Candy Crush Level 197 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 197.

Level 197 Cheat #3: Use the best special candy combos.

candy crush level 197
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  • The best special candy combos to use in Candy Crush Level 197 depends on which half of the board you in. The sprinkle candy + striped candy combo can help you on either side of the board, so if you have no moves on the bottom this is a good combo to make.
  • A wrapped candy and striped candy combo is very good at the bottom of the board since it will hit all rows and columns that contain jelly. Activate this combo on the far right and left hand sides of the bottom, since it will clear the most jelly with one hit, and the hardest pieces of jelly to clear are at the far edges of the board.
  • A wrapped candy + striped candy combo will help you on the top and the bottom of the board, but it isn’t worth wasting moves to get this special candy combo at the top of the board. It will only clear 3 columns with 1 hit.

  • casey

    this level is about to make me quit, I spend a lot of money and time playing this game and to be on a level over 5 months is ridiculous… how do you expect people to play and enjoy it if all you are trying to do is get them to buy stuff…. every game I get a buy this popup from you guys…. im about to quit

    • Aurelia Hoogerzeil

      You spend money on this? It’s free on Facebook.

    • Neil Erwin

      I do not want to play a game that is simple and to be honest the hard levels keep me playing. It’s not the game it’s you bud. I’m stuck on this level but i don’t whine about it…i want it to be hard and i don’t want the level spoon fed to me. I’m a hardcore gamer here to tell you to quit crying and go play a baby game…maybe get a leap-pad or something lmao.

      • JonArch

        Neil, the only thing that is frustrating a bit tho is that some level need mostly luck to get achieved.. too easy is surely more fun but when its ridiculously hard ( and by that I mean, its like lotery, you wait the right time to get the lucky combinaison possible )

        • Neil Erwin

          Did i seem not to know that ?

      • Leon

        Ha ha! Neil is a hardcore gamer…… Who plays candy crush…. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Priceless.

        • Neil Erwin

          I play all types of games …is there a problem with that?

          • Leon

            No, read back Neil. I made it clear I found it funny. A hardcore gamer plays candy crush. I question how hRdcore you are when you are clearly in a cheat forum for level 197.

          • Jessica

            Furthermore, hardcore gamers don’t play candy crush. They consider this simplistic game a little time passer for commuters.

          • RezRising

            A hard core gamer will play ANY game, in any format, as long as its challenging. To me, the real challenge of CCS is to beat it without paying one red cent to King. If its too “simple” a game for you, go back to sniping in Halo and stop being so butthurt over the label “hardcore”.
            “Time passer”, maybe on lvls 1 – 100, but the real game doeant begin until lvl 101.

      • Jessica

        Hehehe…that is funny. A hardcore gamer playing candy crush…..hahahahahaha.

      • Felicity’s Compassion

        heh heh heh…..that’s one of the funniest things I have ever seen on any forum!

        Candy crush was primarily aimed at children, not hardcore gamers.

        How hardware can you be to be stuck on this very easy level?

        ……so funny

        • RezRising

          100% untrue. Its aimed at adults who spend money. King make 1 MILLION a DAY on ccs. Over 1.2 billion so far. Not for kids, dont let the colors fool you.

    • Jean Pinker Clewette

      I agree it gets very frustrating and I am about to quit also! I have not given in to buying additional moves yet and it will probably quit before I do.

    • JonArch

      Haha really? Hvnt you stiil noticed that this game is made to be like that? To make you buy and buy more and more once youre hooked? I’ve noticed that since the first few level and wince then hvnt purchased anything from them..

    • Eieiei

      Ups, I just made it in my second attempt. Yes, it is not easy, but you should be able to make a vertical striped candy on each side on the top and use it, afterwards combine the two wrapped candies on the bottom part, and then it is just a game of luck if you can get another striped plus sprinkle candy combined to clear the rest.

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  • Simon

    These aren’t ‘cheats’ just basic common sense – doesn’t help AT ALL !!

  • Jh root

    They are in the business to make money, so don’t purchase anything, be stuck for ever, quit the game or buy. They sure don’t make it fun anymore. It is a waste of my time.

  • MurElly

    I’m still shocked to find out that people actually do buy stuff for this game!

  • Trina Groulx Foster

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about! I got through this level in only 3 tries!!

  • Michael McGinnin

    Candy Crush is just too easy a game to beat, how about some 3 dimensional chess, against a NASA computer using encrypted binary code?

  • Jhm0699

    Hang in there Casey. I just completed it after about 5 tries. Used 2 lollipop hammers to start out and get the marmalade and then 1 more to get the second to last jelly. Got a lucky drop on the last jelly.