Candy Crush Level 65 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 65 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 65 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 65 is to clear all of the jelly using only 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 65.

Level 65 Cheat #1: Chocolate first.

candy crush level 65
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  • Your first goal in level 65 should be to eliminate all the chocolate. Once the chocolate covers the jelly it is just an extra layer you must break off. But if you clear all the chocolate it will stop re-generating.
  • Chocolate will only multiply when you make a move that does not touch or clear any chocolate. If you make every move touch the chocolate, it will be gone in no time. