Candy Crush Level 147 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 147 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 147 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 147 is to clear all the jelly in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 147.

Level 147 Cheat #1: Clear center jelly.

candy crush level 147
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  • First prevent the bombs from exploding.
  • The center column that contains the hard jelly, blocks the bombs at the top from falling into the main part of the board.
  • This makes it almost impossible to eliminate the bombs since it is unlikely you will be able to make a match with the bomb in the top row.
  • Towards the end of your turn, if there is a bomb that has a higher number than you have turns, do not waste your time trying to destroy it anymore.It is easy to forget about that and you end up wasting moves trying to destroy a bomb that you don’t need to.

  • Stacy Godwin

    I tried to quit the level before I made any moves and it took one of my lives away. The statement made on this tip about being able to quit to get a new board without wasting a life is inaccurate.

    • Tahlea Honeysett

      It actually is accurate. You could if unknowingly made a move or your settings could be different to everyone elses… But what they said is correct.

      • Stacy Godwin

        Do you have any idea what I can go to to check the settings? It happened when I was playing on facebook but I haven’t tried to do it on my phone.

        • Kerry Dolph

          You will not be able to back of it and save a life on the computer…for some reason it is only possible on your phone ….:) hope that helps!!!!

          • Michael P.

            I am able to back out of a game on the iPad and my phone, but not on the computer.

    • Chris

      Thats not true. You can quit before you make any moves and you will not lose a life. I too have been on this level for a month. I am going crazy.

  • Moira Mel

    This game is based on luck…I’ve been doing these tips for weeks…and all it gets me is more frustrated because I get within 1 or 2 jellies to smash when my lives run out…and whenever I add extra lives from friends a bomb goes off and makes it all for not, what a waste. I will continue, only because luck has to happen right? After the amount of attempts I’ve made on this bloody level

  • Linda Kortz Campbell

    I have been on this level for about three weeks but I play every time I have a life either on my phone or the computer.. I am trying to do what you say… but with no luck.. is there any way of eliminating this level and moving on? do not waste time paying for extra moves… I have wasted so much on this when I thought I only had a couple moves left and it manages to screw it all up… so… wait for your luck… but mine is running out…..

    • Ajl7

      I’ve been on level 147 for ages too.
      If you want to quicken your weeks down to days, change the time on your device by a couple hours. Just remember to move the time back once you have finished playing!
      As others and you say, you need luck….and time. At least you can find more time when you want it!
      Good luck

    • Eieiei

      Yes, this is a hard level, that you won’t make on the first try probably. But some more tries, and you should be done…
      Came to here yesterday, done today 280.00 points (three stars) :-)

  • Kim ‘Dory’ Young

    I completed this level nearly 5 months ago for the first time. It said ‘Candy Crush’ etc, then took me back to an earlier level! Since then, I haven’t been able to complete it again…

  • Jessica

    This level is so aggravating I was so close yesterday on labor day I had 380 until I lost Man whoooo wheeeee it is aggravating but I wil keep trying

  • tina whitehead

    Finding it so hard too do , will I ever get off it?

  • jane

    ano to? hindi naman to cheat ea!!!!!!!!!!!

    • melly

      me too! I’m stuck on this level for a month now and still.. I cannot beat it! I am freakin’ out especially if there is only one jelly left and I am out of moves…. OMG!

  • jane

    slow very


  • jane


  • Candy Rumfelt

    My best tip is to concentrate on breaking the clear candies on each side of the grid. You will eventually break all of the others in your course of play, and you will get more color bombs to use. Don’t forget to check at the top after each move to look for bombs. You can break many of them before they descend into the main grid if you can spot them in time.

  • ssmom99

    You just have to be patient and keep playing. After a while think it must be programmed to give you a lucky game and let you move on. All the advice is good…play smart, but realize the game is smarter than you. And don’t waste your money on any extras…it’s not necessary…I made it to this level without spending a penny or getting lives from anyone else.

  • Barry Lee Sheppard

    i hate this level

  • Janet Hooper

    I’m sick of this level. i been stuck on it for 4 months. can score very high on points, that is all.. sick of this game!

  • MikeW_Vegas

    This level is killing me.. I’ve been stuck on it for almost two months now. I’ve noticed that on the PC the bombs have 15 turns before they explode.. but on my iPad and iPhone they only have 10 moves before they explode. this makes the level even MORE difficult to win.

  • Lisa Castiglia

    Nope, this is the level where they require payment to move on. Been on it a month now and currently looking for another game to play. Not paying one freaking cent!

    • Sandy Hope

      Try Logic Games app… it looks like a little gear. It’s free and has HUNDREDS of different games in it… I’ve been stuck on this stupid level for 2 months.. deleting candy crush now. lol

    • Caitlin

      It’s free on the Facebook app on the computer.

