Candy Crush Level 356 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 356 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 356 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 356 is to collect all orders – 5 Striped/Striped combos, and get 40,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 2 for Candy Crush 356.

Level 356 Cheat #1: First notice the candies.

candy crush level 356
  • Notice the colors you have.
  • You’re going to get 5 colors, so making stripped candies will be very easy!

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 356.

Level 356 Cheat #2: Bomb Moves.

candy crush level 356
  • There are 10 move drop bombs.
  • But they wont cause you too many problems.
  • Focus mainly on making stripped candies.
  • Save these special candies to clear the licorice boxes, because otherwise it is very difficult to match 3 candies simply by shifting candies and hoping they fall into a match.

  • Eileen

    To sum this level up…UGH!!!!!!!

  • Fozi Az

    I wish i didn’t finish Level 350 .. this episode is ridiculously hard :( and i’m still on this level for like 3 days :(

    • Murgen_

      Three days, only?
      Try two weeks!!!


      • Fozi Az

        the moment i comment here i finished the level :D
        and now i’m one 546 … good luck with level 425 … cuz 356 is nothing compared to 425:D
        you’ll see my comments there too :D

      • Rica Jones

        Try three months. :)

        • Murgen_

          Just finished it last night. Merely three weeks.
          But hey, three months…? Pure torture!

  • Janet Maltby


  • Kathy Heffernan

    I agree Fozi~! 350 was hard but it was also fun~! I was stuck on it for almost a month. I have only tried a few times so far no this level but it looks impossible w/ 5 striped combos~! wish me luck~!

  • Holly

    The “cheats” for this level are NOT helpful. Get striped candy. Look out for bombs. Really?

  • michelle mcbride

    Took me about 20 tries…..beat it…I worked each quadrant relatively even..killing bombs as they down to 2 turns and needing one more combo.
    Used my 2 switch hands and .99 5 lives…
    Sorry but I was too close to lose this one.

    • Dolphinlady695

      I could have beat this level after my third try but had no hand to switch out my candies. I had 16 remaining tries but failed. Don’t pay to play so was happy I have made it this far in the game.

  • Lindsey Morris

    “Save these special candies to clear the licorice boxes, because otherwise it is very difficult to match 3 candies simply by shifting candies and hoping they fall into a match.” Am I going crazy are there no licorice boxes on this board?

    • Faceless Commenter

      You’re not going crazy. There’s no licorice.

  • Norman Morris

    Every freaking time I get two striped candies next to each other, they go off before I can mix them. Does any one else have this problem? I can’t collect the five you need if they keep going off as I get ready to collect them.

  • Carolyn Pack

    i am certain the world is coming to an end because i just passed this level (and no money was used). took me forever. good luck

  • ginger Horner

    Argg!!! I had to uninstall my candy crush so lost all of my charms and wheel spin prizes!! Which I got the jackpot around Christmas so alot was lost. This level is going to make me nuts!

    • Murgen_

      You mean one can actually get the darn jackpot???
      I thought it was only a tease!

  • arbab Choudhry

    Fuck you :D

  • David

    The lady who suggested working each quandrant carefully was spot on. It really helped me beat this level. Another tip, probably obvious but I missed several, is to look at the whole board after every move before moving again for a potential striped candy. Also, the bottom right quandrant can be an obstacle if there are no moves there. My suggestion is to sacrifice a horizontal or striped candy in one of the other quandrants to open it up if need be. Good luck, have patience.