Candy Crush Level 100 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 100 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 100 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 100 is to clear 25 jelly squares and score 60,000 points in 20 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 100.

Level 100 Cheat #1: Reset until you start with a cascade.

candy crush level 100
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  • You want to start with a strong board and freebie points in Candy Crush 100. You begin this game with a pyramid of jellies and meringues and candies drop down. In this cascade effect, you can earn points. Since lives aren’t an issue for you (just set your clock forward), try to keep resetting your board (and yes, losing a life) until you get a good beginning cascade. You want to aim to start the game with at least 4,000 points without having made a single move.

  • Donna

    Hi having problems on level 100 hope you can fix this as you did on 98 & 99 don’t get all the moves and loose lives ???

  • Donna

    It appears Salty canyon has the problem loosing plays and lives hope you can repair

    • sweetkaren

      It doesn’t you have to get the numbered bomb at the bottom twice within 15 moves or you loose plays .

  • Donna

    Still missing out on 5-7 moves on level 100 please help

    • Brian

      They “allegedly” give you 20 moves – but if you don’t clear the bomb, you get 15.

  • Donna

    Still loosing at least 5 plays on level 100 please assist

    • Helen

      Only 5? Try 100 lol and I still can’t clear the board

  • Donna

    Thank you so much I’m a senior and this is all new, never played a game before on a computer LOL SO greatful !!! This new (to me) tec knowledgy is growing on me. Love candy crush Ahh a new challange

    • Deborah


  • Carol

    I think all of these levels are somehow set in order to frustrate the players so theyll buy time. Interesting how often a grt to a winning move juuuust as I run out of time or moves. Ive seen this over and over and over. All controlled by the many times we only have one choice for a move. Very clever.

    • sara simonds

      That’s the point of the game, to make money for the designer. No news flash there,

  • Jimmy


  • Deborah

    This was a tough oñe. I lost starting out with over 6000 points and again starting with over 1300 points. But I hung in there and passed this level starting with over 5000 points, just like magic, it all fell into place.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats Deborah on your big win!

  • Brian

    I reset 15+ times and only got a very few to cascade. Maximum of 400+ points to start which apparently is not enough. I agree – they want you to buy stuff and control what screens you get until you do. It is a bunch of crap that you have to hit the bomb twice. It is darn near impossible to even get it once. I am scared to think how the levels in the next 100 and even higher will get stupidly difficult.

    • mariam

      What do you mean with reset?

  • Leeanne Williams


  • Joanna Albers Haeck

    What if you are playing on FB and can’t keep resetting the board?

    • Helen

      Then, in short, you’re stuffed.

      • denise

        OH so it you’re playing on FB you can’t reset the board. Oh damn.

  • Rob Pelletier

    Yes, very tough. Have several times cleared the bomb within two or three moves, but still didn’t come close to clearing the jellies. Back to it! While I would love to clear and move on, I am still getting a certain level of satisfaction by improving my overall position (most of the time) before the moves run out.

  • Rob Pelletier

    Finally beat 100. Took 3-4 days. Good advice here, but most important is to be patient. At first, I am content to just eliminate the bomb with no less than 8 moves left. After a while that becomes easier, so I try to get rid of it in just 2-3 moves. While practicing at zeroing in on that bomb, I also work at getting as many jellies as I can with as few remaining as possible when I run out of moves. It’s hard to make special candy combinations in this game. Failing sucks, but failing a bit less each time makes it easier to keep at it when it seems impossible…
    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth (not that we have pennies here anymore!)

  • Jacqui Hodges

    I dont like these bomb things in the game, took me ages to get passed 99, and now this one ! takes all the fun out of the game

  • Loriner Balmain

    What do you mean when you say to keep resetting the board?

    • denise

      Why doesn’t anyone answer on here. I have the exact same question!!!!

    • denise

      Just saw that if we’re playing this on FB (which I am). we can’t reset the board, NICE.

  • Helen

    Ridiculous level – doesn’t matter how skillful you are at the game it’s pure luck whether you get the bomb quick enough and, even then, there are so few moves left that without bombs or combinations, you’re screwed. More boring than any of the previous levels because you just have to wait for the board to swing in your favour. I just wish there was a “Per-lease” button.

  • Jamesey

    Been on this level for 8 weeks. Not able to start with 6000 points. Not able to get within 3 jellies of finishing. Come to the conclusion that the programming is preventing me finishing hence the constant request for me to spend money. Pretty hopeless game without any skill requirement on the part of the player.

  • Jamesey

    Been on this level for 2 months. At no point have I been able to start with over 6000 free points. Nor have I been able to clear down to less than 3 jellies. However I have been inundated with requests to buy extra lives. The programming on this level negates the need for skill or luck. That is obvious. Essentially this level is a money maker and in no way meets the definition of a game.

    • Abby Bezuidenhout

      If i get stuck on a level for 2 months that is when I will delete the game.

  • Nancy McCluer McShane

    I’ve been stuck lots of times on lots.of levels but I hate to admit that I got this level on the third try, & I don’t reset if it’s going to cost me lives. And I’ve never ever paid a cent to buy plays or lives or anything. It’s patently against my principles. I just used the tips (except reset).

  • denise

    How to you reset your “clock” and reset boad? Duh?

  • Christopher Dimassi

    Funny just beat it in 5 minutes

    • Christopher Dimassi

      just keep resetting until you get a fair amount of points to start with I just started with 27,000 points on the Cascade

  • Carl A Shipley

    can some one tell me in lames terms ‘ how do you reset board… lol