Candy Crush Level 105 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 105 Cheats

  1. First Free the Bomb
  2. Difficulty
  3. Focus on the Jelly
  4. 8-Move Bomb
  5. Level 105 Video Walkthrough
Level 105 Cheat #3: Focus on creating the wrapped and striped candy combo (and all special candy combos). Next >>


  • Your main goal is to clear the jelly in all corners.
  • Don’t focus on the Candy Bombs.
  • The Candy Bombs drop every eight moves.
  • You should focus only on the jelly in each corner. That is the main goal and remember you only have 30 moves.
  • Making striped candies.
  • Striped candies will help you eliminate the jelly using the least amount of moves.
  • Striped candies will also help with the score you need of 55,000 points




  • Valerie Brown

    Thank you 3 stars

  • Barbara Moore

    It can be done with patience. I am stuck on 105 but will conquer. I have gotten this far and have yet spent one cent on this game to buy bonuses. The hints do help.

  • Randy Lovell

    Game must have changed since your wrote this. I have played over 20 rounds today. One the last round, I made notes of the bombs. They come the first move after you have cleared one. I just had 10 bombs not including the first one. I am beginning to think that this level is unbeatable because of this. I have played over 100 rounds have only gotten close a probably 4 or 5 times (5 or less jellies left)

  • Merrigay Schroer

    Clear the bomb? I’d like to if there were any candies on the board allowing you to either create a striped candy or other special candy or at least a candy of the same color as the bomb on the board. This is like level 102 when you just don’t get the moves apparently until the CCgod says you will.

  • summer43224

    Funny how the bombs in this video last a lot longer than the ones on my board. Most of the time, I get 10 seconds to play the game before it’s over. I made the mistake of buying once and now I cannot get anywhere. I refuse to spend another cent and guess I will go back to playing pogo as I am tired and bored of playing a game that is rigged. there is NO way a person could play as many as I and others have played and not win once in those hundreds of games. It’s not just level 105 either.

  • Abrar Kiani

    V nice game