Candy Crush Level 102 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 102 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 102 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 102 is to bring down 2 cherries, 2 nuts in 40 moves and get 65,000 points.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 102.

Level 102 Cheat #1: Bombs First.

candy crush level 102
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  • With only five moves to clear any bomb that drops, they need to be your #1 priority. Look for any available moves to clear the bomb.

  • joy

    Is there a bug in Level 102. Opens but you cant work on any combination, its like the screen is frozen…Just takes the lives. Have other fb crushers with same problem

    • Jodi Mechelle Koerner

      I am having the same problem and was hoping that someone on this site had the answer. BTW it says that I pushed the quit button. What quit button and how do I unpush it?

      • Claudia Judd-Mcgrath

        It also has the option of playing instead of quitting… I said above, you will probably have to spend some coin to buy bombs and striped, only way I could get through, only to find a worse hell on Level 104 with the chocolate

  • alan

    help my 102 not working

  • Browniegay

    I can’t get off 102. The chocolate eats everything and the bombs waste chances.

  • Kathy Turner Starr

    102 sucks, going to delete app!!!!!

    • Barry Bannister

      Me too…this is silly!

  • Angie Edwards

    I too have had issues w/level 102.I am damned if I do or damned if I don’t.If I worry w/bombs the chocolate takes over.If I try to control chocolates I lose lives bc bomb time has ran out.Plz help?

  • Barbara bligh

    Help ! Video for this level is NOT the same board… as it does not contain the chocolates… which is the killer for this level. Please fix and give us a video for the true board.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Barbara. We have changed the video to one with chocolates. The developers changed the level sometime in in mid December 2013, but have since changed it back. Hope this helps!

      • jeannie

        I cannot get the update. Apps update shows the change but I do not have it. It is impossible to work this level and I think I will give up. It’s the worst level for me so far. Help…..I really want to continue.

        • lyn

          I hate how they intentionally make it impossible so you’ll spend money…they’re getting money from advertisers and facebook… people who will spend the money will do so for fun…they shouldn’t make it ridiculous as we’ll all just find another game to play.

  • Barbara bligh

    The video shown for this level is NOT the same boat as it does not contain the chocolate… Which is the killer for this level. Please fix !

    • Shirley Cashen

      You are right Barbara, the video does NOT relate to level 102. The challenges for this are ridiculous…you not only have to watch for ticking bombs above and below but you have to watch the chocolate below and keep an eye on the moves you have left and try to maximize your vertical striped candies. Soooo frustrating. Really hating candy crush right now

      • Shirley Cashen

        As of today, Feb 14th, the video matches level 102 but the cheats are now out of sync as there is NO chocolate!! YAY,

  • Pam

    It looks as though you just have to get damn lucky…happens on some other levels, too, but this one is particularly nasty…

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Pam, are you still having trouble? We have uploaded a new video for level 102 that may help ease your woes. Take a look!

      • Helen

        Don’t know about Pam, but Candy Crush is going to lose a lot of gamers because of the tedium of this level. In your video, you get stiped candies – I’m lucky if I get a couple in each play – and your bombs conveniently line up – mine don’t. I’ve pressed quit button more in this game than any other. I’d like to see you clear the boards I’ve been getting.

  • Geertje

    Why are none of the ingredients to the lower level and why do the bombs keep coming?

  • Kmetz

    The video does not match the level…no chocolates. Someone below says that they corrected it but it is back to the incorrect video for level 102!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Kmetz. We have changed the video to one with chocolates. The developers changed the level sometime in in mid December 2013, but have since changed it back. Hopefully this eases your Candy Crush woes.

      • Katie Unander

        How do you update it for a PC?

  • Bev

    I think you have a mix up with 102. You have a space then a row of chocolate & I have no such row on my 102. In another instance after the space you have a full row of the (icons) or whatever you call them/ So what’s up with that please????

