Candy Crush Level 242 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 242 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 242 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 242 is to bring the 4 ingredients down and score 40,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 242.

Level 242 Cheat #1: Move the ingredients to inner columns.

candy crush level 242
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  • Notice that ingredients only come through the far left and far right columns. However, they cannot be cleared except in the inner columns.
  • Make it your first priority to switch those ingredients to an inner column when possible. After that you only need to drop them down, which shouldn’t be too hard with vertical striped candies.

  • Helen

    Hey question how can I get extra moves all my friends get extra moves I never do y ?

    • antony

      you should pay for extra move darling

    • Sam

      Ask your friends to send you extra moves

    • Geertje

      You have a tab (heart shaped and it says Play With Friends). If you click on that tab it opens and you can gift your friends extra moves. That’s how you can receive them to. However, I find that I give more than I receive because I don’t think many people know about this tool to help others.

    • Geri

      Change your time 2 hrs ahead, then after the moves pop in change your time back.

  • Kathy Minton

    Ingredients come from the columns that have “dispensers”. This includes the center column as well, not just the outside two.

  • Jeanne

    So… how do you keep the ingredients from piling up in the first column?

  • Geertje

    All my moves were up and still the last ingredient has arrived on the board. How can you complete a level 242 like that?

  • Geertje

    It happened now twice that I brought 3 ingredients down and the last one never appeared. I had 2x double coloured bombs to clear up the board but the last ingredient never appeared. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • imran

      i have this problem

  • Julie

    Did it on 3rd go, get the ingredients from the sides first, the rest is easy.