Candy Crush Level 421 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 421 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 421 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 421 is to get 7 striped+striped combos and at least 200,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 421.

Level 421 Cheat #1: Clear the cake bombs, quickly.

candy crush level 421
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  • In this level, there are four cakes (or pies)–It means you will need every move to matter in order to get past these blockers.
  • The striped candy in the marmalade won’t help but striped candies will! Keep forming them–don’t get fancy when it comes to clearing the cakes. Not every cake needs to be cleared, you just want to aim for opening up the board for more moves.
  • If you can align two striped candies together in the right position, you’ll be able to also help fulfill the order of this level.

  • Karen

    I have given up on Candy Crush now I have been stuck on this level for months, doesnt matter how many hints or tips you write none of them work, I used to enjoy playing this game but enough is enough !!!!!!

    • Michael

      I’m with you Karen. It also doesn’t give striped candies when you get four in a row at times. I haven’t even come close to solving this. It has become boring now. At least other difficult levels tease us by letting us almost get it out but this one is unreasonable.

    • Bärbel Koenen

      Same here. Thousands of attempts – enough is enough

      • Julie

        I totally agree, this level is very unfair. just when you think you are getting 2 stripes together that stupid tornado thing comes and messes it all up. I refuse to spend on red cent on this level I haven’t minded spending a few $ on a level now and then, but this must have been created to totally bankrupt people. Don’t waste your money. I’m done with candy crush unless they can create some kind of new object to stop that tornado thing and give us a fair chance to beat this level! Bye bye candy crush… Been a fun ride up until now!

        • Marsha Archibald

          So with you on this Julie!

    • Guest

      I agree with you Karen. I have played for over a year now and even the hard levels are achievable. But this one is insane. It isn’t hard – it’s just impossible. There are way too many things going on. You concentrate on getting rid of the cakes and use up all your moves. You can make stripes, but they set themselves off or the tornando hits them or the plunger destroys them before you have a chance to swap them. I’m so done with this game. This is the end. Enough is enough and it has become boring to me. It used to be a challenge that I had to conquer, but when it is impossible there is no challenge. BYE BYE Candy Crush!

      • Laura Whetstine

        I agree and just deleted the game from my facebook. It’s not about the game being difficult, it out and out cheats. The game cheats! After 421 levels we all know how the game should behave or has behaved all levels previous. This lines of candy drop for no reason nothing has been touched on that line, all the striped candies just blow the heck up for no reason. They lost me and my money screw them.

    • nishywill

      We’re on the same boat my dear

    • Mohammed Elzein

      Just passed the level after I found out its much easier on the computer,
      the required is get only 5 striped+striped, not 7 like on the mobile.

    • CME

      level 421 on the iPad is a joke. I completed 4 striped candy combos and it only credit me for 3. that stinks. There is obviously some glitches in the programming of this level. I also saw two candies switch with each other, right before my very eyes (I promise I did not move them).
      No! It is not FUN at all. But I must admit, I made it this far with never spending one cent! Thanks for the ride Candy Crush……….
      Time to go back to Lep’s World!

  • Hussein_In_The_Whitehouse

    I like breasts

  • Flower Seed

    I’m done with this crabb i think they knew u can’t pass it so we have to pay for more lifes

    • Jenny

      u sound like me lol I get so po’d but hang in there u’ll do it. It’s all in the board u gotta get the right set up. On androids and iphones u can “back out” before 1st move if u don’t like the starting candy set up.

      • Getserious!

        Again, there is no good starting set up–played dozens of times and if good set up it quickly changes. All a waste of time

        • Jenny

          yeah I finally beat that lvl. waiting for next update as I have completed up to lvl 560.

        • Jenny

          took me over 100 tries maybe even 200.

        • Erik Merz

          It took a good starting arrangement for me to finally clear it. The first two moves resulted in 2 side by side stripes in the bottom corners. Even with that it took all 50 moves to clear the level. I do believe that without a very lucky starting arrangement this level is nearly impossible.

  • Lynn Christian

    This is by far the worse level yet!! I have tried 50 to 60 times already…I really think it is all luck unless you spend money. They really blew it with this level!

