Candy Crush Level 277 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 277 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 277 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 277 is to collect 19 wrapped candies and you will only have 40 moves to do it.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 277.

Level 277 Cheat #1: Make wrapped candies.

candy crush level 277
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  • In order to defeat this level, you need to make 19 wrapped candies. Now, 9 of them are already taken care of under the marmalade, which means you’ll need to make 10 on your own.

  • June Welsch

    I have been on this level for 2 months. It is very very hard.

    • Johnny Smith

      I spent a month and then got within 1 so I used the switch and lollipop hammer to carefully make the final one. I think it was half a million point or something ridiculous by the time I broke the pattern.

  • Cindi Midgley

    Me too its very hard

  • June Welsch

    I can’t seem to make wrapped candies.

    • Julie

      Look hard to make an L or T shape.

  • June Welsch

    I finally beat this level now I’m on 279.

    • Johnny Smith


  • Cutie003

    This level is impossible – don’t see how I can make as many wrapped candies as they ask for because there are too few opportunities. May be the end of my playing this game – too discouraging.

  • cheryl sylvia

    Omg this was sooo frustrating! I finally beat it after abt 2 weeks , and hrs and hours, not to mention a few $’s :( I was able to make 4 wrapped candies in my last 3 moves and somehow managed to finish. I totally believe it’s “the luck of the draw” more than the skill of the player!

    • Johnny Smith

      it is all about the $$ for bonuses. Pure $#!+ level.

  • Barbmac

    OK I’m confused, how do you make the wrapped candies?

    • Bucinka

      Try to make an L or T shape with five candies. Though, I agree with phawk…how have you arrived at this level and not made at least one on your own?

  • astrid

    waarom krijg ik, als ik 5 levens heb staan, de , de andere levens niet meer, die ik daarvoor gekregen heb , van m n vrienden, , vind dit echt niet leuk, ik zit op level 277, graag u antwoord.

  • phawk

    I like a challenge, but this is ridiculous. Barmac, I don’t see how you have gotten to 277 and not no how wrapped candies are created.

    • Julie

      Im on 277 and making a wrapped candy is beyound me, what with L, Ts and Ts on their side, i give up.

  • maria

    you make wrap candies by matchig five candies in a t shape

    • geezerpk

      Or “L” shape. 5 candies in either case. Not easy under the best conditions. Lots of luck needed here. So far, I’ve had none.

  • Johnny Smith

    T’s and L’s make wrapped candy. I’ve only gotten close once after weeks. The color bomb on wrapped candy does not work like in other levels or one could do that to make a bunch. You only get credit for 1.

    • livluvnplay

      I think you’re thinking of the color candy bomb & striped candy combo, that makes all other candies of that striped candy color a striped candy. That doesn’t work with the color bomb candy and wrapped candy combo.

      • Johnny Smith

        I love the striped and color bomb combo. I have cleared more level with it then any other combo. Nect best is striped plus wrapped. Jelly fish and colorbomb is only effect meringue free levels.

  • Julie

    Even though i cant make packets, just done 277, it took me a week though, so dont give up.

  • Liz Ham

    It is very discouraging!… Ready to quit… AGAIN!

    • Johnny Smith

      I forget but I think I had two color bomb with color bomb combos and then had to also use the lollipop hammer and switch place to get the final one before I ran out of moves. Of course, by the time I slaughter the pattern it was long past three stars since you have to do a LOT of destruction to clear the level at all.

  • adele bates

    I am so frustrated with this level 277. I’m on it since March. Yes 6months. Don’t know why I can’t make it. And I watched that stupid video and when I play it none. Of those wrapped candies show up

    • Johnny Smith

      You have to spend every single move looking for ways to make them. even then I had to use the switch and lollipop hammer bonuses.

  • adele bates

    I must be stupid as I have no luck in making wrapped candies. Over six months on this level. If I don’t make it soon I’m giving this crazy game up.

    • Johnny Smith

      it is a fixed level. Just keep using the daily spin until you build up enough switch and lollipop hammer to sneak past this BS level.

  • Maureen Edmonds

    Got to only one more wrapped required. It was in the tube on the left side , all the others had fallen through. WHY wouldn’t it fall down so I could explode it?????

  • Letha Gabriel Copeland

    Need some advice on Level 277…..Can’t seem to find anyway to win this level.

  • Barbara Whitley Maislin

    these tips do work. got it on 2nd try after learning these. I had been stuck and could not win. Attack from top,form wrapped candies from your 5 y and t candies.

  • joyce

    i could really do with some help with level 277 please x

  • Markus Lähdekorpi

    Easy. No extras needed. 11 moves left and DONE.

  • Lizbet

    Can’t believe it, but I won this level in 3 tries!! Just pure luck. Made lots of wrapped candies, didn’t even get 2 of them on the side, when I got the grand total!! It’s all LUCK.

  • Mohsin

    trying for so many days..not succeeding to get through