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Some people’s level 102 differ from others. Have you updated the game recently? The developers changed the level sometime in mid December 2013, but have since changed it back.

  • Pam

    I have no chocolate and nothing drops down ????
    My lower area is meringue, licorice, meringue and nothing drops down from above ?????

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Pam, try creating vertically striped candies to clear the bottom. Or you an try and create a special candy combo that will stretch down the level to clear out blockers.

  • Ian Channell

    Yay 102 was fixed / changed but still impossible to get out. I got close once and then there was a bomb I couldn’t explode. Been at it for days. Not fun anymore.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Ian give up Ian! It can be done!

      • Ian Channell

        yeah… struggling to believe that

      • Elizabeth Young

        I’m with Ian. One more round of lost lives on level 102 and I’m finished with Candy Crush. It’s been a fun run.

  • Pam

    Nothing drops down so it’s impossible to play this level… there anyway to get to the next level !!!
    If not, Candy Crush is History for me

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      By nothing drops down, do you mean your ingredients? If that’s the case you’re going to need to create vertically striped candies and plenty of them.

      • Pam


        THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          No problem. Glad to have helped!

    • Katie Unander

      try making more vertical rows of 3 or 4 or 5 and less horizontal rows, that’s when they seem to drop down for me…

      • Pam

        Thank you !!!!!!
        Now can you help me with level 114?
        I have yellow candies so I can never win and therefore, never advance to the next level !!!! So I guess I can’t play candy crush anymore

  • Ian Channell

    that’s it for me

  • Nancy

    Level 102 is impossible. I don’t have any chocolate..only two rows of jelly and one licorice below the bar in the middle. Game is boring. Seems like the games should all be the same for everyone. Any suggestions.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Some levels have been changed by the developers. Have you updated your game recently?

      • Nancy

        Have never updated. I have not been playing that long. How would I do that?

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          Nancy, you going into the app store or google play store and see if an update is available for Candy Crush Saga. If it is, simply click update. It should only take a few seconds.

  • Deborah

    Phew! I made it! No boosters, no money. Just lots of special combinations. Speckled & striped together does the trick :-)
    Thanks for these tips! :-)

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      No prob Deborah! Congrats!

  • Virginia

    My level 102 does not have chocolate, I don’t understand, need HELP!
    I have updated.

  • Tammy Anzalone

    Is there a secret for getting vertical candy. All inevrr seem to be able to make are horizontal ones stuck on 102 and about to give up

    • Katie Unander

      you have to move a candy up or down to make a combo of 4 candies in a horizontal line on the board to put vertical stripes on the special candy. If you move a candy left or right to make a make a combo of 4 candies in a vertical line of 4 it will put horizontal stripes on the candy.Think of it this way: if you move the candy left or right you get stripes left to right. If you move the candy up or down you get up and down candies. Hope that helped.:)

      • Merrigay Schroer

        Not sure Tammy meant she didn’t know how to make one or if she meant you never get a combo so you can make one. The latter is the problem I’m having. The tips on here are rather obvious–it’s getting the opportunity to make those combos that is lacking. I’ll play up to another week on 102 but if I haven’t made it by then, bye bye Candy Crush. I’ll miss you but you’re programmer turned you into a cheater.

  • Katie Unander

    I also do not have the same game that is shown in the cheats and tips. Also, when I hold my mouse over the level 102 on the Candy Crush Map, it shows the board with chocholate on the bottom, a row of licorice over that , and a row of candy over that, with the split in the board over that row and the next board of candy only above that. BUT the game that loads is a row of meringue on the bottom with a row of licorice over that and another row of meringue over that and then the split in the board with the separate candy only board above that. There are not enough moves in this version to clear all the meringue ! even with color bombs and wrapped and striped candy. I play on my computer…is there an update or fix for this? Also, I don’t like the bombs! you waste too many moves tracking those to be able to clear the meringue. Help! PLEASE…

  • Sylvia

    What is going on with level 102. It’s impossible to beat. And I have a different grid with no chocolates. I have upgraded but no chocolates and i still can’t beat this game. How can I skip it? And go on to next level. This isn’t even fun. It’s so exasperating. Any suggestions? I’m ready to quit and delete the game.

