Candy Crush Level 134 Cheats & Tips

These Candy Crush Saga cheats and tips will tell you how to beat Candy Crush level 134. In Level 134 you must score 60,000 points in 90 seconds. The candies on the bottom half of the board will rotate to the top half of the board. Try these cheats and tips to help you pass Candy Crush level 134!

Candy Crush Level 134 Cheats

  1. Licorice first.
  2. Make a lot of moves, but ones that matter.
  3. Use Sugar Crush.
  4. Pick up +5 candies.
  5. Be aware of bombs.
  6. Level 134 Video Walkthrough.
Level 134 Cheat #1: Clear the licorice first. Next >>

candy crush level 134

  • The first goal you should aim to get out of the way on Candy Crush level 134 is to eliminate the licorice.  This will open up your board more so you have more chances to create special candies.




  • Lucie blais

    C’est pas faisable je suis a veille de lacher prise !!

    • Sonny

      Yeah! What she said! Wait, what did she say?

      • Ryan

        She said it’s impossible and she’s about to give up!

        • DagneyTaggart

          Thank you. You should be a professional interpreter.

          • Ryan

            Thank you, I am actually!

          • DagneyTaggart

            Well, that is funny! Happy Holidays!

          • Ryan

            Thanks kindly, you too! :)

          • Beef curtains


            I doubt Dagney is an interpreter and he would of Googled the translation. If he was, why does he spend so much time on candy crush forums with other kids like ourselves?

  • Sonny

    How can anyone pass this level? So many times the is only one possible move on the entire board and meanwhile a bomb goes off ending the game. I’ve repeatedly gotten donuts and wrapped candies, etc…and can only get to half the points before the game ends.

  • Sylv Morgan

    I am an older person and have been on this level for a month. I slowly………very slowly improved my speed and voila! Today I just scraped through. Don’t give up just keep trying for better scores

  • blob

    totally stupid level, about 75% of the time it’s physically impossible to complete because there is no way of getting rid of the bomb. Probably my most hated level so far, with most of them at least you feel you have a good chance, here you can easily lose your 5 lives within 5 minutes

  • Roger Farinacio

    How can a level be such idiot like this one? Every level that luck is more important than skills are fuc*** idiot!!!

  • Aileen Wuornos

    NO SHIT SHERLOCK, this wasn’t helpfully at ALL PERIOD~~

    • Mischelle Swanson-Hamilton


  • Alex M.

    The purpose of the game is to frustrate you into spending money. You can pass this lvl only if you are lucky. Sometimes it is simply impossible to pass as you have no moves to eliminate the bomb.

  • jddoss

    I’d like to choke the designer of this level! RIDICULOUS!

  • hockeydeb

    level 134 is extremely frustrating; it’s impossible to win. I play candy crush for fun and this level is not fun; it’s just frustrating. I’m ready to quit the game all together and remove from my iphone. redesign this level with more time or less bombs or I’m out of here.

  • Openbar

    Now the target is 45,000 points. Unless you’ve already passed this level, stop when you get the points and just let the clock run out. Do not try for a higher score as a bomb may go off and ruin your game.

  • Barbara Moore

    I finally past 134 after many tries and many days. I got a round chocolate that hit a lot. I had som extra time balls that I used. I had a bomb that had only 3 turns left and so when I hit 45000 I let my time run out so I wouldn’t lose for a stupid bomb explosion. Hint. Don’t be in too much hurry. 135 is harder !

  • Midge Falson

    Sometimes I get sugar crush and sometimes I don’t. What determines this?

  • Ronald Pallister

    Stuck on level 134 for one week. Could not take it anymore so I spent $1.98 for 2 (15 seconds each) to get up to the 45,000 point goal. Yes this was one of the most frustrating levels and impossible to do at least for me without spending any money.

  • cynthia

    I need a Candy Crush Rehab Center, does any know of one in or around Baltimore. MD….Seriously!!!