Candy Crush Level 163 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 163 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 163 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 163 is to remove all the jelly and score 45,000 points in 30 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 163.

Level 163 Cheat #1: Start With the Jelly in the 3 Middle Columns.

candy crush level 163
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  • The jellies are covered by the chocolates in the middle, the meringue is not covering jellies.
  • By starting in the three middle columns, candies can flow into the middle and will help clear the jellies.
  • If you are lucky, you’ll get cascading matches while candies fall.

  • Ian Wingar

    The level crashes before I even have a chance to play resulting in me losing lives! Why?

  • Rock City Clasher

    Watch out on this level – the stupid owl falls off far, far quicker than usual.

    • Eieiei

      There is no owl – wrong world :-)

      • Rock City Clasher

        Haha! How on earth did I do that? Thanks!

  • Eieiei

    This is so strange, when I played this last week I was glad to make it at all after a lot of tries, and couldn’t get more than 85,000 points.
    Today, I just played it again once, and got 280,000 points, nearly 100,000 points more than the former first place. No boosters!