Candy Crush Level 33 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 33 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 33 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 33 is to clear all of the jelly in 17 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 33.

Level 33 Cheat #1: Make striped candies .

candy crush level 33
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  • Since there are so few moves in level 33, you need to create special candies to hit multiple boxes of jelly at the same time. The striped candies are most effective with this level, because they clear entire rows both horizontally and vertically. The wrapped candy is not as helpful, because it will only explode in the box that you swipe it in. But it is useful to combine these two special candies together – the striped candy and the wrapped candy – which leads to tip number 2 for Candy Crush level 33.

  • diamond

    thanks for helping

  • diamond

    sorry about the message minus who ever his

  • VijayKumar Ganapathy

    Wow. After reading could pass level 33 which I was struggling for 2 weeks.

  • Don Austen

    Whoever wrote this must have played and filmed the screen 1000 times. There is about as much way to win this level as to win the lottery. The first thing you have to do is clear the bottom squares. That helps to clear the top by the pieces dropping. But the chances of clearing all are virtually nil. The game is set up by mathematical algorithms. Certain levels are deliberately set up to be impossible to beat without paying money. The developers exploit human additive nature in order to profiteer off of it. A person well finally say, well, it’s just 99¢. There are now more than 15 million players. That’s $15 million from people just trying to advance past level 33. So, remember, before you plop down your hard-earned money, just like a carnival game, Candy Crush is rigged, and should be banned, especially by Apple in the iTunes store.

    • Becka Michele

      Candy crush is a free game…

      • Obs

        Yet the company behind it made at least thirty millions dollars on “virtual good sales” last year and is considering an IPO. Strange, isn’t it? It’s almost like they know something you don’t…

        • Arctic Frost

          If they go for an IPO like other foolish mobile game companies have in the recent past, you can feel confident they’ll lose that “$30,000,000″ faster than I can pass level 33. Also, “making $30,000,000 on virtual good sales” is not the same as making $30,000,000 profit. It’s a numbers game they’re throwing out to impress would be share holders who would be about as bright to buy a share as they would to assume the game is actually free. You and Don know what you’re talking about of that there can be no doubt. But in all fairness you have to also consider the cost of business then it’s not as black and white. Once again I’ll say, if people don’t heed your words of wisdom, they’re an idiot:)

      • MeliB

        In which you can pay for additional help to pass…

    • Lyndsay

      I love when people use the word “algorithms”- it makes me think of the scene in the movie Good Will Hunting where Matt Daemon’s character burns the university dude in the bar for trying to appear smarting that he is in a pompous, condescending way. If it is so silly than why in the f are you reading this blog post in the first place??

      • Obs

        Don is trying to explain that the game is designed to get you addicted, and then put you in a position where you’ll have to pay to sustain your addiction. And yes, they do that with algorithms. They’re professional game developers, you know. You’re not.

      • Don Austen

        The movie was based upon science, not the other way around. Do you actually think that Matt Damon invented the word algorithm? lol

    • Jon Trimble

      Dude, I have a pass rate of about 33% at level 33. It’s best if you understand how the pieces interact with each other, and what effect they have when combined. You don’t have to pay a penny to pass the levels of this game, just be smart enough to understand the concept and rules of the game.

    • Don C

      My son encouraged me to try this game, so I downloaded it. 24 hours later, I had completed levels 1-35. The next day, I decided to go back and get 3 stars on every level…which is how I landed here. Completing level 33 isn’t too difficult, but getting 3 stars has proven to be more of a challenge.

      If you’re the type who can’t have fun unless you win right away, don’t play games like this. If you enjoy a challenge, simply keep trying. Quitters are losers. If you don’t give up, you will succeed eventually.

      As Churchill said, “Never give up. Never give up. Never ever ever give up.”

      • Don Austen

        Not my point. I got past the level eventually after about 60 or more attempts. But these are not just random pieces that appear. The game is mathematically set, so that the majority of levels can be accomplished in less than 10 attempts. But interspersed between those are levels that take at least 50 attempts, perhaps 100. The developers of the game are counting on the fact that many will just pay the $1.99 to get past the level. This doesn’t seem like much, but when you figure that there are 44 million users at present, and if only 1% per day pay $1.99, that’s $440,000 per day or $166,600,000 per year. So, okay, you say, the developers are entitled to a profit for a clever game. Again, not my point. My point is that the game (or rather the developers) cheat. The game is addictive, like gambling. Online gambling is illegal, because the law has understood many people’s addiction to winning and because there is a chance at a return of money. Here there is no chance of monetary return, so it is exempt from the law, but still the addiction caused many people to pump money into the slot machine or, in this case, the candy crush machine. Is it legal? Of course. But those who are so savvy at the mathematical algorithms necessary to create such levels are also knowledgeable about the addictive nature of this sort of game and so they prey upon human nature. If it were random, more power to them. But the game is rigged.

