Candy Crush Level 202 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 202 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 202 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 202 is to collect all the orders (25 sprinkle candies/color bombs) in 50 moves or less.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 202.

Level 202 Cheat #1: Clear the frosted meringues first.

candy crush level 202
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  • Since you are given 19 sprinkle candies/color bombs to start with on Candy Crush level 202, your first goal should be to activate these first. The best way to do this is by making matches that hit the meringues directly and special candies that will hit the most of these.
  • For example, as shown in the screen shot, a vertical striped candy that hits the entire column of sprinkle candies, and in the next screen shot, a sprinkle candy + a striped candy is going to clear most of the board (see before and after).

  • Fozi Az

    Harder than i thought :(

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Where are you having troubles my friend?

      • Fozi Az

        i always fail to make the last Color bomb :(

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          You can always take advantage of the daily booster wheel and you may receive another color bomb. Also, you may want to make sure you are passing up on match-4s so that you can possibly get a match-5.

          • Geri

            Color wheel not available on kindle fire

          • Doreen

            It is now.

          • Abbas Naharpura

            Plzz help me in 202 round

          • MastergPat

            Thank you I was doing a lot of 4s, but when you do four, you can’t do five (duh!) After reading this, I did the level in ONE game. Thank you. That was after a week of trying.

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay


  • Swati Landge

    Thanks for the walkthrough.. it really helps :)

  • Asabi

    Last I only had two more colour bombs and only 2 more moves that’s the furthest i ever got

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

      Same here!!

    • Robin Whitlock

      And me, usually its just three or four, if that. I even tried that method that loudmouth further up the page suggested, and that didn’t work either.

  • Starshine

    I hate this level so much that I have quit candy crush.

    • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

      Don’t blame you!! None of these methods work!

  • Rock City Clasher

    Why are people finding this hard? It’s straightforward. Don’t use all your colour bombs in one big bang – target a candy colour at a time and you’ll soon get them. To prove it wasn’t a fluke I played this and won it three times in a row. Seriously – it’s not hard.

    • Karen

      You are so correct! I tried the other way and I wasn’t having any success – you r way had me out of this level within 3 attempts. Thanks!

      • Robin Whitlock

        Utter crap. Targetting a specific colour type with a colour bomb didn’t generate even one CB, I went through the whole lot until I reached the 6 remaining and not one extra CB created. Amazing what a humoungus ego does for some people isn’t it?

        • Rock City Clasher

          I’m sorry it isn’t working for you. It seems to be working for other people though. Perhaps if you try again? What might help is not being offensive towards people you don’t know for no reason other than you’ve failed to do something. Ego? Man, if only you knew.

    • isobelbaird

      Could you explain in more detail what you mean by targeting a specific colour. I tried that but I must be doing something wrong as it did not work for me. I tried it their way but that did not work either

      • Rock City Clasher

        Target one candy type with a colour bomb then, if this doesn’t create another colour bomb, target another candy. You’ll very quickly get another CB made – remember that CB’s make more CB’s very often. Once you have created enough CB’s then end the game with a double CB attack.

        • scazy

          worked for me 1st try after doing this

        • Lori Palmer

          Thank you for the tip, it took me a couple tries but it worked perfectly!

      • isobelbaird

        Thank you so much Clasher it worked. I had to do it 3 times but I have now moved on to level 294

    • Donna

      thanks that worked first time I tried it

    • Tzveti Gospodinova

      Awesome! Thanx!!! It works perfectly!!!

    • Eieiei

      I tried two strategies, yours which didn’t work three times, and then I went the other way, tried to remove all color bombs as quick as possible, so I had plenty of moves left to form the remaining six color bombs. Not an easy task, but on the second try I had made it, and still a couple of moves left…
      So, three stars, that’s all i want :-)

  • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

    People are finding level 202 difficult because it IS difficult!! I have tried what was suggested here and it just won’t work for me! Targeting a specific color doesn’t clear the board! Most of this game is luck, anyway. Sooner or later you’ll be successful, but it doesn’t always happen quickly!

    • Vickie Prentiss

      Amen, Angie! I’ve tried concentrating on just one color, and some of the other suggestions. Haven’t won this level yet, but none of those ideas have worked for me. I have gotten the board down to just one more CB before running out.

      • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

        I finally got through this level, Vickie, but believe me it was not due to some magical formula!! It was luck!! It’s all in the way the colors and pieces fall. Now I am on level 254 and I can’t get past this one! Why do I put myself through this!! LOL!!