  • Pearl Watkins

    I had to resort to this page, I did not know it was here, Let see if i can beat this level

    • Jenny

      did u get by it? I have been stuck to on diff lvls before some even for weeks. But once I read up on tip I usually get by it within a few tries not always though. Seems like there is always one really hard lvl outta every 10 lvls.

  • Ron Schulz

    Agreed! Even when the correct moves are made you can have combos removed by forces out of your control. This level should not have a swirling dervish picking off striped candies.

  • henmun

    ik stop met Candy crush ben al maanden bezig om dit level uit te spelen. hoeveel geluk moet je hebben? heel erg jammer

  • Koz

    Nice job…soooo lucky tho…seems like the CC Gods wanted you to win LoL :)

    • Liam Mannion

      Got it after 10 or so go’s.Thought it wasn’t possible after reading here.Looked to get at least 2 before clearing the dials.Then was just lucky at getting 3 colours with an adjacent colour next to the stripes whereas the other go’s the stripe would always appear a few lines distant to the other ones.

  • Michelle

    I’ve also decided to quit. This level is impossible. The tornado eats the striped candy right before I get a combo almost every game. It’s not fun anymore when you know you don’t even have a chance.

    • Larry Rouse

      I agree about the whirling dervish. I was about to make a striped combo and it came out of nowhere to blow up one of the stripes and caused a cascade which eliminated the other stripe. This level is difficult enough without that added nuisance. I can usually be persistent and eventually beat a level but this one looks impossible.

  • jagar810

    They have taken the fun out of CC, the moment one forms a striped candy the dervish eats it up. It’s intentionally stacked so you will entertain buying gold to prolong session. The best I have done is clear 5.

    • Jenny

      keep tyrin u’ll do it. My advice and I do this a lot is to hit the “back” button or on iphone go into the tab on bottom and hit quit as long as u do it BEFORE ur FIRST move u can and board will reset.

      • Getserious!

        Why, one board is not any better than the other, it destroys any good moves you make!

        • Pat

          This does feel that is level is luck only you can set up as many double stripes as you want but there are too many enemies bombs cannons spiders all enemies ready to give up give the players some breaks.

  • Lisanne Valente

    I did it!!!!!! Been stuck at this level for 3 months! You need a multi colour to start with and two lollipops. You have to get rid of at least one pie, go for them, not the candy stripes, this “confuses” the tornado. Use your multicolour and another one will come. Good luck.

    • Jenny

      3 months! damn! been stuck for 6 weeks but finally got by it a few weeks ago

    • becca0557

      This will work ONLY if you get the right board. And I’m tired of looking for that “right” board. Time to end my addiction and get on with living in the real world again….

      • Lisanne Valente

        Then get the right board! Before you play, check board, if its wrong, use the door & come out. Go back in, new board, no life lost.

  • Daniel Mcginm

    I found getting rid of the tornado is the key, Even if it means losing a stripey. The tornado only goes away for a couple of moves when you blow it off the game field, But it helps to set up the game field. Good luck I managed to do it in about 50 OR SO with no boosters other than 1 Lolly hammer that Iwon on the wheel.

  • Jenny

    OMG this lvl was VERY hard I did finally get by it though.

  • Carol Lee

    Is stopped playing CC because of this level. Ive lost count on the times i tried. I am waiting for CC developer to tweak this level and make it easier for everyone, they’ve lost my loyalty to the game.

  • Ladyoutdoor

    Is stopped playing CC because of this level. Ive lost count on the times i tried. I am waiting for CC developer to tweak this level and make it easier for everyone, they’ve lost my loyalty to the game. Goodluck

  • Alice

    I have tried level 421 at least 100 times and can’t get it. The idiot creators of it lot control and somehow believe the people will spend their lives trying to get past it. I am done. I saw the other day how millions play it but I know for a fact that more people have stopped playing because they made it too hard. Games are supposed to be fun. They want you to spend money on this, what a joke. They literally still your moves from you. I am done.

    • Jenny

      keep trying u’ll get by it

    • Jenny

      keep trying u’ll get by it

  • chris

    I have given up now!! Been on this for ever. Whoever designed this level hasn’t done CC any favours. Not fun at all!

