Candy Crush Level 461 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 461 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 461 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 461 is to clear all jelly and reach 125,000 points.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 461.

Level 461 Cheat #1: Avoid unlocking the two bottom cells.

candy crush level 461
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  • You need to remove all the jelly, but some of it is covered by chocolate.
  • Once you have opened up the two bottom cells (left and right), the chocolate will be released quickly.
  • Since jelly can’t be removed if it’s covered in chocolate, remove the jelly in the upper part of the board first before moving to the bottom.

  • Emma

    Thanks for the tips. This is a toughie!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      No problem Emma, glad you got through it!

  • Brenda James Winans

    how did you get so many fish? Did you activate a power up?

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Nope, no boosters!

      • Butter Wells

        That’s cute how you un-muted the music when you won :)

  • Fozi Az

    Great … a new level to stuck on -_-

  • Jenifer Lee

    Well I managed to control the jelly. I was able to get a Color Bomb lined up against a striped candy. I then got two wrapped candies but I had a candy blocking my strategy to wipe out the remaining jellies.. I messed up big time because I failed to use my LOLLIPOP HAMMER and I was left with 2 wrapped candies and 2 jellies remaining.

  • Melissa

    I’ve been at this one for a few months. C’mon Candy Crush! Geesh. There are so many moves that dont clear any jellys or the board has to reset. I refuse to pay to get through this game. Its l like I’ve chosen to play a new game. Called Level 461! I think its time to bag it.

  • John Firth

    Occasionally when I get close to getting a level out I will pay 1 payment if I know I can do it within 5 moves. This happened on a previous level when I needed 1 more move with a striped candy in exactly the right place. I paid my 0.69p and looked forward to completing the level – went back to the game and found the striped candy had disappeared – couldn’t believe my eyes – it’s just happened again when I had a striped candy and sprinkle bomb adjacent on this game – the striped candy disappeared . This is a rip off as it cheats to get more money it seems

    • Debi Prechtl Mitchell

      Exactly, there should be a law against ripping people off. And there is nothing one can do about it!

  • Jan Gerhardus

    Try to clear the jelly in the upper part and then attack the chocolate by releasing all fish one after the other. Because there is not much jelly on the top anymore, the fish will target the chocolate and clear it completely. It will help to prepare some striped candies beforehand, just in case the fish does not clear everything. Still you need some luck to finish the board even after the chocolate has been cleared.

    • Fernanda Cordeiro

      I already did it all, but I’m still stuck.

  • Debi Prechtl Mitchell

    I’m done!! Candy crush is out to rip people off! Level 461 is impossible unless they get extremely lucky! So I decide to spend 4.99 for 18 gold bricks. Assuming I get 18 more moves! Nope….I get five! What a rip off! Come n candy crush. Get real! I’m done…after three months of being on this boring board with absolutely nothing exciting about it….I quit! Candy crush will get no more of my hard earned money!

    • vince

      Cross square candys and striped andies the key. Got thru easy

  • Jupiter

    It does get a lot easier after this level. I’m now at level 515 and there hasn’t been any tough levels since this one.

  • Big Boy

    I have spent so much money on this game to be stuck on that stupid level. I draw a line and will nol onger play… They are trying to make me spend more money and I refused. I hate to just rely on luck, I am not a soar looser, but too much is too much! SAyonara Candy Crush

    • Jhun Aguado

      me too…

  • Jhun Aguado

    fucking shit level 461…impossible level…im gonna remove this fucking game…

  • Jhun Aguado

    i dont have to play this fucking game 24/7…. fuck this game

  • Jeff

    Ridiculous level. I don’t mind difficult levels. It is what makes games fun and challenging, but luck shouldn’t be a factor in beating a level. The tips are crap, and obvious. Save the fish until last? IF you can clear every single jelly without activating the fish? total luck.

  • anon

    Just when you are starting to enjoy fun and challenging levels you come up with this, boring , boring, you can’t even buy your way out of this boring level. Lot’s of people including me are leaving at this level

  • Sukha Madeek

    the “fuck the player over” algorithm is high on this level… it will take “sun shining out the ass” level luck to beat it.

  • vince

    Easy 2 days and through. Square candies x striped candies the key

  • Maureen

    I refuse to pay anymore on levels as it’s a wast of money. Going from level to level at the same thing. Crap

  • Prinz Bernhard

    I finished it after about 20 plays.
    The main winning point is, to not unlock the two bottom cells.
    At the end, I used a coloured ball with the striped candy
    to finish the games.

    If you do not unlock this two cells, you have time to clear the fields on top.
    If, by chance, th cell will unlock, quit the game and restart.

    As well, try to attack with vertical striped candy from above.