Candy Crush Level 166 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 166 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 166 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 166 is to score 15,000 points in 120 seconds.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 166.

Level 166 Cheat #1: Keep making matches.

candy crush level 166
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  • With the time limit, there’s not a lot of opportunity to strategize. With all the chocolate fans, you need to take advantage of any matches on the board.
  • Remember: you cannot reset your board on timed levels without losing a life.

  • Barbara

    I can’t believe I’m the only one having problems with this level. I have been on this level for a while getting down to 2 or 3 jellies and then run out of time. It’s just a hard level.

    • Eieiei

      Funny, I just thought the opposite! This is probably the first timed level ever that I passed on the first game. And I had plenty of time left when the score had been reached…

      There were a lot of +5 bonus, and I had been searching for possible matches quite a time; sometimes the game helped me to find…

  • Barbara

    Well, I’m on level 168 now. Having real problems with that too. Been on for weeks.