  • chris

    I decided to give this level one more try after weeks of trying. I did it by using jelly hands which I had accumulated off the wheel. I wish I had thought of it before!!! It made it easier to match the striped candies without using moves. I hated this level. A post earlier helped that you dont need to clear all cakes before matching.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats on your win Chris!

    • ryanrae15

      What are jelly hands??

  • celle

    Time to quit..this level is so ridiculous…

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t give up yet Celle! Where are you having trouble!?

  • nancy

    The game is no longer fun, but annoying because of these ridiculously hard levels. I am quiting! I want FUN games not STRESSFUL games.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t give up Nancy, just keep at it. Remember, it’s only a game!

      • Getserious!

        exactly, so when they make it not fun and don’t follow their own patterns, why bother?

  • Bonnsa

    I am seriously disappointed with this level. Hundreds of attempts later and still no closer. I used to enjoy this game like others below but there is no fun in this level at all. Please tweak this level?

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      We are not involved with the developers of the game. Just don’t give up yet. Keep trying!

      • Tesstarosa

        Why? Your videos for this board are just a lucky board and nothing about any skill or correct choices. If everyone leaves the game, your site goes dead — as does any ad money you get from it.

        • Erik Merz

          Tesstarosa, your points are without any chance whatsoever of panning out as you lay them out. Sure, this level is a bitch but don’t take it out on a website that does in fact give good advice and is not responsible for the programming code. I’m sure if they could personally visit your grandmother’s basement or wherever it is you live, they would personally help you. But they can’t.

          • Tesstarosa

            Really, my grandma’s basement? Are you still nursing on your mommy’s tit?

            The owners of this site just give Pollyanna “don’t give up” responses to people posting here with frustrations. I’d really like to know how many tries it took them to get a board that works as well as the ones they show. It does seem that they have some connection to the game developers. (I mean they’re using what I’m pretty sure are King game trademarked icons all over their site.)

            The owners of this site do, indeed, need us to come to this site so they can make money off the ads on the site. (Are they getting rich — probably not — but once the page is done, it’s just gravy money for them.)

            Will everyone quit playing the game? No. But if the people who come to this site quit, they will lose their income stream. And, at some point in time, very few people will be playing Candy Crush. (Very few people play Pac Man any more.)

            The vast majority of Candy Crush players don’t come here — so losing the ones who do would cause them to lose money.

            What I do know from playing the game is that better advice is to use the tips and keep playing. You will eventually get a winnable board. (It just might take a few weeks.)

          • NiLexi

            So much useless rant you have there. The videos they link are from different YouTube users, so you can’t even say that those videos belong to the owner(s) of this site. This game %30 skill and wise decisions, and %70 luck. That’s why you need to keep trying to reach a lucky board, instead of saying a bunch of nonsense.

  • Bob Cullinane


    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t give up Bob. Keep at it!

  • JasmynMoon

    It is possible to beat this level with no boosters or extra moves. It’s just brutal. I’ve never been so happy to beat a level. I had almost given up, but my husband started teasing me (he’s stuck on level 120 or something, so he keeps waiting for me to give up.) I finally got the one board that is possible .

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats on your win!

  • Lisa

    I have been pretty patient, but after weeks and weeks of this level, someone was right when they said it became more frustrating than relaxing. I like a good challenge, but this one is too ridiculous. Every time I get down to 1, every time without fail, that whirly eats any of the stripes I make. And I really don’t mind buying stuff every so often. Too bad. Thank you for a fun 420 levels. Time to find a more relaxing game

    • Laura Whetstine

      Agree with you 1000% for all the reasons you stated. What really makes me made is this level the game is ricked to cheat, I mean it’s out and out cheating. I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about not just plunging the board when pies are still full but you have a bunch of stripes made, but the lines of candy just drop and delete colors you need even though you didn’t move any piece in that line, or the tornadoes popping and blocking things, stripes pop without touching or moving them, I’ve watched my colors come down and oops they disappear so other colors come down I could also use and they disappear but none on either side that I don’t need disappear. hmmmm Nope I won’t support cheating so I’m done.

  • Robin Brown

    This level is rigged! I’ve been stuck for months! Im fixing to delete this game! The candy bonus wheel is rigged too there has been several times i should have got the jackpot and it made an abrupt stop on the item before. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves being greedy for money and rigging levels!

