Candy Crush Level 105 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 105 cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 105 of Candy Crush. Level 105 of Candy Crush Saga is one of the most frustrating levels in the game and guaranteed to hinder your progress. But have no fear because these Candy Crush 105 cheats and tips will help you solve the level!

Candy Crush Level 105 Cheats

  1. First Free the Bomb
  2. Difficulty
  3. Focus on the Jelly
  4. 8-Move Bomb
  5. Level 105 Video Walkthrough


  • First, remove the center candy bomb.
  • You’re going to want to do that as quickly as possible.
  • Time bombs will soon begin to fall.
  • Demolish them when you have a chance, but don’t focus too much on them.




  • Valerie Brown

    Thank you 3 stars

  • Barbara Moore

    It can be done with patience. I am stuck on 105 but will conquer. I have gotten this far and have yet spent one cent on this game to buy bonuses. The hints do help.

  • Randy Lovell

    Game must have changed since your wrote this. I have played over 20 rounds today. One the last round, I made notes of the bombs. They come the first move after you have cleared one. I just had 10 bombs not including the first one. I am beginning to think that this level is unbeatable because of this. I have played over 100 rounds have only gotten close a probably 4 or 5 times (5 or less jellies left)

  • Merrigay Schroer

    Clear the bomb? I’d like to if there were any candies on the board allowing you to either create a striped candy or other special candy or at least a candy of the same color as the bomb on the board. This is like level 102 when you just don’t get the moves apparently until the CCgod says you will.

  • summer43224

    Funny how the bombs in this video last a lot longer than the ones on my board. Most of the time, I get 10 seconds to play the game before it’s over. I made the mistake of buying once and now I cannot get anywhere. I refuse to spend another cent and guess I will go back to playing pogo as I am tired and bored of playing a game that is rigged. there is NO way a person could play as many as I and others have played and not win once in those hundreds of games. It’s not just level 105 either.

  • Abrar Kiani

    V nice game