Candy Crush Level 125 Cheats & Tips

These Candy Crush level 125 cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 125 of Candy Crush. Candy Crush Level 125 is a jelly clearing level filled with tons of isolated squares. You have 55 moves to clear all the jelly while navigating around the licorice and meringues.  Candy Crush level 125 is one of the hardest, but use these cheats and tips that tell you how to clear all the jelly in level 125!

Candy Crush Level 125 Cheats

Level 125 Cheat #1: Clear the licorice first. Next >>

candy crush level 125 cheats

  • Get rid of all if not most of the licorice in level 125 first. This is because special candies and combos can only clear one piece of licorice with one move. So your special candies or candy combos will not clear any candies that have licorice in their way. Only the pieces before that first licorice will clear. For this reason you should wait to activate your special candies and combos until no licorice is blocking its path.




  • Jessica Brlansky

    I get down to the last one or two jellies and I run out of combos. Help.

  • Shirley Cashen

    First of all, u can never clear all the licorice because it keeps on forming.
    Second, u cannot save your special candies and combos because as they drop they r often exploded and
    Third, just when u think u might get somewhere u re told u r out of moves and the board resets itself and there go your special candies and potential good moves and then before u know it u really r out of moves.
    Good luck with this one and hopefully u can drop some better cheats.