Candy Crush Level 103 Cheats and Tips

Stuck on level 103? How do you clear all the jelly and score 100,000+ points in only 25 moves? These Candy Crush level 103 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 103 of Candy Crush. We have many tips to beat every challenging jelly level.

Candy Crush Level 103 Cheats

Level 103 Cheat #1: Clear the chocolate first Next >>

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  • Notice when you start this level there are 5 chocolates on the bottom right. These will keep multiplying if you do not clear them right away. Your best bet is to look for matches near them to remove them in your first couple moves so you do not have to worry about them. If you don’t see any suitable matches right away, you can get a new board for free by exiting and reopening the level. If you do this before your first turn, you will not lose any lives.




  • Debbie Lee Clark

    How do you claim lives your face book friends send you

  • Lynn

    I tried the changing the date on my i pad and ended up with a huge number of hours to wait until I get some more. is there any remedy at this point? I went ahead two hours as suggested and then turned it back before playing, but I still messed up somehow.

  • jeannie

    This game is supposed to be fun. It’s starting to feel more like a job than fun. I.know there should be a challenge too but some of these levels makes a person want to delete this whole game. For instance putting that one bomb in this level is quite frustrating.