Candy Crush Level 104 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 104 cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 104 of Candy Crush. In level 104 you have 35 moves to clear all the jelly and score 65,000 points. Use these Candy Crush cheats, tips, hints and strategy to pass level 104 in no time!

Candy Crush Level 104 Cheats

  1. Get rid of bombs right away
  2. Clear licorice and meringue
  3. Use special candies and combos to remove jelly fast
  4. Level 104 Video Walkthrough
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level 104 tip 1

  • Clearing the jelly on this level is fairly straightforward. You do need to watch out for the bombs since they drop down on almost every cascade of candies.
  • You need to clear all of them in the first 8 moves. Dropping a horizontal striped candy to that row is one way to do it fast.




  • Ock

    What is the rush of this game? waiting for half an hour until you get one life, and then in the first minute bomb (which is impossible to blow – no moves) explodes, And – you do not play and wait again. Honestly – boring.

  • Deborah

    Sneaky little bombs! Haha. Ya really need to start with the ability to make & drop a horizontal striped candy for those bombs across the bottom or forget it. Just restart. Quick and fun.

  • Linda Morgan

    What is a Moon Scale meter?

  • Lynn

    I’m finding this very tough. i lost all my lives and tried the magic trick of changing the time on my Ipad. I followed the directions given but still ended up with 1400 minutes to wait until my next life. any suggestions? I forwarded the time two hours and then changed it back before playing, and still ended up with all these minutes. Maybe the universe is telling me to back off.

    • debz

      Change it to a month later… then change it back before you play

  • Joseph Picarello

    you see you don’t get it, patents great to calm you down.

  • Troyboy

    If you mess up and change your time too far ahead and wind up with a lot of time to wait another way to get rid of the wait time is to have your friends give you 5 lives , it zeros out the wait time , also , if you are within 3 hours of noon or midnight don’t change your clock 3 hours ahead , go 2 hours or less or you’ll end up with the long wait times .