    • Claudia Judd-Mcgrath

      Spend the dinero, use everything you can throw at it, after a while the bombs appear with the appropriate colored candies amazingly ONLY after you buy some bombs and stripes!

  • Brian

    Someone needs to update this. I just got to Level 102 today, and there is no chocolate. The bottom 3 layers are meringue / licorice / meringue.

    I just got an update a couple days ago.

  • Brian

    If there is chocolate, maybe it appears after the bottom layer of meringue turns to chocolate after it has been hit twice?

  • Brian

    This section needs to be updated. There is no chocolate on Level 102.

  • Brian


    • Dawn Marie

      I saw this, and it sounds just like what I say ALL the time about this damn game lol they do NOT make it possible to win! i just LOVE how you’re supposed to get all this striped candy and stuff, in order to win, yet there is just not even a possibility of making enough combos to WIN with the striped candies! Nor enough moves to break the meringue that I have down at the bottom!!

      • Tender Heart

        They want you to purchase boosters in order to win games. Ill be quitting soon too. It is frustrating. Was fun to begin with but no more. Ugh.

        • Alisa Collette

          I have quit, too! LOVED it before…

  • Christopher Giordano

    My game was updated on 3/13/14 and it doesn’t have any chocolates. Just the meringue/licorice/meringue mentioned below. And yes, I’ve been at this level for over a week and can’t beat it.

  • jeannie

    Is it necessary to update and include the chocolates? I cannot locate the update on my Kindle. Thanks.

  • jeannie

    This whole level is one big mess. I think the developers need to rethink this level. It’s not worth the challenge.

  • Ann Rogers

    I don’t have chocolate on level 102 so what do I do?

  • mitch

    I play on face book and the computer and I don’t have chocolate but meringue and then licorice then meringue , it is impossible to clear so unless the makers can help I will have to give up and it was so enjoyable , can anyone help

  • Joseph Picarello

    WOW I DID IT, LUCK stay with it people thats all i can say. no magic LUCK LUCK LUCK.

  • Maureen Grant

    I can’t get out of 102 as well. I only have the licorice and meringue, no chocolates. I’m also ready to quit….very frustrating.

  • Kay Ross

    I just beat it after 2 weeks. What worked for me was to save the chocolate ball and matched it with a vertical stripe. My vertical stripe was orange and I had a total of about 12 orange candies. The ball turned all the orange candy to vertaical stripes.

  • linda g

    Cannot get pass level 102. CC this is the worst, no matter what I try will not let me move the fruit down. Time to move on to something new..

  • diane

    2 weeks on this level is enough. No more fun. Deleting app. Waste of money

  • Bruce A Beals

    When 102 opens for me, I don’t even have chocolates. I have one row of meringues, then a row of springs and then another row of meringues. The only way I can get the ingredients down is with a striper that will wipe out the row and it has to be an up and down striped, not sideways,
    which means I have to get it from under, which is nearly impossible. Driving me friggin’ nuts!!!!!!

  • Debi McQuen Sommer

    I have a new S4 galaxy. I don’t have any chocolates on level 102 I am extremely new at this game. Until now I enjoyed it I now hate candy crush can someone help me through this level?

  • Tersia Conradie

    One answer….a colour bomb and a striped candy combo…This is the only change in hell you have to complete this level…..

  • Srequilman

    Seriously when will you add tips for the non-chocolate version of level 102? I’ve updated and this is what I have. It is impossible to complete. Can’t form vertical stripes fast enough and if a bomb falls into the lower level you might as well give up. Candy Crush and I are about to part ways if I don’t get some help soon!

