Candy Crush Level 110 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 110 cheats and tips will tell you how to beat the level and how to score the most points. You must score 100,000 points in 40 moves, while containing bombs that make it very difficult to get close to this point goal. Follow these cheats, tips, and strategy to help you pass level 110 of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Level 110 Cheats

  1. Clear bombs quickly.
  2. Know what moves scores the highest points.
  3. Level 110 Video Walkthrough
Level 110 Cheat #1: Get rid of the bombs right away. You only have 5 moves until the bombs explode! Next >>

candy crush level 110

  •  At the very beginning of the level, you are given 2 bombs with only 5 turns to get rid of them.  Don’t be tempted by higher scoring moves at the start because you will lose your turn if  you leave the bombs until later.
  • Remember that if you don’t see a way to destroy the first 2 bombs on the board within the first few moves, you can always start with a new board – you will not lose a life if you have not made any moves.  Do this by clicking the yellow menu arrow, and then click the red door icon to go back to the levels page
  • More bombs will drop later in the level–so keep your eye on them!
  • REMEMBER: bombs are worth about 3,060 points when cleared!  Of course, the bombs will not be on the board every move and you also won’t be able to destroy it with every move, but still a helpful tip to keep in mind that you can use the bombs to your advantage in reaching your point goal.
  • Always examine your board at the start of the game before you make any moves.



  • Lynne Harris

    I made 123,000 points but still lost the level. I don’t understand. I thought I only needed 100,000 points? What else did you need to do?
    This was level 110

    • stupid gamr

      the creators are a holes

    • Bee Rakar

      I had the same experience twice so far…I’m done with it!!

  • Drew Chico

    i need help with level 117

  • Jean Dahlberg

    I scored 223,780 points and the target was only 150,000. Why did I not get “level completed”??

  • Jean Dahlberg

    Also, now my target is 223,780 instead of 150,000. Do I have to now get 222,780 to go on to the next level?? Thanks!!

    • Jean Dahlberg

      Whoops, do I now have to get 223,780???

      • Beef curtains

        Hi Guest,

        No, you will need to get 223,781Or more.

        I hope this helps you get past this level.

        • Barbara Thrasher

          I scored 229,900 still level did not go up

  • MsJuiced

    Level 116 made me cry!!

    • Annette Pugh

      Sorry can u tell me y level 110 wont move up as u at 116 :) thz

  • Annette Pugh

    I’ve score the amount and more but it will not let me move on to level 111 why 3 stars coverd helo plz

  • (ʃ_⌣̀ ) ǝʌol

    I think the level is a glitch at the moment because I couldn’t pass it for 4 days. And just now, my goal was 100,00 and I had only gotten to 80,000 when the game suddenly interrupted my next move and then said Candy crush and got me to 102,730.

  • stupid gamr

    Bombs ruined the game, uninstalled and never again

  • Corinne Hayes

    Well, it appears that I must use all 40 moves and get 100,000+ points for level 110. I have gotten over 100,000 points at least twice, but no “Sugar Crush” even though I still have several moves remaining.