  • Jh root

    Whom ever the person(s) that came up with level 421 has a very large ego and really doesn’t care much for the people that help pay his/her wages. Anyone of us who have gotten this far and probably spent a few bucks along the way, has some Idea how to get to the level. I realize king doesn’t care if I dump candy crush, there will be others to take my place. This has left a bitter taste for me.

  • Anneke Ray

    The most annoying level yet. I will have to stop playing. It is too frustrating and not fun anymore.

  • Mae West

    I have been stuck here for several months.. I think its a set up to spend money… Every time I get down to 1 combo left.. I have no more moves.. Any other time I don’t even get close.. This board will make you stop playing the game all together

  • Kim

    I used to LOVE candy crush till this level. Tried for months before concluding it is impossible. I quit several months ago. This level took the fun out of it. I hate that too. I miss it. :-(

  • jax

    It’s rigged & I don’t say that lightly. I line 2 striped candies up together then it makes a move & sets them off. Every time I set up a move, it takes over & makes another move. I have in the past thought other levels were hard, but I have to say this has just defeated me. I am not normally one to give up but this is just ridiculous.

  • maya

    So true! Candy crush now officially sucks!! :/

  • Jonathan

    Dont give up I was there on it for about 2 to 3 days and I got it passed used a couple of lollipops to bring the stripe down to meet the other a couple of times and used a hand to switch one careful how you blow your stripes if you can avoid blowing up surrounding ones..only other thing I can think of is clear the pies the sooner the better from my experience

  • digger5

    I just completed 421. It takes a good deal of luck, but there are a couple of strategic things you can do to help. Clear the four large squares before you start trying to get the seven combinations. If you can get a colored candy and take out one of the colors, do it. Other than that, just try to get as many striped candies as you can. Vertical moves are much easier than horizontal.

  • David Moore

    candy crush has been deleted. this level is ONLY luck and is ridiculous

  • kaymad

    This is one of the worst levels. It’s rather boring for one thing. I’ve been stuck for a month and haven’t even come close to filling the order. I was just playing it now and even though I had twenty moves to go, I had yet to mix any candy and just gave up without finishing.

  • Nancy R

    Wow. I thought it was only me getting bored and wanting to give up. I find myself playing less everyday. Hopefully they will adjust this level so people can move up. I gotten up to 4 stripes then the tornado comes and you are out of turns. I made it this far without spending any money or buying anything and I won’t so I’m ready to give up. Bye Candy Crush.

  • ryanrae15

    Who the hell who could ever beat this level?!?! I have been on this one forever!!!! Come on guys this isn’t even fun anymore!!! Think I’m done with candy crush!

  • Jake Keith

    Lucky Candy. Lucky candy is the answer (or at least it was for me)… I had several hundred attempts at this level under my belt and just beat it when I decided to give it another go after some time off. I must have had 10 lucky candy drop during the attempt and I finished my 7th combo with a few moves to spare. Phew!

  • Bjorn

    I just managed level 421 after what feels like a hundred attempts, with 15 spare moves. you just don’t know what the next games brings…

  • Bjorn

    I just managed level 421 after what feels like 100 attempts with 12 moves to spare. you just never know what the next game brings…

  • Stuart Bower

    Please don’t think I’m gloating but I finally did it. It took me a few weeks but never gave up. I needed a couple of lollipops to do it though. If you think this level is ridiculous just wait till you get to 425 this is devilish too

  • Carolyn Cosenza

    I totally agree with all the comments. I’ve played this level hundreds of times on both pc and IPad. What can you buy to help you through this level besides extra moves and extra lives? I’m about to give up on CC for good. It shouldn’t be this hard it takes all the fun out of it

  • Carolyn Cosenza

    I totally agree with all the comments. I’ve played this level hundreds of times on both p and IPad. What can you buy to help you through this level besides extra moves and extra lives. I’m about to give up on CC for good. It shouldn’t be this hard it takes all the fun out of it

  • Marsha Archibald

    I have played CC for over a year now and even the
    hard levels are achievable. But this one is insane. It isn’t hard –
    it’s just impossible. There are way too many things going on. You
    concentrate on getting rid of the cakes and use up all your moves. You
    can make stripes, but they set themselves off or the tornado hits them
    or the plunger destroys them before you have a chance to swap them. I’m
    so done with this game. This is the end. Enough is enough and it has
    become boring to me. It used to be a challenge that I had to conquer,
    but when it is impossible there is no challenge. BYE BYE Candy Crush

  • Jenifer Lee


  • Koji Sato

    I was having a lot of trouble with this level. Here is what got me close, and after a while of the same strategy got me through.

