Candy Crush Wrapped Candy

The wrapped candy is one of the three special candies in Candy Crush Saga. Need to know what is a wrapped candy, how to create a wrapped candy, and how to use a wrapped candy? We have all the information you need on Candy Crush wrapped special candies to help you beat all the levels in the game!

What is a wrapped candy and how do I make one?

A wrapped candy looks like a regular candy in a square wrapper. You can create a wrapped candy by moving 5 candies into an L shape, a T shape, or a + shape.




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What does a wrapped candy do?

A wrapped candy, when activated in a 3-candy combination, will clear all the surrounding 8 candies in an explosion. The wrapped candy will explode twice once it is activated.

How is a wrapped candy useful?

In any level where you need to clear an area or break through multiple blockers, a wrapped candy is an asset. This exploding candy is easier to form and very effective if you have chocolate or meringues (frosted) squares blocking you.

  • For every wrapped candy you form, you will earn 200 points. Earns you 200 points when formed
  • When a wrapped candy explodes, each time it will clear the surrounding 8 candies and earn you 540 points.

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    What are power ups?

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    Grrrr. Nothing seems to work for me on this level. I keep trying and get nowhere. The closest I got was 4.

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    This level is aweful and nearly impossible.