  • Chris Durst

    This level is NOT beatable without buying and or using boosters and is designed that way. Regardless of what anybody says, you need boosters to complete this level. Been stuck on this level for over 1500 games and haven’t been close to finishing it.

  • Jericka

    you can go to your settings and click on time and date then change the month one month then go beck to candy crush and youll have more lives….just make sure you go back and change the month back to the current month

  • Zanetta Ziggy Davis

    Been stuck for 3 months and I even watched the YouTube video on how to beat it…this level is worse than level 65!

  • Charlotte Lancaster Godbyr

    I have been on this level for sometime now.Watched the Video’s read all the hint’s.Get real will you.Whats up ? The bag has to shuffle every other move because there is no moves.special candies my ass.Someone really is giving a line of crap on this one !

    • Dale Carter

      In other words, this game is rigged! I’m sick of it. CC Saga makes $650,000 per day n this game!

  • leslie malino

    The developer just takes your money and boots you. Don’t do it!!!

  • Valerie Ruhrold

    I’ve been on this level for 4 weeks, have tried using extra moves, doesn’t work. It’s to the point it’s not fun anymore, just pure frustration and that really isn’t the reason to play a game.

    • Beef curtains

      Persevere, persevere and persevere.

      Don’t forget the whole idea of the game is to make the company money.

    • Maria

      follow the tips…they help, make as many striped candies as you can and combine 2 together if you can, and of course the colored bombs help too to clear the board. I’ve gotten to levels that when I am very close to clearing it and need just one or two more jellies, buying an enhancement such as extra moves or the hammer seem to make it possible, so maybe certain levels are rigged that way, some are def. harder than others! good luck

  • mike

    my wife beat it without too much trouble I have been on it 2 weeks without much success got within 1 once

  • kim

    This level is bull ihave had all kins of good moves and candies also three of those disco balls in a row no luck I’ve been stuck on this level month and half am getting very frustrated already tried what you say nothing half of my games are spent in the stupid corner

  • Mark V Larrimore

    It can be done. It literally took me two months but I did do it without boosters. Its all a game of luck.

  • patti

    I’ve been on this level for at least 2000 games. Unbelievable that they would keep you here that long. I refuse to pay a cent so I am looking for other games that are not on Facebook. Can’t believe I’ve stuck it out this long, how dumb is that!

  • usman

    I am also stuck on this level for about 10 days. Several attempts made but never finish this level.

  • usman

    hahahahahaha yes completed this level hurrrrrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • shonda

    I’ve Been On ThIs Level For Months. I’m Frustrated Like The Rest Of You. I Had The Game Clothes UN The Middle Of What I Thought Was A Good Game. So I Don’t Know What To Do. Most Of My Friends Are Completing The Game And Passing. I’ve Even Bought Candies And Still Not Pass. It’s AlmostLike They Want Me To Keep Buying. I Don’t, Just Frustrated.

  • Catherine Shroyer

    Weeks??? I have been on this level for months! Several times I have gotten down to 1 jelly so I used my gold bars for the 3 extra moves, knowing I could make a move and win…..what did it do??? took my gold bars and then shuffled the board before I could make my move. I am so sick of this. I quit Bubble Witch for the same reason. This was the game I enjoyed most on facebook and couldn’t hardly wait the thirty minutes to get my five lives back to play some more. Now I hate it!!!!

  • marellyn

    This game obviously is the cheat itself. Some bombs are stuck at the top no matter what you do. Some run out really quick. And if you get a super bomb on the bottom with a wrapped candy and a striped candy, it doesn’t explode across–only up and down. Getting boring.

  • Christina

    All these tips are things I already know.. still can’t pass this frikken level.. I refuse to pay to get boosters.. HELP, going crazy in Washington state!

  • Pamela Henein

    It’s not fun, entertaining or anything else when it’s rigged against you. One more week I will give it, if I can’t pass the level then it will be deleted and I won’t be back!

  • Heather

    I have been stuck on this level for months (and even quit playing for about 2 months). I started up again and came here to complain that the PC only gives me 40 moves (when my phone and kindle give me 50). And then I just won the very next game! And that was with the 40 PC moves! Argh…. luck will prevail eventually. If you can stand the wait.

  • Sayan

    one or two jelly to clear shouldn’t make you frustrated. You can use a daily booster spinner, and if you happen to get lollipop hammer, the worst booster you get, and this is free btw, you can clear 3 jelly you want.

  • DarrellSF

    I’ve been on this level for almost 3 months. I’ve gotten all but one square 10 times or more. I’ve also gotten all but one square with 10 or 15 turns left, but the candies never line up to get that last square before those turns run out. It’s obviously rigged to make me buy boosters, but the game is FREE. It means I should be able to win–FREE! I got a tooth fairy once back around level 65 after about two weeks, but not with 3 months on this level. Total bunk!

  • TJ

    I’ve been on this level for weeks too! Totally lost interest in this game! NO more buying lives or anything else on this “game”? Money Sucker! Not fun anymore!