    • frosk

      Just completed level 102 after about 50 attempts. I was also thinking this level is so fiendish. That is the game though ; some levels need to be hard to keep it interesting. So here is the strategy. Always go for vertical stripe candy, wrapped candy and the 5 in row ones. Try making combinations of these. Best of all if the opportunity is there is to combine two wrapped candies adjacent at the bottom line of the top box. As always you need to be patient for some good luck. Happy crushing. Well done game developers!

      • Helen

        It gets boring when you don’t even come close to completing the level – it truly isn’t “interesting” when you’re doing the same thing over and over and it isn’t “hard”, which implies that skill will beat it, it’s just whether you’re lucky or not.

  • Curtis Kopeschny

    Playing this level on Facebook right now, May 8th, 2014 and there is no chocolate. Did there used to be chocolate? Not anymore.

  • Gerry

    I have NO chocolate and there aren’t any updates. DONE with the game!

  • khalil

    i can get you out of any level for as littile as 1$ if interested email me at

  • William Boone

    I haven’t read anything positive about level 102, and that has my experience too. I am trying hard not to accepting a defeatist’s attitude, but it gets more frustrating and impossible with each game. I have been stuck at level 102 for three weeks and about ready to delete the game because not only is it not fun, but also a waste of time.


  • Sarah Prestemon

    Your tips up until now have been invaluable, thank you. Please note, there are no chocolates in level 102. If there were they aren’t anymore. Please update your tips. Thank you for all your help until now.

  • Diane Miller

    Stuck on 102. No chocolates, no way of passing level. Suggestions?

  • Janie

    I’m going bat shit CRAZY over this level 102. I have been stuck for 3 weeks now and have had every combo possible…nothing works on this level to win!! I do not have any chocolates and there is no updates available…SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE or me and candy crush are history!!!!

  • Dennie

    What’s the deal. No chocolates even in level 102. Too frustrated to play anymore.

  • Barbara Andaloro

    has anyone beat this level yet?

  • Barbara Andaloro

    I got down to 1 ingredient left ..

  • Kenny Kenny

    I just beat this level after 20 or so tries. first, there is no chocolate. On the bottom 3 rows i have meringues, a row of licorice and another row of meringues. The ONLY way I was able to beat the level is by combining a color bomb and a stripped candy. It is hard to do, but eventually it should work. it does not really matter what color the stripped candy is because combining with a color bomb causes mass destruction on the board. When I did this it dropped 3 of the 4 items, then i just had to take care of one last hazelnut. This level is frustrating but don’t give up!

  • Erica

    I just beat level 102! You have to buy a coconut wheel- or get it free when you win it in the spin. Make sure you select it before you play. It turns the candy you replace it with into striped candies and opens up three rows so the ingredients can go down. The coconut roll reappeared also so 3 more rows opened up at the very bottom. FINALLY!!

    • Angela Mary Hudson

      Is that the round pink lolly with a different colour centre?

  • Katherine Geoghagan Terry

    I was able to get past 102 in a few hours and my version had NO chocolates.
    I was beginning to think there was no way but finally I got a combination on the last row before the meringues and create a BIG BALL that opened up the bottom !! Once the bottom was open enough to make some matches it was a breeze !!! It is possible from someone that is not the brightest crayon in the box !!! LOL !!! Today is Aug 1 2014

    • Helen

      You don’t have to be bright to beat this level – just lucky. That’s why it’s so boring. Congratulation to you though. I’m off.

  • KomradCal

    Keep in mind the designers have made the game so hard that many people will finally give in and PAY for boosters. This is intentional. They don’t care if you quit playing if you never spend money because you’re no value to them.

    You either just keep playing day in and day out until you hit the magic combination or you quit. Or you pay.

    It doesn’t matter how “skilled” you think you are. Some levels are simply gawd-awful hard to beat. You play and play and play and play and keep losing. Then one day stuff starts blowing up left and right, you don’t even know what happened, and the next thing you know, you beat that level.