        • Vickie Prentiss

          I finally got through it, too, and it was pure luck for me, too! Most of the hints posted made no sense to me, but I didn’t feel compelled to get hateful with the people who were trying to help. Glad you succeeded, too. ;-)

          • Angie Staino-Zavatkay

            I’m sure that there will be more to complain about as we advance through the levels!! :-)

          • Vickie Prentiss

            No doubt!

  • magnolia scott

    Mine doesn’t give me 50 moves only 20. Anyone else only get 20 moves?

  • Robin Whitlock

    Okay, I’ve upped the chances of me getting down to 2 colour bombs slightly, which though not perfect is getting a little nearer the target. What Rock City Clasher is telling you is only partially correct, perhaps he knows this, perhaps he doesn’t, but there we go. So, don’t use all your colour bombs in one big bang, yes. Target one candy colour at a time, yes. HOWEVER, when choosing a candy colour to target with one of the colour bombs, don’t just choose any old colour, look to see which colour has most pieces on the board. In this way, say if green has 15 colours on the board and red has 9, if you choose green you get rid of more candies and therefore have more room for, hopefully, an incoming colour bomb to appear. If Rock City Clasher knows this, but hasn’t told you, then he’s obviously trying to present a solution without actually letting you get the solution so to speak. In that way he can keep on flaunting his ego and looking clever. But there you go, that’s how you increase your chances of getting down to two, as far as I can see at least.

    • Rock City Clasher

      Why do you feel the need to attack me like this? You’ve added really well to my explanation but for reasons that I cannot fathom, you’ve decided that I’ve kept some details back intentionally to prevent other people form succeeding. What on Earth is your problem? Why not be pleasant to people and about people instead of deciding I have an ego I need to flaunt? Typical troll.

      • Maggie

        Rock City – you are awesome! I struggled with 202 for 2 days and tried your method and passed it in one try!!!
        Thanks a lot

    • Renae

      Way harsh dude. There is no reason to go after someone who is just trying to help. BTW, his method works.

  • Robin Whitlock

    LEVEL 202 COMPLETED!!!!! As I suspected, Rock City Clasher wasn’t telling you the entire truth… As I said below, don’t use all your colour bombs in one big bang. Target one candy
    colour at a time. HOWEVER, and this is the bit that Rock City Clasher didn’t tell you, when choosing a candy colour to target
    with one of the colour bombs, don’t just choose any old colour, look to
    see which colour has most pieces on the board. In this way, say if green
    has 15 colours on the board and red has 9, if you choose green you get
    rid of more candies and therefore have more room for, hopefully, an
    incoming colour bomb to appear. I followed this strategy. It didn’t work the first time, but on the second attempt I managed to position a group of blues in a way which I suspected, with some hard thinking and intricate moves, I could get another blue on one side of the four blues (notice that when I say four I mean three in line with a gap and the fourth hovering above the gap.) You then have to negotiate an extra blue, in this situation, on the side of the row with just one blue, rather than on the other side, which will create a three in line and knock the whole thing out. So I was doing this and also trying to maintain a nearly similar pattern among the greens a short distance away. Through carefully juggling the moves in this way I suddenly noticed I had managed to create a row of five, with one of them hovering out of place just above the gap. BINGO!! Just slotted into place and that was my last colour bomb completed. RESULT!! That’s how you do it. Hard work but determination and following this strategy should get you the result too.

    • Rock City Clasher

      And again, pointless personal attacks. You really do have some issues, don’t you? I was not intentionally not telling the whole thing, I just explained it the way I did it and did it several times. You need to take a long, hard look at yourself. Being a pointless troll really isn’t an attractive trait, even though it may make you feel all big and clever at the time.

    • bcl

      Thanks. It went from moderately difficult to very easy in 1 go with plenty of moves to spare.

  • C Idley

    This level is hard but doable. After several hours of trying and reading several tips here I finally did it. My first goal was to clear the meringues but while doing so trying to not make any 4-candy moves and also taking my time so not to miss any 5-candy opportunities. I was able to create two color bombs before using any that were already on the board.
    I then used all the color bombs one at a time trying to not use any on the striped candies because that just creates a whole new board with too much variety that you don’t want.
    Between each move make sure to scan the board for any opportunities to slide a candy in between two sets of the same colored candy. Sometimes you only need to do a bit of shifting candies to make that happen. That was a major part of my winning.
    Remember all boards just aren’t winnable no matter what you do, cut your losses and try again. I hope my suggestions help and Good luck.