    1 – The cakes can be helpful. Try to get 1 or 2 mixes with the given marma coated stripes. At the same time, you are inherently damaging the cakes a bit. Take 1 out, and you should still have 40 some odd moves left, and hopefully be down to 5 mixes to go (If you don’t have this, then you might just want to quit.)

    2 – Sometimes the cake explosion will leave you with a good set up, if it does, try to get another mix.. if not, proceed to destroy another cake. (In my case, I managed to get another 2 mixes before destroying the third cake, but it can be really painful to lose your stripes if you inadvertently destroy a cake).

    3 – Be greedy, it can be tempting to just mix the stripes, but not at the expense of losing a good set up. I pushed it a few times to line up another strip mix. It’s a gamble, but honestly, you need to gamble on this level.

    4 – If you have jelly hands and lollies this can help you line up the last 1 or 2 mixes. Other bonuses, up to you.. lucky would be my pick on this level, if you have some to burn… I didn’t have any :(

    Good luck!

  • Ruth

    This level is frustrating! Mathematically I can’t see how I can win unless I have more moves…beyond 50. I love this game and a challenge, but when I stay on one level for so long, it just gets boring!

  • wrwerwrwr

    install the program “cheatengine” on the pc and hack the facebook version of CC. They deserve this just for this level only. It’s a pity to stop playing CC because this level is insane. wash away with cheatengine and then return to the game fair.

  • GF


  • Kirsten

    I’ve had it with this level. I’m a smart strategic person, but this level is unfair. Every time I get down to one last striped candy combo for the win, the tornado shifts and takes it away from me. I’ve been trying for weeks and I think I am over it. Bummer. Gotta find a new game.

  • Tesstarosa

    At 3:21 — what did you do? There were about four striped candies — two that were perfect for switching and the mouse moved to the right of the board and, viola, all the striped candies were gone but no rows or columns cleared. It’s almost like it’s a different board. So, how do you do that cheat? How do I get that board you’re playing so I can pass this level?

  • Bet Gitlin-Rich

    Every time I set up a good board the guns come out and blast it all away.
    I can’t spend any more money and my time is too valuable.

  • Fozi Az

    King people … you were horrible with us .. so long bi****s

    Game has been Removed ..

  • Peachtree413 .

    Not sure why this one frustrates so many. The levels with bombs and chocolate fans drive me crazy and this has neither. I got past it in a few days (about 20 tries). My first few tries were futile, not even close. Then I changed my strategy and stopped concentrating on lining up the striped candies and worrying about the cakes. Instead I just made as many striped as I could and swapped them when they happened to fall next to one another. I ignored the cakes, when they blew, they blew. This immediately got me closer to beating the level, and when I beat it it was without boosters and 3 moves left. Another tip I have is if you have a chance to take out the swirly with a striped candy, it is worth sacrificing that one stripe to be free of the dervish for a few moves.

  • Jenay

    I was stuck on this level for forever as well and was about ready to quit but what I did was gather a bunch of lollipops. After I broke all pies and got my striped candies, I put them together by smashing candy with the lollipop. Using the lollipop will not count as you using a move. Get the striped ones together and there ya go!

  • Teresia Chase

    What everyone says in this discussion is pretty much on target, but it IS possible to complete it. I just did. Eventually you get lucky and get down to one stripe pair needed, and two or three stripe candies are close together or touching. Then you make a decision as to whether to pay. I chose to pay–twice, so for $1.98 I broke this rotten level. I would not have paid if the candies were not lined up just right, but they were, so I did it. Eventually the chips fall with luck into their proper places–chips meaning candies. Get a whole bunch of new friends who are not at your level and suddenly you’re in the position of getting lots of extra lives without asking for them. Roll them out and play them all. If I got down to 15 turns left and still had 5 or more orders left, I didn’t allow myself to get frustrated. I exited the game and started a new one.
    Good luck all. Don’t give up. Line up lots of friends below your level.

