Candy Crush Level 153 Cheats and Tips

Here are all the tips, cheats and strategies for Candy Crush Level 153. You’re likely a Candy Crush expert by now, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need any Candy Crush tips! To get 10,000 points in 45 moves and two color bombs is tricky but this page will to help you get through Candy Crush level 153!

But don’t worry, follow these cheats, tips and guides if you are stuck of level 153 of Candy Crush and you’ll be sugar crushing in no time!

Candy Crush Level 153 Cheats

  1. Break through the top barrier quickly
  2. Trust striped candies.
  3. Use your color bomb at the right time!
  4. Level 153 Video Walkthrough!
Level 153 Cheat #1: Break through the top barrier quickly. Next >>


  • Don’t waste valuable opening moves trying to form the color bombs early.
  • You need to get rid of the top barrier before you do anything else in game.
  • Keep resetting your board until you get something with a lot of good opening moves.
  • To reset your board, exit out to the main menu and tap back in to that Candy Crush level.
  • The board will be different and you won’t lose any lives.
  • This can ONLY be done on mobile and BEFORE you make your first move. Read more on our tips page for more tricks including how to reset your board.





  • Alexis Tritto

    wow. those are some kickass tips & cheats. hope zynga doesn’t shut this site down for revealing those hacks! I hope you’re picking up the sarcasm here. just basically described my last 67854 tries at lvl 153, there’s no useful info at all. oh God this is the worst level ever!! somebody HELP meeeeeeee!!!!

    • Kelly Burton

      You do realize that this isnt a zygna game. Its a king game. Two diffrent ppl!

    • Ramón

      did you pass it ?

    • Geertje

      I was also thinking that these tips were as clear as mud! :-)

    • Geertje

      The worst was when I had my tow color bombs and could not get them together.

  • Margaret Morris

    How do you reset your board?

    • Lisa

      Resetting your board can only be done on mobile. All you have to do is click back when youre in the game to exit to the levels page. Then re-enter the level. You can only reset the board when you HAVEN’T made your first move yet. Hope this helps!

  • Cupid Stunt

    Hey Margaret, if you uninstall the game this will rest your board?

    I hope this helps.

    • Conan776

      very funny

  • Joanne Eframian

    I get the 2 bombs and the number of points and it still doesn’t crush. Do I have to crash two bombs together? What am I doing wrong? This has happened twice. Help!

    • Brittany McDonald

      Yes, you have to hit the two bombs to each other. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pass the level.

      • Geertje

        Sorry but when you say: hit them to each other – do you mean cross them and set them off on each other?

        • suze

          How the heck do you ever get the chance to drop one colour bomb on another? Crazy.