Candy Crush Level 101 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 101 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 101 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 101 is to bring all the ingredients to the bottom in 30 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 101.

Level 101 Cheat #1: First clear the bombs.

candy crush level 101
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  • You have 9 moves to clear 9 bombs, so your first moves should be ones that clear the bombs. This should be your first focus in Candy Crush level 101, or else the bombs will explode and you will fail the level before you can even begin to bring all the ingredients to the bottom. Luckily, there are not many other blockers in your way. Also, remember, if you have 9 or less moves left and a bomb drops, don’t bother with it!

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