Candy Crush Level 425 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 425 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 425 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 425 is to collect 200 blue candies and make 5 striped candy and wrapped candy combos in 50 moves. You must also get 65,000 points, too.

Candy Crush Level 425 Cheats

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  • Even more than other candy crush levels, 425 is based on luck.
  • The toffee tornadoes are going to scatter your candies around the map.
  • While luck is a big influence on your level, make sure your strategy is sound to win.
  • Just keep trying and you’ll get it eventually.
  • Larry Rouse

    This level is total crap. The tip is correct that without a ton of luck you have no chance. There is no strategy involved as the 3 random tornados constantly wipe out your wrapped candies and stripes before you have a chance to combine them. If the tornadoes don’t get you then the bombs will before you even get started. Many times I have gotten the 200 blue colors only to fall short on the wrapped striped candy combos.

  • cbjkc5

    if you noticed they have changed it now it takes 230 blues and instead of 200, 15 moves on the bombs now you only get 10. if they would have left it alone I could have passed it. I had 7 blues left.

    • Ms. Wonderful813

      Yes, I noticed that. I’ve been stuck on this board for over a week and if I play from my iPhone or my Mac Laptop, I only get 10 chances on the timebombs and need to fill 230 blue candies, but if I play on my Kindle, it’s still the original version. What kind junk is that???

      • cbjkc5

        never did pass this level. they took all the fun out of the game so I no longer play I deleted it

  • Brittany

    I can’t even get past the first set of bombs!! Help!

  • Jh root

    King has taken the fun out of the game. They just want the money. They want you to pay to play.

  • cbjkc5

    this game is more frustrating than anything so I had enough and I deleted it.

  • Jh root

    The bombs do NOT take care of themselves, EVER! Unless you are very lucky and King gives you a board that will do this. Out of five lives you get 250 moves, we’ll I give up 195 moves because the bombs do not take care of themselves. That is why king offers to buy more moves after the fist 11 because the bomb(s) are going to go off. Why not change bombs from 10 to 20, so one is able to at least try and use their skill to at least come close to collecting the orders. Please the game is programmed to have one spend money you don’t have and king is hoping for that. Their interest is the money only. These really are not cheats to beat a level, it common sense. You don’t cheat to candy crush. Candy crush cheats to steal your money.

  • Carmel Fakhry

    I’ve been for 1 month trying to pass this level, but unfortunately no succeed, I reached the200 blue colors never had the chance to combine the stripes with the wrapped candies. Any help!!

  • Carmel Fakhry

    I’ve been for 1 month trying to pass this level, but unfortunately no succeed, I reached the200 blue colors never had the chance to combine the stripes with the wrapped candies. Any help!!

  • Jh root

    I could pass this level with their boards. It is pure luck or pay to play. I feel king has set you up to fail. It just is not fun , your dead in the water before they even open the gate. It is just wrong on all counts. I didn’t get this far on luck alone or paying to play. Karma is a bear king, don’t forget that.

  • Terry Thomas

    I agree.. King has rigged this game to suck your bank account dry. Every time you set up any candy/striped combo the tornados wipe it out.. This game has become too aggravating to enjoy! Time to delete this game and find a more enjoyable form of entertainment! (Preferably NOT another MONEY PIT designed by King!)

  • carrows

    The most ridiculous level ive ever encountered…on cell and puter bombs at 10…you barely break anything and run out of time on bombs…ready to delete entire game

  • Catheigh Rizzo

    They just want $$$ this level ridiculous!!

  • die king

    Fuck you King, you make people suffer, go to hell game maker king

  • Tim Godfrey

    This level proves skill has little to do with this game. It’s mostly about your degree of patience, and when King realizes your not going to pay for a booster. In turn, they let you pass the level. I haven’t spent a dollar up to this point, nor will I ever choose to do so. I don’t have to wait on lives anyway. I just set my internal clock on my iphone 2.5 hours ahead and POOF!…5 more lives. When I need my clock back, I just delete and re-install game. Old news, but for those of you that don’t know…it is a way around waiting 2.5 hours for lives that will be gone in 5 minutes…on this level anyway.

  • polo

    This level fucking shit! Even buy all the shit still cannot pass.level ask for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, no wonder “based on your luck”

  • Catherine Jean

    I agree this level is total crap as well…..You basically have to keep buying extra moves, crushers and swaps….not my idea of fun anymore!!!

  • Linda Sigler Sanders

    What irritates me is the fact that while the tornadoes are doing their thing you aren’t able to do anything. It’s like your moves are frozen until the games plays come to a complete stop. This can make a difference when trying to get the bombs exploded. I think this level is very unfair and just a way for King to make money. I will keep playing this level at leisure, but I’m not going to pay for advancement.

  • Lee Struble-Smothers

    I am trying to pass this level but it has 4 tornadoes that wipe out every chance I have. They say they are random but that is bs….they hit every critical move I plan.