        • Arctic Frost

          I don’t believe your numbers add up to them gaining as much as that, though your point on their earnings is fair. The game being rigged is an axiom, it’s a shame others can’t understand what you’re trying to tell them. However, I don’t go as far to agree with you they are preying on people. They are offering a service of mindless entertainment and as you can see by the fan’s reactions here, it’s of good value at least to them. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if people don’t consider what it is you’re trying to tell them, then their idiots. Maybe you and I should get together and try to sell them all a bridge;)

          As I flatter you though I do flatter Candy Crush also as having a successful, and what I consider fair (for the wise) game for their customers. If they do go public THEN you’ll truly see the meaning of preying on people and they’ll pull out every dirty trick they can come up with on their way to the poor house.

        • Denker

          Totally rigged

        • Blue Lagoon


          You seem to keep banging on about the company charging so as people can progress. This company doesn’t operate for fun, it has employees to pay the same as your own company. What company exists where staff work for free? As for not be able to progress from this level, I found it quite easy completing it after 5 attempts. I have since revisited it and completed it

      • allewellyn

        why do you want to have three stars on every level?? I am just grateful to get to the next level.

    • Arctic Frost

      Don – You are absolutely right and those not understanding what you are trying to point out are either oblivious or too fan stricken to give your argument credit. However, as a person who HATES in-app purchase games I must say I do believe Candy Crush to be fair. Let’s break it down: consider the number of employees this company likely has, let’s say 30. Say 15 are low wage at $25,000 a year, that’s $375,000 per year. Now 10 at a fairly decent wage of $50,000, that’s $500,000 a year. At the top you have 5 left and let’s make them fat cats at $100,000 a year for another $500,000. Now an advertising budget per year for another $150,000. Operating costs say $250,000 for rent, cleaning, heating, etc. . . Now out of the 15 million players it is likely they are lucky if they can get a 10% return so that gives you $1,500,000. Of course they bring in more than that due to multiple points within the game for in-app purchases. I do not purchase any items and I must say I find the game quite fulfilling for the free ride. Your point of people’s addictions is also accurate, but I don’t believe Casinos are responsible for gambler’s addictions nor bars responsible for alcoholics. My point being, I believe this company has found a fair balance for the player where by it can also make good money for its team. That being said, anyone not paying attention to your words of wisdom is an idiot:)

    • Sammie Michille

      I can honestly say I haven’t paid a cent and I am on level 137

      • Gigi Marie

        I remember those days…I was determined not to EVER pay a cent for this game and finish it. That determination left me somewhere in the 400’s….not that I was spending tons of $, but It’s ALMOST impossible to get to the end w/out spending a few $ here and there. I say almost b/c I know there are ppl who have done it but most of us mere mortals break down at some point. Sigh.

      • meh

        i havent either, but i am on 37 because i got the game 2 months ago

  • Riommar

    Don Austen
    You are wrong. Every time some ignorant player whines about the game forcing you to buy adds, the developers have to point people to several faqs and articles that CLEARLY state that CC CAN be finished WITHOUT paying a dime. A person just needs skill, patience and a little luck BUT IT CAN BE DONE.
    I am guessing that a)you have either never played this before and are ignorant about how the game and adds work, b) Have played the game and was ignorant about how things worked and you quit with probably spending a ton of your “hard earned .99 c) you are stuck in a level (maybe 33) and feel that if you can’t do it without adds then no one else can so therefor the game is rigged IGNORANT. There are NO unsolvable levels. EVERY level can eventually be done.

    What makes me think that you didn’t even read the article is the fact that your “strategy” for 33 is to start at the bottom squares. This is not correct. This article and others in similar postings regarding 33 will tell you that you should clear the TOP first and then work on getting striped and candies to take out the bottom.

    Have some idea about what your talking about in the future before you accuse anyone of cheating. Your call to have the game banned because you aren’t clever enough to solve it is just IGNORANT.

    • Arctic Frost

      Don isn’t saying you can’t beat it without paying. He’s not even whining. He is being a bit naive wanting it banned, but he’s just passionate about his knowledge. Calling him names (or anyone in any forum) isn’t showing intelligence on your part so be careful the rocks you throw at glass houses. However, let’s rephrase your view point if you don’t mind me being so bold. Don is correct, the game (and any in-app purchase game) is designed to make money. However, many apps out there are much worse in their designs than Candy Crush. CC is an enjoyable past time for all and if you choose not to pay do not expect to always have an easy time of it. I find it fine because of the numerous in between levels that are extremely enjoyable. I will take my patience through the “lowered odds” levels and I will not pay. That is because it will be a cold day in he** before I give any game fully funded through in-app purchases my money. Just as Don is passionate about his knowledge, you are passionate about yours and I believe being a loyal fan to something you believe in and enjoy is perfectly acceptable, even commendable. But neither side needs to make a villain of the other;) Not Don, nor we loyal fans.