  • Nicholas Rabus

    I struggled with 202 for a week. Use single CBs to wipe out

    ther most populous color (be careful that a set up for 5 in a

    row isn’t there already. I had some luck with double CB

    bursts too I finished all 25 CBs with 8 moves left over and

    didn’t have an extra CB at the beginning from the color


  • FatBastard

    SOrry this is an evil level and quit the game because of this level

  • ljwalls

    I can’t get it. It doesn’t see to work. Still need help with it.

  • Maya

    Thanks, Clasher! Took me a couple tries B/4 I understand how to do what you suggested, but on my 4th try, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it worked. (Where were you when I struggled with level 201?!)

    • Rock City Clasher

      Thanks and I’ve had I known….

  • Maya

    Dear Clasher, I’m going to seek out your comments from now on! Peace be with you from an aging flower child. LOL

    • Rock City Clasher

      Thanks – glad I could help!

  • Martin Mullet

    thanks rock city… i followed your advice and completed the level 1 in attempt..had been stuck for 4 days

    • Rock City Clasher

      Thanks – there are some evil levels on here!

  • Jerry Skelley

    I just passed the level, and yes I like Rock City Clashers basic idea, but I had to refine it considerably. It’s fairly easy to explode the 19 given Color bombs, but you’ll have to create 6 additional CBs to “fill the orders”. The odds are astronomically against even 1 CB falling into place by itself, but if you spot a horizontal pattern of two like pairs separated by a single different, you have a 1:6 chance of success by sliding the missing color down from above, and another 1:6 chance of sliding it up from below. OR, if you can make a vertical triple anywhere in the column between the two pairs, you have another 1:6 chance of a making a CB. Altogether that gives you 3:6 chance of success for ONE bomb.

    Btw, I regularly use the trick of resetting the board if I don’t see good opportunities to clear at least 5 meringues right away.

    Now the revelation for me was that we can control the board better if make mostly VERTICALS triples! I’ve gotten pretty good at encouraging that pattern of two pairs separated by a single space. now it’s just a matter of

  • Margaret Jones

    Thanks Rock City Clasher. I’ve been on this level for over a week now but I followed your advice and cleared it first time. I also scored the highest score ahead of all my Facebook friends. Such a shame that others take such a bitter attitude towards someone who is only trying to help others. Jealousy is such a destructive emotion and not worth responding to. Ignore him.

    • Rock City Clasher

      Thanks, and good luck with the game.

  • Cheri

    The game doesn’t count all the bombs I make

  • adsf

    Color does not have a U in it. Dumb fuckers….

    • Kathleen Billings

      In Canada its spelled colour

  • Cheri

    Not all the bombs I make are counted. Has this happened to anyone?

    • Charlie Forzano

      yes…I just noticed that!

  • Correctamundo

    Wow – is this cheat outdated. You only get 20 moves. It’s impossible – it’s one of those Odus-is-super-sensitive levels where he falls off the perch if you look at him wrong.

  • Annette Eva Thompson

    ty for the tip finished 2nd try with 10 moves left

  • Irene Gero White

    This tip worked like a charm!!

  • kathy day

    Whew! After reading all the comments, I just conquered the level. I used each of the color bombs to clear a color from the board. Each time I tried to choose the color that there were the most of. And then a couple of plays to make the group of 5, if it didn’t show up right away. Using each color bomb this way gives you lots of opportunities, and you only need 6. I am thrilled to move on!

  • sueofmi

    Thank you for the excellent suggestion on using sprinkle candies. I am getting closer. I have one question. When I am out of sprinkle candies and have 30+ moves left….should I keep playing in hopes of getting more sprinkle candies….or just give up then and start over? In other words… it worth the time and moves in hopes of getting sprinkle candies? I appreciate your input.

  • Charlie Forzano

    Thanks Rock City! So simple and it worked! Took me like three tries…. and I really was convinced that this was a level I was going to be stuck at forever. The tricky thing with this is that you have to sort of play different than you do on other levels – you don’t want the most bang for your buck – slow and steady wins on this one….this is what worked for me – I did the individual colors one at a time and made sure not to pick special candies to combine with the bombs…I also found that I was so engrossed with the bombs that while I still had a lot of bombs on the board….I didn’t keep a close enough eye out for opportunities to make new bombs…Great tip…thanks for taking the time to share it.