  • becca0557

    You know, I’ve enjoyed playing Candy Crush for months now – and I didn’t even mind spending money here & there to get me thru certain levels, but not anymore. This level is impossible, unless you want to keep putting out (and putting out even more) for the things needed to get thru this level. I don’t know whether to curse Candy Crush for taking away all of my fun – or to praise them for helping to breaking my addiction. In any event, I’m tired of trying to get thru this level – I’m done; just not interested anymore. Everything deleted & I’m not going back….

  • Lisanne Valente

    Now past level 520. I am now free!! Candy crush deleted! No more addiction.

  • sari

    thanks all of you for your comments. I’ve only wasted about ten hours or so of my life into this pathetic impossible to beat level. Now i decided to delete it too. enough time in the garbage and i would never spend a cent.

  • Lorrilee

    I don’t usually subscribe to the “everyones out to screw you over” mentality, and I have to admit that I often thought (being of the instant gratification generation) some players who complained about a level being to hard just weren’t trying hard enough. I’ve been stuck on other levels for weeks at a time but would get close enough to know if I kept trying I’d get it eventually. BUT after seeing things on this level happen that shouldn’t happen and things not happen that should over and over again, there is no way anyone will convince me this level isn’t rigged.

  • ccss

    It would be nice to get a board like this! Let alone the tornado’s never screwed anything up. This ridiculous level is pure luck.

  • Karen Willcox

    If it’s not fun, why do it? I’m looking forward to returning to my other, more rewarding hobbies.

  • Getserious!

    Don’t even enjoy playing since this level, so I’m done. It has no rhyme or reason, just a tornado with no rules and programmed to destroy stripes as soon as you set up any moves. You can’t predict or plan because the patterns and rules change so it is boring and I quit quickly if I play because it is so annoying. Bye, bye candy crush, your programmers, or greedy king really blew it.

  • Jenny

    I get that people are annoyed – I have been there TRUST me. I have been stuck on various lvls for MONTHS at a time. Not kidding either. Sometimes I will take a break from playing then keep trying. I am assuming everyone already knows this but YOU CAN GET MORE FREE LIVES by simply changing the time on your cell phone if you are playing from a cell phone like myself not sure about on a computer. On iphone and samsung smartphones I have/had both and done it MANY times… game, do not close game (minimize or hit “home” button on iphone) simply go to settings and change the time to THREE hours ahead of current time. GO back into game – lives are refilled – minimize go back to time and hit “automatic” or set correct time then go back to game your lives are full and the ticker will start at 30 min again. U MUST GO THE THREE HOURS to refill if your lives are at zero. IT IS SIMPLE trust me. That is how I am at 560 and waiting for more lvls and on lvl 200 dreamworld and waiting for more lvls. And No I do NOT buy that many boosters. Sometimes I buy stuff but never spend more than $5. It’s do able to get to 560 I am!

  • Charlotte Morris

    It’s not impossible. This game has a lot of luck involved, and the twisters do annoy me, but this level isn’t complete luck like 410 was. (Worst level ever). You need to constantly be on the lookout for new stripes; I think some people just hope they’ll randomly fall into place. They give you plenty of moves to work it out and it’s a lot easier than the levels where you have to make a certain number of stripes/wrap combinations.

  • temo2

    Tip: I couldnt even get close to 3 combinations left on the facebook version, but the Android version almost lines them up itself. So, your best shot at clearing this level is trying ont he Android version.

  • Daniel Wilkinson

    i don’t understand why everyone is moaning. i completed this level after being stuck on it for less than a day and i didn’t have to pay or use any special boosters

  • AridBadlands

    Bunch of quitters! You’ve come this far, so why quit now?! Hang tough, folks. Never give up!!!!!

  • wyattmonk

    I’ll be on this level until candy crush takes pity on me and gives me a decent board. Instead of spending money on games my friend told me about Flow game which is just as much fun as c.c. and I can play that to get away from this level until they give me free games again.