    And then comes the next B*tch Level. Play, fold, or pay. Those are your only choices. :-)

    • Helen

      I fold.

  • Helen

    Been at this for weeks – don’t get more than 3 candies hardly ever and I’m now bored out of my skull. Finally stopped playing – 3 weeks is long enough when you have no luck but there sure as hell isn’t any skill in this level. If the candies don’t line up, then what’s the point. I’m off.

  • Claudia Lane Holloway

    I am at level 102 and it will not let me connect to my Facebook friends. when I click on the connect it will say ” try again” any body else have this problem?

  • Julianne Johnson Miles

    I finally beat this. Keep you drops in the range of a few bars wide from where the first nut appears. That way if you can create some verticals, they will actually be useful. If you drop all over the board, the nut and cherries are all over the board and it is impossible.

  • Sayan

    I have a glitch in level 102 that there is no chocolate at the bottom, and the bombs take 8 moves to explode.

  • Sharon

    I am hating this level, I dont have any choc but thats good, right? This is IMPOSSIBLE, am ready to delete!,

  • Earlene

    I cleared level 102 tonight!! I have the game with no chocolate. I took my time and planned every move. I had been on 102 for a couple of days. But with patience and careful planning, watching for a chance to make the special candies and with the special sprinkle jelly tonight I cleared the level. Good luck and be patience.

  • Mar

    I also have NO chocolate, just meringue. Have updated and yet none of my electronic devices have the chocolate. If there is no way to skip it, then I am done with Candy Crush. I have already deleted the game from pad and phone. Computer is next. Last ditch effort to try and find a way to get past this level by reading here. Otherwise, this game is HISTORY for me, going the way of the Angry Birds!

  • Cheryl Boring Livensperger

    How do you break into the bottom level ??

    • Cheryl Boring Livensperger

      I have rows of meringue on the bottom, no chocolates !!

  • Melinda Ray Robertson


  • Linda

    I am still on level 102 impossible to do. I have two rows of meringue with a row of liquorice in between, I have no updates driving me crazy, HELP SOMEONE?

  • Claudia Judd-Mcgrath

    I posted earlier, I had no hope of ever beating this level, but I had to spend $10 but did beat it, only to get to Level 104, this has got to be somebody’s idea of a good joke at King!

  • Claudia Judd-Mcgrath

    Also, I won a coconut wheel in the daily spin, I used that on this level to get a few extra stripes, they all went off at once and demolished the meruinge…so try that too

  • 65

    Level 102 sucks,I bought the strip boot x3 for $4.99, give you 3 games with one or two bombs at boot up, it is a joke, no way to win even you pay for one boot, I guess you need to buy the color bombs too to win. KING LLC is a public trade company lately, their stock went south first day offered,from $19, the offering price down to $15 the first day, they need to make $$$ some where……….very disappointed, they not letting you go thru a level, means that they won’t let themself go thru either. I quit, screw it.

  • Sandy Curnutte

    I passed Level 102 only to get to 104 and am now officially quitting Cand
    y Crush because of this level – I hate the game now!!!

  • Robyn M Cain

    What is the point of the bombs? Nothing happens when they “explode”

  • woolfysmum

    Took me about a week with a few plays per day. I enjoy having to practice patience and learn what needs to be done to crack the merangue as early as possible. (mainly down to luck of the board) Didn’t waste any of my extra tools until the end when I bashed a striped candy with a lollypop and cleared the last fruit. GREAT!! Just treat this level as the pleasure of the ride and you will enjoy it. It can be beaten.

  • lyn

    What I hate is when ANY level is just ridiculous as you’re not getting any moves and often no choices…then the last 5 moves, all of a sudden you’re getting striped candies, bombs, etc. so you’ll want to continue…Candy Crush makers have definately gotten greedy leading us to other games.

  • Katie

    The best way to beat this level is to combine two wrapped clears almost all of the bottom.