Candy Crush Level 135 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 135 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 135 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 135 is to collect 5 color bombs and score 10,000 points in 50 moves or fewer.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 135.

Level 135 Cheat #1: Get rid of the chocolate.

candy crush level 135
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  • Some may argue that the chocolates aren’t dire in this level–but they’re annoying! If you open up with a board that doesn’t have many matches, try and clear out the chocolate. Its replicating tendencies can really get in the way of making a 5-candy combination!
  • If you still have chocolate and you’ve formed a color bomb, try combining the bomb with a color flanking the chocolate (if you use the image above as an example, you’d target the blues), this is an easy and satisfying way of clearing the chocolate.

  • Susie Dorsey Showalter

    I thought the chocolate wouldn’t eat the wrapped candies. However, when I was playing that happened. It’s hard enough getting a wrapped candy and then to watch it being consumed by chocolate is frustrating as hell. This level is driving me over the edge!

    • missy

      Uh it eats the special candies and wrapped candies so it can’t be used to our advantage….I hate this level grrrrrr ….

  • missy

    this level sucks and sorry Susie I posted my reply to this onto your reply

  • Susie Dorsey Showalter

    No prob, Missy. I had it happen again as soon as I got a wrapped candy! Argggghhhh!

  • Susie Dorsey Showalter

    This game has ceased to be fun anymore. I don’t mind a challenge but this level is ridiculous. At least, it has made an impact on my Candy Crush addiction.

    • Gary

      Could not agree with you more :)

    • Anne Verebely

      I’m over it

    • DJ Vlad –

      I agree – this level is making me want to shelf the game

    • Beef curtains


      You are missing the point!
      The developers want the mugs to buy life’s etc so they can progress.

      Most games have there difficult levels so as to suck in people with low intelligence to part with their hard earned cash.

      The saying fools rush in was made for the gaming world.

  • Chicken Runner

    Ha! Made it on my 3rd try, got 3 stars

  • Chicken Runner

    next screen is even harder,now I am stuck for real

  • Susie Dorsey Showalter

    I thought this level was difficult but got past it and am on level 147. It’s even more challenging. I am so stuck and everytime I use one of the extra moves that my friends give to me, a d**n bomb goes off!!!

  • Jennifer Richter

    The fun stops when it causes this much aggravation

  • subdued joy

    There is also a plus shape.

  • Jen

    I have been on this level for months and I think it has officially broken my addiction to Candy Crush! I cannot get past this level! It is impossible, sorry there is no way to do it with skill it has to be just dumb ass luck!

  • Azebra193

    Got it after one try after reading this. Thanks so much! The addiction continues!!!

  • JoAn

    Going on 9 weeks on level 135 I have 6 wrapped candies to get ride of instead of 2 sets of 2 wrapped candies.. Ready to delete the game!

  • pandoraknopp

    @susie, well put, my feeling EXACTLY.

  • Julie

    I have today deleted candy crush as I find this level impossible and no fun any more, what a shame

  • pandoraknopp

    I just think its ridiculously hard and people will go one way or another. They will either buy boosters, defeating the object og playing in the first place, or giving up.
    I guess the people who make Candy Crush prefer the former, cos they make lots of money, th latter?
    : collateral damage

  • Suzi Q

    Mine is 6 wrapped candies. I’m not expert enough at creating the L or T pattern, and continue to strike out on this level. I’ll probably delete/reinstall and start over. Hopefully by 135 I’ll have learned something?

  • debbie peters

    This level has took the fun out of the game for me :-( how on earth can i make 6 wrapped candys with no opportunitys

  • Briana Qween M Bigham

    This was so much help. I’Ve been stuck on this level for a month and was ready to give up. Followed the instructions and got through the level in 1 try. In the words of that unattractive annoying little girl….Happy Times are Ahead!

  • Linda Herzfeld

    why do you say to put 2 wrapped candies together to collect order? When I explode just one my number of orders goes down by one.

    • Cindy Verreault

      Me too. I just have to explode one and the number go down. That’s probably the reason why everybody is stuck on that level for so long!!! Cause you thought you had to mix 2 wrapped candies together when it’s not the case! Hahaha!

      • Auntie Oat

        The game has changed after update to the new version. Previously, the quest was to cross 2 pairs of wrapped candies. I stucked at this level for ages.

    • sueson

      Ive done 2 and still have 1 order left

  • Rachael Showmaker

    HUGE TIP EVERYONE!!!! You DO NOT have to match two wrapped candies!!! It can be a wrapped and a stripped! At least as of August 2013 on my tablet. Maybe they switched the level. I don’t know, but I just played and got 3 of my 6 ‘orders’ by doing it that way. It’s still a hard level, but doable.

  • Harry

    Took me a while this evening but i beat it. Now sitting at level 140 waiting for my 3 passes to continue on. Try to ignore the chocolate unless of course it really begins to get in the way.

  • Duane

    I have 6 things to do… I don’t know if it’s wrapped candies or chocolate I have to get rid of… I’ve never seen the symbol before (what I have to get rid of), it looks like chocolate but…

    • Shawna

      It’s wrapped candies you need.

      • Duane

        I got the striped candies mixed up with the “wrapped”….
        Thanks got it by luck last night…first try of the day…very last move dropped a wrapped candy next to two other of the same color!

  • Paul Quake

    Well my level 135 says 5x color bombs. What are you all talking wrapped candies?

    • Duane

      It’s the candy that are made when you make an “L” or “T” formation…you have to get 6 of these and explode them!

    • denise a murphy

      Candy that looks like pillows

    • sueson

      oops its 136 your right

  • Drew Jackson

    Level 135 is very hard, I’m about to quit candy crush all together.

  • Daisey Chaine

    Thanks so much for the tip! I beat it on the 2nd try (after I understood what the !@#$ “order” was!) :-)

    • Annemary Szekeres

      What is the “order” about? Please explain

  • Heather Goodpaster

    Stuck on level 140 for months!! I give up!!

  • KarenCanfieldMaskens

    did they update it to 5 bombs? This is hard as hell too

  • Linda Adams

    Ok Candy Crush people on level 135. Just found out, you do not need wrapped or striped candies. As long as you get 5 in a row giving you the speckled candies and blow them up (by themselves) you will win the game. You do not need to combine the speckled candies with the striped or wrapped candies. Much easier!!!!

  • JoAnne


  • JoAnne


  • JoAnne

    My 135 is 5 color bombs, not wrapped candies; what’s going on???

  • JoAnne

    I don’t understand 2 of the same colors with a 3rd off to the side; matching to draw 2 other same colored candies into the area to form the color bomb; need to see a video, I guess, or explain it to me more clearly.

  • JoAnne

    The video still does NOT show me how to create the bombs; HELP!!!