Candy Crush Level 377 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 377 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 377 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 377 is to Collect all the orders (100 green, 100 purple, 100 yellow) and reach 30,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 377.

Level 377 Cheat #1: Break through the meringue layer.

candy crush level 377
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  • Level 377 is a hard level to beat–mostly because there are so many orders and blockers! To get started, you need to take care of the meringue layers. Striped candies will be the most useful here, but don’t put too much stalk in them, a 3-candy combination does almost as must damage.

  • Getserious!

    just when I thought candy crush couldn’t get any more mindless…

  • Luli

    Al of these break out vídeos start with a lot of targeted candies that I have never seen in my games.

  • Fozi Az

    i regret every minute i win in a level … what the hell !!! .. -_-

  • rose webster

    did this only breaking one cake..3 go left i broke the first cake,,,it left me with 5 red 18 yellow and 7 purple…but it also gave me a bomb next to a yellow,i had 14 yellows to get so i did the bomb yellow combo…one move left just needed 2 purples but there was one purple striped candy that went with two morw purples so did it one the last go,,pure luck,,,i did have a ton of combos that kept cominig the game,,was about my fifteenth go before coming here for tips,,,,started playing 4 weeks ago and not bought nay booster but these tip sites help a lot

  • Kathy Krumnow-Moore

    I counted 52 moves on video tutorial

  • Sanjam

    u guys just hv those candies which will help to pass d level..nd ur video is just bullshit

  • Teresa Johnson

    Omg I’m sick of playing that same level, for weeks, and can’t get no good moves until the last five moves, why do I keep playing.

    • p5t

      Agree . am about to delete candy crush. level is impossible pure luck and incredibly boring

  • Teresa Johnson

    Omg I can’t get threw this level. Sick of it

    • Doug Cox

      Hi I’m on 377 also tired of it days adding up.
      Gotta hang in there

  • Teresa Johnson

    I just realized how many weeks I’ve played level 377, plYing daily. Don’t know why, I keep playing. Grrrrrr

  • Lizzy1

    This is where I say goodbye. Hundreds of lives used and nowhere near it.

  • tejay50

    This is a bullshit level!!!!!!!!!!!!!About ready to quit this crap!

  • Funky Phantom

    The thing is.. When you beat all the levels in candy crush Bill Gates sends you an iPad. It’s so worth it.

    • diane webb


      • Tal Darchi

        Yes. My ant got one

  • Carol Rende

    It’s funny how the moves they show on the video are never possible when you are really playing! Impossible level! Ready to quit!

    • Bucinka

      I figure they are being paid to try over and over, so they can keep playing for free with the video recorder turned on until they get it. For all we know, it could have taken several months to capture a video they can show us.

  • soficar

    are we supposed to have fin in this???

  • Funky Phantom

    Attention.. attention.. Level 421 is way harder than 377. It will make you quit if you haven’t already. Of course you do realize that the game is intended to make money. If you haven’t spent any money on passing levels.. then you should have 20 bucks saved up to get through 421. Officially done at 421.. that’s the t-shirt. Ya ya.. 181 was tough.. 377 had its moments.. 421 people. Thank you Candy Crush for a good run. I say good day… “I SAID GOOD DAY!”

    • p5t

      I refuse and have never spent a penny this is where I’m going to have to quit

  • krissy

    This level,might actually be fun,if we got about 10 or 15 more turns this is ridiculous and impossible and youe not getting any more of my money.

  • Tonya rose

    This is a very hard level. Still stuck on it I have tried everything. About to give up

  • Bucinka

    Definitely a WTF level. I hit both birthday cakes, had at least one striped + wrapped, and still didn’t get it (had, like 23 purple and 8 yellow to go; I hit all the green). Gonna wait for the Tooth Fairy to be magnanimous on this one….

  • Barb

    If you don’t get a good board to start with you might as well end it.I am so sick of this level,after hundreds of tried I have only gotten close about 3 times.What is the point? At 12:00 tomorrow night I will stop.I have had enough of this crap.

  • Melba Wright, MD

    Feel awful, spent lots of money for nothing!!! Bye Felicia –377

  • Barb

    The videos always show a great board to start with.I hardly ever get that,it may start out good but then it fizzles.Too many of the wrong candies.Why the hell am I still putting up with this crap?Where is the fun???

  • Sean Graves

    You have 50 moves to collect 300 candies and break the barrier. That means you need to remove 6 candies with each move and break ground. IMPOSSIBLE! My fiance passed the level but I’m almost certain I can’t. The one thing I don’t like about candy crush are the luck levels.

  • Jack Leconte

    No fun any more, no skill, only luck. Boring and incredibly hard. Supposed to be fun. I had 2 accounts and just deleted one. Next one within a few tries. Bye bye King and I don’t regret it. There is more fun in the store then Candy Crush.

  • Sue McCarthy Palmer

    It’s”stock” not “stalk”!,!

  • Annie

    I finnally did it, but it was due to luck. I have been on this one for weeks! I finally did it by having two chocolate sprinkle balls fall next to each other and matching them. I hate these kind of levels, and the ones with bombs!

  • Julie

    This is where I delete, I’ve bought gold bars used 5 and left with 3 e mailed King twice, no reply, it used to be fun, now it’s tedious, they have really spoilt it.

  • Julie

    So sick of this level, it would be more realistic to have to collect 75 of each, after weeks I can’t do it, when you have about 12 moves left the good candies start to arrive, all too late!!

  • Ank Lucas

    After weeks finally I did it.
    focus on making combi’s of striped candy’s ans wrapped candy’s.
    they make te most damage. Don’t give up!!!

  • Ank Lucas

    After weeks I finally dit it.
    Just focus on making combi’s of striped candy’s en wrapped candy’s.
    The make most damage.
    Dont give up!!

  • Jim Ward

    Gotta love this cheat. You tell us to concentrate on one side, yet the only way you were only to complete it was to get a lucky move which cleared the board from the opposite side of the one you were working on. Once again, just pure luck, no strategy.

  • Carla Proud

    You can use the hammer if you have it..