Candy Crush Level 51 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 51 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 51 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 51 is to clear all 10 jelly and score 20,000 points in 35 moves.

This is tip 1 of 3 for Candy Crush 51.

Level 51 Cheat #1: Take out the chocolates in the beginning.

candy crush level 51
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  • Your only goal in this level is to clear all the jelly. However you will find that they are blocked not only by meringue and chocolate.
  • The chocolates are blockers that can replicate. Any move that does not take out a chocolate will generate another piece of chocolate.
  • Once every piece of chocolate is cleared they will stop regenerating. Aim to start with the chocolates first in order to make clearing the jellies easier.

  • Abu Ibrahim

    Level 51 not opening i cleared level 50?????

    • Michael Crimmins

      I did the same thing; how did you get into level 51 ?

      • annalicia

        U have to unlock the level by asking friends then youll move to 51..i usually just purchase a new lvl for .99

      • sara

        wait for 3 people to help you unlock the next episode. Fun game, huh?

    • annalicia

      You have to unlock the lvk to move to lvl 51 bu purchasing for .99 wich i do or u hVe to send friend request and fill the 3 heads thats show when “asking friends” im on lvl 56 now

  • Deborah Quigley

    Level 51 will not open!???

    • Michael Crimmins

      I cleared level 50; I can’t get into level 51; how do I do it?

      • sara


  • Nunya Bizzness

    Level 51 is gonna be the death of me! Ugh!
    For the people asking about how to get to level 51: (and yes, I realize most questions were asked 4+ months ago and are probably on level 151 by now but in case anyone else stops by in the future wondering the same thing, I’ll continue)
    You have to do “quests” in order to unlock the next board or challenges. You can do one of three things to unlock the next section: 1) Ask your Facebook friends for help; 2) pay $0.99; 3) wait a few days and check in each day.
    Hope this helps!

    • Kevin White

      If you are logged into Facebook the quests won’t show.
      Log out and restart the game to see thew quests after you complete first quest, log out of game, change your clock by one day, log back in to do second quest, repeat for third quest

  • Bernard J. Connelly

    Level 51 will not ipoen after I cleared 50. Suggestions

    • Rajnish Singh

      send help request to any 3 friends if they are just open your request then its automatics unlock.

  • Sandy Dee

    my husband has a face book account all you have to do is ask friends for tickets to move to level 51

  • Pam ‘Mama Bear’ Sudsbear

    I have a question…no matter what move I make, even if it takes out chocolate, they keep multiplying!! Even if I’m looking for a move, as soon as the stones are broken, the chocolate just keeps going…why? From everything I’ve read, it’s only supposed to multiply by ONE SQUARE AT A TIME, and only if your move DOESN’T take out a chocolate square! But my chocolate keeps multiplying no matter what, making it IMPOSSIBLE to get past it. I’m so frustrated! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Rajnish Singh

    send help request to any 3 friends in your list, if they are just open your request then its automatics unlock.

  • Karen Copeland Demonbreun

    So I have an issue I need resolved. I have gotten 3 stars and seemed to have passed level 51 except the goal set before me is 334866877, which seems to be extreme in my opinion. Looking at the path the level 52 is dark like I am not able to advance to that level, but level 53 is showing up that I can play. Why am I allowed to play 53 and not 52?

  • Angelique Keyes

    Who I odus in level 51? Are supposed to be playing both sides.

  • jgadfly

    Level 51 is a self cloning chocolate block and requires extra moves and candy bash… And, a luck of many bottom section easy matches…