Candy Crush Level 73 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 73 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 73 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 73 is to clear all 14 jelly and score 30,000 points in 30 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 73.

Level 73 Cheat #1: Clear the chocolates.

candy crush level 73
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  • The only way, at first, to clear chocolates is with vertical striped changes. Luckily, the shape of the board gives way to clearing the chocolates! If you want to, hold onto three or four striped candies and then activate them to knock out all the chocolates almost in one go.
  • Remember: the chocolates are covering the jelly.

  • Cath

    I don’t understand why your board is different to mine. I only start with 21 moves where you start with 30 and you don’t have Odus the owl falling off his perch or giving you ‘Moon struck’. Why is it different?

    • Nancy M Carr

      This level 73 on the dream world side….Look up on the upper left side and you will see Dream world icon.

      • Cath

        I was talking about the Dreamworld level 73. You’ll see from my picture that I have Odus the owl on mine and only 21 moves from the start whereas the video on this post is different.

        • Karen Farminer

          I agree with you on this one.. mine is only 21 moves too.. how come they get 30????

  • Steve Bentley

    So, like every other fucking level……….. It’s about how lucky you are at the start….. That dictates whether you can ‘win’…….
    Nothing about skill, with so few moves………..
    Or, in making a cascade, whether ‘odus’ falls off, when you successfully get into a position of actually removing the ‘jelly’…….

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Just stick with it Steve! You can do it!

  • jeannette

    Who the hell is Odus, and what that it do”

    • Aaron Robert Drawbridge

      Odus is the owl in the alternate mode which is unlocked at level 50

  • jeannette

    My candy stripes always go sideways, hardly ever do they go up and down.

    • Aaron Robert Drawbridge

      Do you know how the stripes work? Swiping left or right into a 4 line makes horizontal striped candies and swiping up or down makes vertical striped candies

  • Antoinette

    My level 73 requires 40,000 points in 21 moves. Dream World is a very annoying game with “odus” falling down ALL the time or if not then not enough moves to finish the game.

  • Nish

    I also agree with you,mine odus level 73 shows 21 moves which are not enough.