient levels in Candy Crush, vertical striped candies and striped candy combos are the best moves to make. Make a vertical striped candy by matching four candies, with the last one moving either up or down. You can also match a striped candy with another striped candy, a wrapped candy, or a color bomb for maximum effect. Color bombs on their own are also good because they can eliminate a candy of a particular color if it is standing in the way of the ingredient and the bottom of the board.

  • Brenda Austin

    on the cheats vid of level 87 they have 50 moves ? I only have 33 ? and there is no odus

  • Star let

    I also only get 33 moves and have Odus to deal with – really really hard level, not getting anywhere near.

  • Elaine Riddle

    I only get 33 moves….?????

  • Tai Lee Siang

    I made it through easily. The trick is to make sure the ingredients exit through the third column from the right side, this way, all subsequent ingredients will fall through the same column. Got it ?

  • Cappy

    What the cheats above don’t explain clear enough if that you won’t get more ingredients, until you exit the ones on the board. They say to clear out the right, but don’t emphasize to do that exclusively if you want more ingredients. Clearing out the left side will not bring you more. Once I figured that out I finished this level after 2 tries (whereas I spent 50+ trying it the other way). The tipsters dropped the candy on this level.

    • AKM

      Please explain your trick, more in depth to me? I see what youre saying about theirs too….I follow all that and that “They dropped the CANDY on this tip” LOL. Love it! :P But yeah , step-by-step intructions for YOUR tip, would be PHENOMENAL! PLEASE? IM GOING FRICKIN CRAZY IN HERE!!!! Thanks in advance. :)

  • Ivan Gough

    I must be a bit dumb I got about a dozen ingredients through and still can’t get through , what am I doing wrong?

  • Ivan Gough

    OK l just watched the video (87) and heaps of ingredients are going through not just the eight. Please what am l doing wrong?