  • Erik Merz

    OK after a couple weeks I was able to clear the level. As several others mention below, the key for me was the beginning arrangement. The first two moves resulted in side by side stripes on both the bottom stripes that you always get at the beginning. Then chipped away at the cakes. It still took all the way to my last move to get it. I believe this level is nearly impossible unless you get dealt a huge break at the very beginning. Good luck.

  • Tricia

    This level totally sucks. I (finally) get 4 in a row and I don’t get a striped candy….and when I do, the stupid tornado hits it. This is a bad level.

  • Shawn Barry

    Guys I had been stuck on this level for months and months. Spending money and getting sooo frustrated! But I tried using the desktop (computer) and I passed this god forsaken level on my 2nd attempt. I can’t explain why, but my tip… Put down your phones and tablets and use the computer for this level!

  • Imtiaz Ahmad

    I beat Candy Crush Saga Level 421. I tried it more than 100 times to beat but every time, it give a hard time to win fortunately I have beaten it.Kindly play this level with cool cool mind and try to finish the cake at early as possible. However there is also some technical faults when you play it on mobile. I request to developers of the game to take up please.

  • Paula McMurray

    I’ve been stuck for a long time too. It’s not fun anymore. I’ve quit playing other games because of the same situation. Looks like Candy Crush is going to be off the list too pretty soon. Too bad ’cause I really enjoyed that game. After a certain length of time they should MAKE it possible to win. In fact, I really believe I beat it on my ipad because I advanced to the next level but when I used my desk pc it put me back to this level again. That really pissed me off. So I guess it’s good-bye CC; there’s other games out there to play! Too bad; they are losing players!

  • Janet

    What a shame level421 – and I give up !!!!! I’m not even in with a fighting chance on this one !!!! Not wasting any more time on CC

  • derek

    level 421 is bunk.the game is supposed to be fun.none of the boosters are any good either

  • derek

    whats the point of joining the conversation if you’re not going to show them?

  • Roy Kupferberg

    I was here just a few days ago, and agree with all that is said. I too was zbout to pack it in. But then I went back and gave it a few more attempts. I guess I had done it about 80 times, perhaps. And without trying to finish it, or really paying attention, I found that I had indeed finished it. With one move left. Really surprised me. There is no rhyme or reason as to completing it, just dumb luck And btw, I did not buy extra moves or use any of the assists. It can be done. And the next few were easy. Now I am on 425 and that one may have me pulling what little hair I have left. But after completing 421, I think any o c them can be done. So stick with it, best of luck.

  • Mohammed Elzein

    Just passed the level after I found out its much easier on the computer, the required is get only 5 striped+striped, not 7 like on the mobile.

  • LB

    I passed this level on the desktop version…you only have to get 5 MATCHES instead of 7 on the mobile version. 7 is nearly impossible!

  • Bart

    i WAS STUCK ON THIS LEVEL FOR MONTHS!!! I never even got close to beating it. Made me basically quit the game except for every once in awhile I’d give it a try (like once in 3 or 4 weeks) to see if they had made it any easier. Today, I finally succeeded!!! I don’t know how it happened really. A couple lucky matches and then I was down to 3 moves with 3 striped candies on the board which weren’t anywhere near each other. So… I used 4 “Switch Any Two Candies” help and moved one striped candy next to another and BINGO BANGO – MISSION COMPLETE!!! Good Luck Everyone.

  • Patricia Waynick Blose

    After weeks on mobile, played on computer. Only requires 5 double striped. Passed in three tries. Glad!! But really not a fair set up, the differences!

    • Lindsey Morris

      so weird, it’s only 5 on my iPhone AND iPad. However, everyone who wrote this, wrote this 2 or more months ago…maybe they updated/fixed this?

  • Patricia Waynick Blose

    Play on facebook. Only 5 combos required instead of 7. Passed it today in 3 tries on laptop computer

    • Lindsey Morris

      Hmmm, i see people saying togo on the computer, it’s only 5 moves instead of 7. However, on my iPhone and iPad it is 5 also? Fucking forget get 7(!!!) sheesh.

  • Michaell

    I have done all of those hints for God knows how long and nothing works. I to am done with this game. It’s just not funny anymore. There are no challenge in this level it’s just impossible. Whoever came up with the game or just that level (421) go fuck yourself!!!

