Candy Crush Level 202 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 202 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 202 of Candy Crush. In level 202 you must collect all the orders (25 sprinkle candies/color bombs) in 50 moves or less. Stuck on a level of Candy Crush Saga? We can help!

Candy Crush Level 202

  1. Clear the frosted meringues first.
  2. Make sprinkle + sprinkle candy combos.
  3. Optimize for sprinkle candies/color bombs.
  4. Level 202 Video Walkthrough
Level 202 Cheat #1: Clear the frosted meringues to unwrap the sprinkle candies covered in marmalade first. Next >>


  • Since you are given 19 sprinkle candies/color bombs to start with on Candy Crush level 202, your first goal should be to activate these first.  The best way to do this is by making matches that hit the meringues directly and special candies that will hit the most of these.  For example, as shown in the screen shot, a vertical striped candy that hits the entire column of sprinkle candies, and in the next screen shot, a sprinkle candy + a striped candy is going to clear most of the board (see before and after).




  • Fozi Az

    Harder than i thought :(

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Where are you having troubles my friend?

      • Fozi Az

        i always fail to make the last Color bomb :(

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          You can always take advantage of the daily booster wheel and you may receive another color bomb. Also, you may want to make sure you are passing up on match-4s so that you can possibly get a match-5.

          • Geri

            Color wheel not available on kindle fire

          • Doreen

            It is now.

          • Abbas Naharpura

            Plzz help me in 202 round

  • Swati Landge

    Thanks for the walkthrough.. it really helps :)

  • Asabi

    Last I only had two more colour bombs and only 2 more moves that’s the furthest i ever got

  • Starshine

    I hate this level so much that I have quit candy crush.

  • Rock City Clasher

    Why are people finding this hard? It’s straightforward. Don’t use all your colour bombs in one big bang – target a candy colour at a time and you’ll soon get them. To prove it wasn’t a fluke I played this and won it three times in a row. Seriously – it’s not hard.

    • Karen

      You are so correct! I tried the other way and I wasn’t having any success – you r way had me out of this level within 3 attempts. Thanks!