Candy Crush Level 404 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush 404.

Level 404 Cheat #2: Work the top of the screen.

candy crush level 404
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  • Before focusing on the meringues at the bottom of the screen, open up the jellies at the top to make more room for candies to drop down.
  • Vertical striped candies are super-effective here, but color bombs and wrapped candies do a fine job as well.
  • Be wary of the chocolate dispensers. If you let too many pile up while working on the top jellies, you will make things much harder for yourself.

  • Tina

    Are all of the things at the bottom jellies? I will have 10 left but when I lose it tells me I only needed 1 more jelly? How do I know which is the jelly?

  • Dianne Bracken

    I was wondering the same thing!

  • William Michael Green

    I just conquered level 404. The jellies on the bottom are random and you will have to clear as much of the bottom to clear them.

  • Den R.

    My method was to get rid of the upper jellies without fish involved. This way you can save more fish for lower jellies under meringues at the later stages and have to hit less meringue to win the level. It worked.

  • Holio Crap

    Level does not excist

    • Bucinka


  • Patti

    I agree with Tina- I had 7 left but then it says I only needed 1 more? How do u know?

  • Anne Marie Paone DelPrincipe

    I won and i dont know why since the jellies were not cleared at the bottom…oops there’s a bug!!

    • Bernhard Gramberg

      As I now understand, this is not a bug, because the jelly is invisible under the merinque. The fish deletes the jelly, unvisible as well, only a little footprint of the wipe out is to be seen.

      So, you can delete with the help of the fishes all the 10 invisible jellies below merinque and win the game

  • Marlene

    This might be the level that gives me my life back! Imagine no Candy Crush. Dang, I just got 2 color bombs together and they didn’t touch anything below the damn chocolate factories!

  • Bernhard Gramberg

    Hint from “Den R.” was the winner for me.

    There are about 10 (or some more) jellies in the bottom rows. The position of the jellies is random. I startet the game with 3 extra jellies (won by the wheel).

    I first cleared all the jellies in the top area (was easy), that startet the fishes to delete the invisiable hidden bottom-jellies. Aber after about 30 moves, I won this level. Not even one merinque was broken to the ground