  • Gori N Sammy Rivera

    I passed it on my friends phone after failing miserably on my own… when she asked I laughed in her face, and said I couldn’t, but I did. However, I just couldn’t on my own phone. So I went to my computer and passed… It is much easier on a computer.

  • SJA

    Tough level. This is a message from King that you play too much. My method for solving was to play only one or two sessions of five games per day. Stock piled seven lolly pop hammers over a period of weeks. Play a friendly board where you can get two combos with before exploding the cakes. Then grind it out. If you can get five combos with ten moves left you have a chance. At that point use your hammers to help create or align the last couple combos.

  • jillylane49 Slife

    I read all the comments before I played and thought – oh great. I made it on the first game with 12 moves left. I couldn’t believe it. It’s the luck of drawing a good board and whirling dervishes who must have been napping

  • Marianne Augustine-Mason

    This is by far the WORSE!!!! Took me two months and it was ridiculous and boring…no tips help with this one..nothing! Finally passed but it was so bad you really want to give up. Even the skip a level didnt work…good luck….

    • Marianne Augustine-Mason

      Cell phone lets you have 5 matches instead of the 7 on ipad…

    • Lindsey Morris

      WHAT IS “skip a level?!?!?!”

  • Carol

    Been playing this level on my android for weeks and never could get more than 5 combos. Saw the hint about using the computer and you only need to make five striped combos- got it on the first try! Go use the computer!

  • Frankindaburg

    I’ve hit a few,levels prior to this,where I,was,ready to quit. This may be the final straw. It’s ridiculous. Nice hints. Totally useless. ,Another lottery ticket level. Skill doesn’t matter. Plain,simple,luck of t he drop.

  • Gene Carr

    Every time I have a hard level like this one, I read all of the sad stories here, go back and beat level. 421 done. PS, It is very frustrating but take your time and take breaks id you notice that you are getting worse

  • Jason Bourne

    Stupid ass whirlwind!

  • Kathy

    I have been stuck for over a month!! I am losing interest in this game!! So candie crush you are losing $$$$!!! Can’t even buy my way out of this one!! How stupid are you???

  • LJ

    That was a horrible level. I played it on the computer and had the five matches – I can’t even imagine trying to make seven. I passed it after a few weeks when I got a favorable board and had 20 moves left over. I think a favorable board must be the only way to pass this one.

  • Lindsey Morris

    ????? “The striped candy in the marmalade won’t help but striped candies will!”

  • Amy Damery

    For months I’ve been stuck here and today this is where I exit the train. I bet I’m in good company with a lot of train jumpers.

  • julix

    i have finished level 421 after months, but, surprize!!!some error came up just when the game would have showed me the 3 stars and the score! this is bullshit!it’s not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am deleting this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louise Carey Borchardt

    I completed this level after about 4 days. I’m no expert, but I tried to destroy all the cakes first. Don’t waste moves making stripes, as they are destroyed by the hammer when a cake is completed. The tornado moves every third turn, and can be destroyed by a stripe activation if you are lucky! It appears candy is moving on their own, but is caused by tornado leaving a spot, moving to a new one sometimes causes a match.
    If you get the chance to make a stripe do so, but don’t waste moves until the cakes are destroyed. I agree there is no way to determine a good board in the beginning..all random.. The hammer usually gets the wrapped corner stripes before you can use them. If you get a chance to activate two stripes, do so right away before a tornado or hammer gets it. If you get rid of cakes early, you should have 30-40 moves to make stripes. I never pay for anything in this game…I use the free spin wheel and save those for really hard boards. Didn’t use any on this level.

  • Marvin Gardens

    Got through within a day. Here are some suggestions: start looking for striped candies from the get go and build as many as you can (the cakes will get exploded one way or another so there’s no need to focus on exploding them quickly). If you can get down to 1 combo, it’s worth using goldbars to continue playing until the last combo is achieved. It usually won’t take too long to get there if it’s just one combo left. Good Luck!

  • Aravindan Devaraj

    More than reading the hints.. i enjoy reading the comments in this site and just tell myself – Don’t worry bro.. you have lot of friends struck just like you!!! w2g!!!