A New Candy Crush World – Dreamworld

The makers of Candy Crush have released a new Dreamworld–available to any players! Rather than updating levels past the 500 mark, Candy Crush Saga has introduced a new world with 65 new levels! If you need help beating any of the Dreamworld levels, check out our Candy Crush Dreamworld Cheats!

Our new world behaves mostly like the Candy Crush you’re used to: clear 3-or-more same colored candies, clear jellies, get a certain score, bring down ingredients. But this new world has two new fun features!

The first is Odus, the Owl. Odus balances on top of a crescent moon. Each side of the moon will have different colored candies. As you play, you need to equally use those candies (or avoid them all together) or the moon begins to tip to one side. If you favor one of the colors on Odus’ moon too much, he’ll fall off and your game will be over!


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What comes with Odus is Moon Struck. Moon Struck happens when you’ve filled the little bar under Odus (this is done by making enough moves on the board). When there is a Moon Struck, a color is zapped from your board!

King has successfully built in new features to Candy Crush that any player would love! Been stuck on a level for awhile? Want to play something a ltitle different, a little new? Update your Candy Crush today, dive into dreamworld and get to know Odus!

  • Flipper897

    I’m quite confused – yesterday I accessed Dreamworld for the first time, I saw Level 1 but didn’t have time to play it. This morning I cannot access Dreamworld at all. I have completed Level 110 in Candy Crush Saga, I’ve received E-mails saying I could play Dreamworld if I’ve gotten to Level 50, and this morning I see Dreamworld up ahead at Level 120. Is there something wrong with the site? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aria

      you have to be logged into fb to access dream world, as well as connected to wifi but I’m not entirely sure on that last part.

      • Lecrazy

        Yeah. For some reason it doesn’t work on wifi for me, but does on 3G.

      • Trulee Taylor Goble

        My husband found the owl and wasn’t connected to fb, but I can’t. Any ideas why?

    • Sharon Lynn Ford

      I had the same thing happened. I turned my phone off and then after one minutes turn it back on and it worked.

    • Garys_opinion

      Before playing, select the owl at the top right of your screen. Odus pulls down a window shade and you are in Dreamworld.

  • Tonya Wall Brooks

    My candy crush dreamworld doesn’t look like yours. I could barely make 4,000. I dont have that big of a board. Why was mine so small and different?

  • Sharon Lynn Ford

    I played for a while and the way I FInAlLy won was to keep not accepting boards which did not have five in a row. Once I did, then I won!

  • Tammie English

    I do not have dreamworld and I am on level 147, I have a kindlefire does that make a difference?

    • Garys_opinion


    • Angela

      What is dream world

      • jsd1950

        It’s a game inside of the Candy Crush Saga game, with Odus the Owl. It’s a good place to go when you get fed up with the regular Candy Crush.

  • Kathy Payne-Griswold Bellamy

    A ripoff…I was able to beat level 75 in Dreamworl. Then the screen kept flashing and did not credit me. I had over 22,000 points. All was lost!

  • Stephen Haynes

    This is one of many ridiculous levels of Candy Crush! They want you to “collect all orders” but make it virtually impossible to achieve this without coming out of your pocket!! For the players who continue to support this “slot machine.” What are their incentives as they achieve higher levels? Absolutely NOTHING!! They are banking on the fact that you are a hooked patron and will do almost disgusting things to make you spend a buck! FUCK you CANDY CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Christine Goullaud McMaster

      Hi I’m on level like 500 something and I never ever pay for anything. I play a lot in the car waiting for my kids. I really don’t ever buy anything. But some levels ARE nearly
      impossible so I hear ya on the F U candy crush. Eventually they just give me what I need I think they notice I don’t play as much tho when I’ve been stuck for a long time and I’m talking like a month or more most now take an average of a week to beat now.

  • jsd1950

    My son and I both play candy crush and dreamworld on our Ipads. When he loses all 5 lives in candy crush, Odus shows he has 5 more lives to play in dreamworld. If I use all my lives in candy crush, I don’t get the 5 extra lives for dreamworld. Why not?

    • geordiebird

      I noticed this too, my friend has the extra lives on her ipad and phone but i do not! Did you find anything out for this?

      • jsd1950

        Haven’t found an answer yet. I’ll share if I do. Thanks for your reply.

      • bharath

        if u knw how
        share with me ….

    • Barb Meyer

      have you received an answer to this?

      • jsd1950

        I never got an answer on this. But yesterday my son no longer had the extra 5 moves with Odus. We are both up to date on our IPads and his Iphone. I wish they were consistent with the game on every system.

      • Kathy Rixham

        Nope. Have heard nothing. I actually wondered if it was just me until you replied. And you are right – it’s only been the last few days. Wonder if they did an update.

    • Angela

      What is the dream world in the owl game

  • Sarah Moore

    Which color does he zap? The color he’s tilted toward or the color in the air?

  • ginny

    Anyone know why some people get lives for candy crush and odus? I have them on my android phone but not my tablet. One of my family gets them on ipad but another doesn’t. Everyone is over level 100 in each.

  • Tiffy

    My husband has the same phone as me,same settings,but when I turned on his candy crush he has 5 lives for odus world and 5 seperate lives for the regular candy world. I am updated as far as I know. Also,I have not paid a dime to King,and on regular world I’m over level 260 and odus land I’m at level 102 so don’t think u have to buy anything,just be sure to spin that wheel everyday..sometimes every 15hrs even if ur not going to play so u stock up on power-ups.eventually u will get a set up that will male that hard level easy to win..as they say let the candy fall as It may..lol. also on the app ‘pou’ he has more games available then my app does.dunno why.anyone know of an update I may have missed in candy crush that I don’t get 5 lives for each land?

    • jsd1950

      I’ve been playing for a long time now. I’m up to level 752. I don’t get the extra lives for playing Odus but my son does on his iphone and ipad. It stopped for a while but he is getting them again.

  • dream

    We both have Samsung s4. I have completed candy crush but still haven’t got extra five lives on dreamworld but my friend have those lives for like 2 months. :/

  • Kathy Rixham

    I used to have separate lives for Candy Crush Saga and Otus’s DreamWorks. The other day this stopped. In other words, when I used up my Candy Crush lives I could play Dreamworld – but now there are no lives in Dreamworld

    • Barb Meyer

      did you get an answer to this? I have the same issue, used to always have 5 lives for each but noticed in the last few days only 5 total?!

  • Kimberly Olson-Peck

    Use to get 5 lives for candy crush and 5 lives for dreamworld but stopped getting separate lives for dreamworld two days ago. I am on level 147. Does anybody know why I am no longer getting separate lives for each world?

  • Nellyash365

    I have the same 5 lives on Odus and main game was woundering how to get it for my friend. I thought it was level 15 to get 3 stars but this is just the special to turn Odus off. Still not sure.

  • Kurt Morris

    I can’t understand why anyone would even get in to this game. The makers failed miserably on this one taking all the fun out of it. The whole purpose of the game is to create big moves by combining different candies together , however; You can’t do any of the major fun moves without knocking that stupid bird off the perch and ending the game. I only play it when I have to Waite 72 hours for a ticket on candy crush. Plus the moonstruck does most of the damage for you without any strategy involved.