      • Jessica

        This is how gaming works,

        1. The owners charge a fee for the game, say $60. Then publish cheats on crack forums to help you progress.

        2. The owners give you the game free of charge, do not create any cheats, but make extras available for small amounts of money. Such as extra lives.

        Regarding this level, 33. It is quite easy. I have since gone back and completed it twice more to see what the fuss is about.

  • Rahbben

    Contrary to what Don Austen says, you can beat it without paying. It took me more than several tries, and the trick is to create almost ONLY striped candies, wrapped candies and black candies, and combining those whenever possible. With patience you can do this for free. I am now up to level 50 and have never paid. It is addictive, but to me it’s a fun mental challenge…that I refuse to pay for. :}

  • Miguelito

    I’m done with this game. Can’t get by level 29. I have left a single tile many times and the game refuses to give me the matching colors I need. Played the level more than 50x. Sneaky programming bastards want me to buy something to get to the next level but to them I say, go screw yourself. I deleted it from my tablet and will NOT be downloading any games from the same dev company.

    • EpicBit

      if you get stuck and only have one part left, use a lolipop! (you get them for free)

      • Michele Gallagher

        How do you get the lollipops

        • EpicBit

          when you start you have 3, they are in the top left of the screen, when you activate them and are going to use it, it will destroy whatever candy is on the tile you activate (if it is a special candy, it will still do its special function) and if there is jelly under the candy it will also break 1 layer of jelly.

      • Arctic Frost

        Thank you, Epic!!! I had no idea I had three free lollipops, hahaha! I saw them there but assumed if I clicked on them it’d just ask me to buy them. Yeehawww, I’m on my way!

    • Madelyn

      I am on the same level and am getting frustrated too. Like I’ve said it’s good for a game to be challenging but when they make it this hard you start to lose interest. I will try the tips I’ve learned here and then bye bye.

  • PoodlePoo

    I left this page and went on to win level 33 after one play

  • BuckeyeBeauty

    i dont wanna give up by saying “oh they are trying to get money boo hoo thats why no one can beat it, they made it impossible”… like, really, its someone else’s fault that you can’t figure it out? :-P

    anyway its fun! thanks for the tips. tried them all and i am still stuck… grr!!

  • lina

    o happy cand crush hehe

    • ladybug

      On level 54 never paid a penny! Not brilliant just stubborn.

  • Albert Alesandro

    Game got boring. Fun when you can work at it for a while and solve. Run out of lives and try again tomorrow only good for a little while. Several days and just had enough. I have a life. Moved on to some other free game. Deleted it. Feel better already.

    • Madelyn

      Yep , thats how they are going to lose players. Its fine for a game to be challenging but when you try and try and still can’t pass it, its just not fun anymore. I dont want it to be too easy cause then it would be boring but when you’re stuck on the same level for days and days, it just makes me want to stop and move. Which I will. Soon

  • Napoleon

    After wasting my time in reading your comments I thought that I might comment as well since we all have nothing else to do.

    1. The game is developed to generate money for the developer so well done for him or her for the great business.

    2. Paying 99c is better than paying $9 for one beer for you satisfaction

    3. No need to use big words in fun forums like this after all it’s just a game = fun = happiness

    Have fun all and happy crush

  • Amna Qasim


  • Sayan

    I got 2 stars on it in my first try…

  • Anna Lee Sanders

    After reading these tips & tricks I beat level 33 the very next time. I have never paid nor will I for any help. Patience is the key

    • ladybug


  • Tom Haymaker Harris New

    Didnt help me at all, these are not cheats they are just bits of advice and to be honest I already knew this, candy crush is fixed to try make you buy stuff of them

  • Kathryn Kelchner

    This is a very interesting post thread. I can’t believe I sat and read the whole thing, but two weeks ago, I had shoulder surgery and have been pretty much stuck in a recliner since. Which is the only reason I downloaded the game in the first place…to kill time…a lot of it. And I have. It is frustrating to get stuck, I was stuck on 33, but after reading this page, I got it in two more tries! It is a game! Enjoy it for what it is! When you get frustrated, do something productive, take a walk, talk to the people in your life and then come back when you have time to kill. Vegas is built on mathematical probability and you MUST pay to play, but it’s always the casinos who get rich in the long run. I don’t want to lose money so I don’t gamble or pay .99 to play. I just give my way more valuable time to my tablet.

  • Noah Quilantan

    okay but how do I 3-star it?

  • Sayan

    This game gives random candies, no rigged

  • Steve Bennett

    It was probably just luck, but after reading this, I went back to level 33 and they lined up so that I was able to make 2 striped candies in 3 moves, and then shortly after that combine them. The rest of the moves worked out. I have never paid a cent, and never will.

  • Carol Focht Cheney

    I have yet to be able to get 4 like candies together to make a striped or wrapped candy and 9 out of 10 games I can only work in one box, the top left. There are no moves at all in the other 3.

  • meh

    i passed it in 2 tries this morning w/o boosters

  • rafael

    Is there any other level after 850? I tried updating but its not giving me the continuation.