Candy Crush Level 191 Cheats and Tips

Here are all the tips, cheats and strategies for Candy Crush Level 191. You’re likely a Candy Crush expert by now, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need any Candy Crush tips! To get get 170,000 points in 50 points and clear all the jelly is hard but this page will to help you get through Candy Crush level 191!


Candy Crush Level 191 Cheats

  1. First, go for the bombs.
  2. Then, go towards the jelly.
  3. Level 191 Video Walkthrough!
Level 191 Cheat #1: Go for the bombs.

  • In level 191, it’s a lot more about luck than it is about skill. Unfortunately, you only get 25 moves to clear the bombs. Thanks to multi-layered meringues, jellies and licorice Xs, you’ve got a lot between you and the bombs. You’re going to need to use the candies in the marmalade wisely. Try to maximize the impact of special candies by forming special candy combinations.
  • Aim for the sides of the multi-layered meringue box–letting candies into the empty side area will open up moves for getting those pesky bombs.





  • Barbara Burgess

    I found if you do striped wrapped combos they work well for clearing the bombs and jellies as well.