Candy Crush Level 273 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 273 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 273 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 273 is to clear all the jelly and score 75,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 273.

Level 273 Cheat #1: Clear the bombs.

candy crush level 273
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  • The hardest part of this level are the 7 move bombs. They need to always be your #1 priority. With 50 moves and a lot of jelly to clear, it’s going to be difficult to balance clearing the jelly with keeping the bombs at bay.
  • As always, remember when you’re at 7 moves left, you can stop clearing them.

  • Jh root

    Level 273 is the level that will finally get me to quit candy crush. Candy crush is like giving a boy friend second, third, fourth and so on chances, until your soul is being taken. They you finally give him the boot forever. I am done moving candies around aimlessly and getting nothing in return. I have been a sucker far to long. While king is laughing all the way to the bank. See ya!

    • Stuart Bloch

      Come on, just give me “one more chance”…..CC

    • June Welsch

      I would buy bombs and other items but my computer won’t let me.

  • Lisa

    I beat level 273 in a day by following this advice. Sure it was frustrating but the reward is going to 274. I understand there is an end to the levels and then there’s the night (owl) levels one can begin. Eventually all games can be defeated until they add more levels but the thing I like about Candy Crush is you have to think, plan and resist doing the immediate in order to get future success. It’s just a game after all. I’m sure the day will come when I shelf it too but for now, it challenges me and is fun!

  • Terry Sersland

    This level of candy crush has just put me over the edge. Why do you think that it right to try and persuade someone to purchase extra moves or other items in order to proceed to the next level. My candy crush days are noe over. I will not be stressed and discourage over this game any longer, nor will I contribute to the $10 millon that you all are grossing on a weekly basis. You have taken all the fun out of a simple game.

  • RuthAnn Parker

    I have been on this level for about six weeks. I know how to play the game or I wouldn’t be on this level. It is no fun anymore. Don’t know why they think that they have to make some levels so hard. I am just about done with candy crush.

  • Mascha van B

    Now I am ure: I QUIT it is all foul play.

  • Barb Gilbert-Sowerby

    I have been trying to get past this level for about 2 months. I am fed up with it and I’m not spending money to buy more lives or extra moves. Good riddance!!

  • Clive B.

    I had almost given up…… then all of a sudden the board opened up and I passed it. I think the key is wrapped & striped candies.

  • Jann

    OK, I’m waving the white flag. This level is too frustrating, and I have better things to do with my time. Goodbye stress, goodbye Candy Crush. And did I mention Good Riddance?!!

  • Jose

    I have never paid a nickel for candy crush and wouldn’t paid nothing at all. I got to this level without purchasing any additional lives or getting other bonuses ever. All on my own, and proud to say I did it all by myself :) yeah. I don’t like this level though :( frustrating, been on it for several days now. This level is difficult, not as easy as they show it on the video, wish it was that easy. I keep getting bombs all over the place 4-5 bombs at a time (unlike the video), which is really hard to clear (unlike the video that only gets like 1, 2 or 3 bombs max + many sprinkled candies ). If I got all the nice candy combos and not so many bombs such as on the video I’d beat it by now :). Persistence is the key to candy crush. I noticed that one time, I was really angry with one level so I quit for two weeks, after I came back and played again I guess candy crush mysteriously wanted to me win and so I did :) I hope its the same for this level :! SO conclusion, persistence is the key up to now.

  • Liz Ham

    Why do we NEED an international caolition when

  • alioh61

    I’ve never spent a penny on this game and don’t plan to. But, man this level is a witch. You get this far on Candy Crush and you learn the tricks. Nothing really useful in this tip blog (though it’s been helpful in the past).

  • Maureen Staunton Clarke

    Sick of this level. On the verge of deleting the lot

  • INFJ

    I just cleared this level after reading these tips – they were very helpful. Start in the middle (that will prevent bombs falling on the sides which are hard to get rid of) and make eliminating bombs your top priority. Eventually you will get special candies which will take care of the jelly. Good luck!

  • Karen Henderson

    I HATE level 273!!!!!!

  • Sean Graves

    I actually deleted candy crush and the activity from my page over this level. This level is bullshit and next to impossible to beat without spending money and that won’t even help. After counting and losing 260 times I called it quits. Good bye and you lost a player

  • junior


  • junior

    I’m a first time poster for candy crush and felt I should after 273!! I finally beat it with a combination of several strategies I saw here. First definitely start in the middle even if it takes a few turns to start breaking jellies. This way it’s easier to diffuse bombs. Watch the bottom row to see the upcoming bombs and try to prepare. Last, the color bombs are best when you can get a striped combo with it. I know these are rare though haha! So I also beat it just once using the wrapped candys. They work best after getting some stripes out there to cause a little volley. A wrapped candy combo is super effective. One more thing, don’t rush! It’s hard to remember that it’s not timed because the bombs are stressful. But a slow approach on every move worked better for me. Hope it helps.

  • Sue Hogan

    This is driving me crazy!!! I think I’ll play Otis and scream it for a change. And in the video there isn’t half as many bombs that you get when playing the game.

  • joyce

    please help me with level 273

  • pam

    Level 273 is to tuff for me, looks like I will stop playing

  • P.

    ***DO NOT QUIT OR DELETE CANDY CRUSH**!!!! I hope this is helpful…the ONLY way I have found to pass this Level is to be mindful of each bomb, as other people said they limit your moves. And then your best friend on this level is wrapped candies because they break surrounding candies AND bombs…you will need SEVERAL…minimum 5 and at least one hard candy hammer as an emergency to break a bomb if you can’t get to it before it “blows up”. This should be your priority in this level IN THIS ORDER 1.eliminating bombs as they appear 2. Creating as many wrapped candies and 3. Striped candies. I promise you will pass this! (I was stuck for 2 1/2 weeks) good luck guys

  • AlexB

    This level nearly broke me – I was stuck on this for ages – around a month at least, and it very nearly caused me to kiss goodbye to this mind torturing game once and for all! My strategy was fairly straightforward and helped me crack this level –

    – DAILY BOOSTER SPIN – if you have access to this, play this every day, and keep playing it until you have all the Boosters you are able to use for this devious level.

    – REFRESH THE BOARD – Keep refreshing the board before you make your first move – keep doing this until you have a decent layout of candies – ie you’re one move away from creating a Striped Sweet / Candy Bomb etc – as the more Bombs / Striped Candies etc you have in this level – the better!!

    – EXTRA MOVES – If you’re playing through FACEBOOK, get your Candy Crush playing buddies to send you Extra Moves for this level – EVERY move you can get helps – make them count!!

    – BE PATIENT!! Most importantly – do not rush your moves!! Plan ahead – if you do this, you will be able to crack this level, once and for all.

    As I say – I was stuck on 273 for ages – but persevering and sticking to these pointers was the key to eventually completing it – good luck everyone – happy Candy Crushing – don’t give up with this level – it CAN be beaten!!


    Motherwell, Scotland

  • Karen

    Level 273 is very easy to beat! I did it in about 2 days without spending any money! You need to eliminate the bombs as soon as you can, but still try to make progress downward breaking the jelly! Don’t give up!

  • Peggy Williams

    I am with you jh root