Candy Crush Free Tooth Fairy Booster

Candy Crush cheats and guides for all Quest Levels of Candy Crush with the Tooth Fairy cheat! Candy Crush is always adding new and interesting parts to its already 500+ levels. And this new Candy Crush Tooth Fairy cheat does not disappoint. Having trouble with a Quest Level, just use the Tooth Fairy cheat! Here is more Candy Crush cheats about the Tooth Fairy booster cheat!

Yes! There is a magical Tooth Fairy in Candy Crush! But she will only appear in Quest Levels.

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Once you have completed a land/area in Candy Crush, and if you are not connected to Facebook, you have to play Quest Levels. Quest Levels in Candy Crush consist of 3 levels that you played before in the land you just conquered.

And there is nothing fun or exciting about these Quest Levels. Playing 3 levels you already beat just to get to the next land/area is a bummer. And the worst part is that once you beat 1 Quest Level, you have to wait 24 hours just to play the next one!

But here’s the trick – start playing the quest levels and see how far you get. If you decide you are bored and don’t want the challenge–and don’t want to attach your Candy Crush to Facebook, the Tooth Fairy can help you!


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All you have to do is not play Candy Crush for a week, or set your clock on your phone settings a week forward for the Tooth Fairy to appear. The Tooth Fairy will then take you passed all the Quest Levels, and forward to the new land/area, where you will play new levels!

You will receive a push notification that tells you the Tooth Fairy has a gift for you. Open it and find this picture (look below). The Tooth Fairy will bring you to your new level instantly!

  • Satin Sheets

    This tooth fairy cheat didn’t work for me! I followed the instructions of this webpage on how to get the tooth fairy cheat. I logged out of my facebook and I disconnected my mobile phone from the wifi. I tried playing the first of the three mystery quests but I didn’t win. I set the clock of my phone one week ahead then I went back to the Candy Crush app in my phone. The tooth fairy didn’t come! : (

    When I finished the Bubblegum Bridge episode on Dec 27th- I waited a week and the tooth fairy came on Jan 3rd. I was finally allowed into the Salty Canyon episode. I finished the Salty Canyon episode on Jan 12th, and today I was expecting the tooth fairy to come again because it’s been a week, but she didn’t. So I found this webpage about the tooth fairy cheat. I tried setting my clock ahead a week like this webpage suggests. But it didn’t work. How do I fix this? I really want to use the tooth fairy cheat but it didn’t work for me.

  • tracy

    Is there any way of geting free boosters? I got a thing on facebook to share and like for 99 free boosters and I didnt get them. Iam sick of paying for them ha

    • COMALite J

      Those Facebook things are scams.

  • Carol Vars

    I’ve liked and shared everything but haven’t received nothing. No mystery box, level unlocked etc. Getting tired of liking n sharing but not receiving.

  • colleen

    Help lost my picture playing piece was replaced by candy crush cartoon girl. And it did not advance me to next level it is like it is stuck. Been like this for days

  • COMALite J

    Here’s an idea that would make the Quests more bearable, and have those Stars you earn on the levels by scoring higher points actually do something:

    When you complete a fifteen-level land/area episode, instead of always having to complete three Quests, why not have it so that the number of Quests you have to complete depends on the Stars you earned in that Land/Area?

    Proposed formula: NumQuests = 4 − INT(AVG(Stars[previous 15 levels]))

    So, if you earned an average of three Stars in the previous levels (when rounded to an integer), you’d only have to play 4 − 3 = 1 = one Quest! No 24-hour delay!

    If you earned an average of two Stars, you’d only need to play two Quests. Only one 24-hour delay after the first Quest.

    Only if your rounded average was one Star would you need to play all three Quests.

    If King wants to make it tougher, they could change the formula to:
    NumQuests = 4 − MIN(Stars[previous 15 levels])

    So instead of a rounded average, it’d be looking at your lowest scored stars for the 15 levels in that land/area episode. If you always scored three Stars, you only play one Quest. If you scored two on any one level, even if you scored three on all others, but never scored only one on any level, then you play two Quests. If you ever scored only one Star on a level, you play all three Quests as usual.

    This would be calculated afresh each time you attempt to play the Quests, so that once reaching the Quests, you can choose to go back and replay your one-Star and maybe two-Star levels again to avoid having to do a Quest, or even to abort the 24-hour timer after your first or second Quest.


  • Ocean View

    Thank God!! I was ready to uninstall Candy Crush stuck on that rotten Level 110 and those F-ing bombs! I hate those things. 5 seconds to get rid of 2 of them right off the bat makes the ‘game’ more like some sort of college exam.

  • Ella

    What do I do is the Toothfairy is stuck? It still says I have to wait 72 hours, even though I’ve been waiting for 3 days.

    • Lynn Thornley

      Hi, did you manage to sort this out…I’m having the same problem, it’s been stuck on 72hrs for 5 days now and it still is…it’s driving me mad and I dont know what to do