Candy Crush Level 266 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 266 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 266 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 266 is to collect 5 striped candies/striped candy combos in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 266.

Level 266 Cheat #1: Chocolates and bombs first.

candy crush level 266
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  • Your first goal in level 266 should be to collect five striped candies in 50 moves.
  • When you match a clear candy under the dispensers, that will drop a 15 move bomb.

  • la modelo garcia

    thts bullshit I beat level 266 and I have ta do it again…wtf why???

    • megan murtha

      how did u even beat it in the first place!!!

  • Donna

    I’m stuck on level 266 and fear I’ll never get out. Growing tired of trying and of the game. It gets very discouraging when I hit two stripes together only to not have it count as a ‘hit’.

  • Sexysanto

    i am sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cant beat level 266 :-(!!

  • Roxan Phillips

    Level 266, now for 5 weeks. Think I’m ready to just delete game and say

  • Michael McGinnin

    After 5 days I FINALLY defeated this absurd level. I agree with most posters, the rules all seems to change on 266. When bringing 4 of the same colored candies together, I would sometimes get a color bomb, not a stripe. Dozens of times when I combined two stripes, they would just cancel each other out and explode. Sometimes two stripes would suddenly appear together for a match up, for no apparent reason. Since the game is “free”, I guess the producers of this game can change the rules whenever it suits them.

  • Doug

    I visit candycrush once a day in case my friends need tickets. Candycrush was good at the lower levels, but at these levels I get very little enjoyment. There are far more rewardiing ways to spend my time.

  • Liz Ham

    ABSOLUTELY rediculous…..I QUIT!

  • Bucinka

    I FINALLY beat this level after about six weeks of trying. My suggestions: Keep resetting the board until, on your first move, you can make a stripe above the horizontal line of chocolate. Work the top of the board as long as you can, since working the lower half might uncork the bomb dispenser. Don’t worry about where the stripes are. Just keep making them. Eventually two will fall together. (However, try not to make two of the same color too close to one another, since a move might accidentally make a line with both of them in it, detonating them both.) Finally, don’t try to make color bombs. If one comes up, great, but color bombs are of limited use to you. The best use of a color bomb on this level is to get rid of bombs coming out of the dispensers. And you know what, if you don’t succeed, don’t sweat it. It’s only a game. Keep playing. It’s not like your life depends on it. :)
    By the way, I can’t say I had all the same technical problems some other players had, like getting a color bomb when you put four together. Maybe that’s a device issue. I’m playing on an Android phone.

  • Luba Gallinger

    So, I’m still playing after a few days. I enjoy reading the comments of everyone who is frustrated like myself. Now I’m paying more att’n and find how many “opportunities” show up when I’m on my last move. Ones that did not seem possible the move before. I’m sure it’s programmed to encourage you to pay for one last move, which I only did on level 70, never again. So it helps not to take it too seriously because we just move on to a couple of levels we blow through and then another one like this. I was stuck on one for days a few weeks ago, then some ‘angel’ or whatever it was cld appeared and passed me through the level.

  • kim

    I stopped playing at 266….more aggravating than fun.

  • Elham Derakula

    again i stuck on level 266… how can i pass this?

    • Michele

      Stop playing for a week or so and y0ou get a better board

  • Sean Graves

    This level is beyond impossible and you need major luck to pass it. You have 50 moves, so that means you have 10 moves to create and position the special candies. There is no way possible you can strategically do it. I have played over 250 games and haven’t come close to beating it. When candy crush does this I just stop playing for a week or so and the game makes it easier to pass the level

  • Sean Graves

    I finally passed this bullcrap level after close to 250 attempts

  • Shirley Cashen

    Not one of my favorites…a lot of stuff going on here and stripes going off all over the place but when 2 cascade together and go off, it doesn’t count as one of your orders. Then there’s the bloody bombs and all kinds of color bombs and wrapped candies screwing everything up by exploding at random, usually when you’re on your last order side by side with one move left. Whoever put this one together is evil

  • Shirley Cashen

    Thanks for the great tip “Try to make special candies next to one another so you don’t have to move them together.” HA! They explode but the order counter doesn’t decrease…this level is soooo annoying on every level…and I too have now experienced the F.colored.bomb exploding with only 4 candies and wiping out everything I had but making all those stupid wrapped candies which also blow all your efforts to bits. Someone needs to take another look at this and revamp the tips.

  • Sharon Mikulin Linneman

    Really getting fed up with this level! I will give it one more day then I’m done! It’s not fun anymore.

  • ina jabenaite

    Oh, thanks. I have been spending too much time on CC; three or four levels had frustrated me, but at least they seemed possible to beat. Only tried this one for a couple of times – ridiculous. Bye

    PS: is it possible to delete all the progress on CC – so that I won’t be tempted to try and play (for there is no way I’d start from the begining :) )?

  • Judy Ann Blake

    I beat this level on my tablet outside waiting for a play to start. Did it in about 6 tries. So, I know it can be done. You just need the right amount of practice.

  • LJ Slats

    This level sucks.

  • Michele

    Does anyone have the problem of bombs exploding and ending your turn when one isn’t even active? Plus too they explode too soon , before their time is up

  • Michele

    I had to buy boosters to get off this level. Hand switchers, hammers, striped candy and an extra moves too. It was either that or quit

    • Buzzman

      That’s why they make it so hard, so that you’ll spend money. I refuse to do that, so I finally deleted the game last week after being stuck on this level. No more.

  • Prinn

    Took me a week to beat this level. I used the circle w/checkmark booster. Worked like a champ. Still had 18 moves left.