  • Catherine Clem Segars

    It took me several days and several dozen tries, but I finally passed this level. I have to say that the “cheats” really didn’t help. Most of the time, there was only a couple of moves available. And more often than not, there was only 1 move available. That doesn’t allow for much strategy to come into play. I simply took the lowest move or the move that cleared the thickest jelly. Not exactly rocket science.

    I have never played a level where the board had to reconfigure so many
    times because there were no combinations possible. Some games would
    reconfigure over a half dozen times. Most games I came no where near to clearing the board by the end of 50 moves. But then suddenly, in one game all the special candies aligned and I cleared the board with 12 moves to spare. That tells me that passing this level is not about skill or strategy, it is about LUCK. I would say that winning this level is 5% strategy and 95% chance. I prefer the games where I have lots of choices to make, where I can get close but must play strategically to win. With so few options available throughout level 147, strategy isn’t much of a factor. I simply took the only move available, or the lowest, and waited for lightening to strike. I will say that I did “roll” this game on my ipad to get a more advantageous starting board. (I don’t think that you can do that on a computer.) I only committed to games where the initial drop cleared multiple jellies and left at least 2 possibilities low on the board, preferably with a stripe possibility or combinations near the frosted (multi-layered) jellies. Other than that, I took the obvious choice and waited for the stars to align.

    • Andrea

      Agree with everything you said. Purely a luck based game, very little strategy involved and thus, very boring.

  • Susie Childs

    I GIVE UP!

  • Richard Wilson

    Game constantly reshuffles won’t let you make special candies. I put a color bomb I had to use on the first move then game reshuffles..this is ceased to be fun anymore.

  • MWL

    After reading this thread I won the very next game I played. It is clearly a difficult level, I had to be lucky, had none of those dotted candies, whatever you call them. It probably only took me 30 tries and yes there is logic like all the games.

    If you spend any money for more lives etc you only prove PT Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every day.

  • emma

    This level is need to hit almost every jelly 5 times including the marmalade and the jelly itself in 50

  • Gustavo Martínez

    I DID IT!!! It is possible, without paying or cheating, though after a long way.
    My hints, if they are useful, added to the hints given above:
    – Discard every initial configuration that you feel is not useful. This will save you unuseful moves.
    – Try to make a combination “stripped candy-wrapped candy” one line
    before the bottom horizontal line. This will clean the bottom jellies and
    the bottom corner jellies, the most difficult.
    – Then try to make a combination “color bomb-stripped candy” but before exploding it, try to make on the board as many candies of the same color of the stripped candies as you can, this will maximize the amount of stripped candies
    created by the explosion, and will clean a lot of jelly.
    I hope this will give you some hope for passing this level, don’t give up, good luck!!

    • Soncie22

      Thanks for sharing your insight, I’ll be on this level soon, and could really use ALL the help I can get.

  • Dale Myrum

    If I can’ win soon I will be done with candy crush ,147

  • Angela Mizzero

    Worked for me on the first try…thanks

    • Soncie22

      Oh please, share your strategy, I really don’t want to spend the rest of my Candy Crush life on level 147..Any advice,tips, strategy you’d be willing to share would be Most appreciated!

  • Zils

    It took me a week or so to beat this level and I didn’t use boosters or payment. Just be patient. Eventually you get a winnable board. Most bombs get eliminated themselves when you work from the bottom and they drop down. And pay attention if you have less moves than bomb countdowns, then you no longer need to pay attention to them. Going for as many stripes as possible helps a lot.

  • bob degae

    Try to match a sprinkle candy with a striped candy. Once you do this you can maximize the damage by trying to increase the number of candies on the board that have the same color as the striped. I,e, if you have a striped red paired with a sprinkle candy and there are only four red candies on the board, try to make matches elsewhere on the board so that more red drop into the puzzle increasing your number of red and causing more damage. That said, luck is required

  • Faisal

    My wife just finish the 147th level after 3 weeks without paying anything. Its just by sheer luck and nothing else.

  • megan murtha

    Ok for every one stuck on this level :I stink at candy crush and all of you are probably better than me.I beat this level a while ago and now I’m on 285.put that in your heads when u play

  • Steve

    Managed to get lucky and made it through on 1st attempt. No $ or boosters.

  • Louise Potter Jarvis

    I’ve been on this level for months how can I by pass this level or I quit please send me a fairy

  • Andrea

    This will be the level that will finally make me stop playing this game.

  • Jeff

    Has anyone actually paid any money for help on candy crush ? If you have you need to get a life you absolute sad bastards. Unbelievable all of you. Grow up and fuck off. Pile of absolute morons . Wasters. Just fuck off . Play monopoly or something

  • Vegas Pahrump

    I know I had every jelly and other obstacle gone, and I was way over the points and I was still not awarded the level…I think it has a GLITCH…Time to quit this game if they don’t fix it.