Candy Crush Level 290 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Level 290 Cheats

This is tip 2 of 3

Level 290 Cheat #2: The eight frozen jellyfish are crucial to clearing level 266. Next >>


  • You’re going to have eight jellyfish..
  • In order to get them, you’re going to have to create some special combos that will help you break through those blockers.
  • Once you have the jellyfish, use them wisely. They will help you clear level 290 completely, but only if the jellyfish are used effectively.




  • Matt Johnson

    Spend a lot of time breaking the jellies? Use the jellyfish? That’s your tips? What a joke!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Perhaps you should use the jelly fish to your advantage and combine them with a special candy then Matt.

  • Adrienne Brownstein

    Agree with Matt – the whole point is to clear the jellies, I wanted a tip on how!

  • AridBadlands

    Since this “strategy” was of little to no help for me and others, I’ll explain my strategy. It’d be great if you could upload this to this page, moderator. It seriously is the best strategy for this board.

    It’s the same strategy for EVERY tough jelly board with lots of multi-layered meringues. If you’re playing on the phone, reset over and over until you start with something great. Try to make early combos with wrapped candies.

    - Wrapped Candies, wrapped candies, wrapped candies! Double wrapped candies work especially well considering the blast radius and power is so high, so if you manage to get one of those… utilize it! You don’t actually NEED the jellyfish to beat this board, but they can help if you’re out of options. So by all means, utilize those too if they can help clear the path.

    - If you’re going to depend on the jellyfish, HOLD OFF USING THEM UNTIL MERINGUES ARE MOSTLY GONE. Otherwise there’s a strong chance it will be wasted on a single layer of the multi-layered meringues. Which is pointless when you still need to clear 2 layers of jelly underneath the 4 and 5 layers of meringue on top of it.

    - Don’t waste precious moves clearing candies that won’t help you out in anything but the next 2 moves. If you’re finding yourself making repeated candy swaps with little to no effect on the jellies or multi-layered meringues, then you’re probably not going to win.

    - Don’t waste a lot of time trying for color bombs unless it takes less than 1 or 2 moves to create one. Wrapped candies are far more valuable for clearing meringues than color bombs in this particular board. They do help, but the difficulty in creating color bombs can often eat away at your move numbers.

    Hope all of this helps!

  • Anne Tess

    some fine tips here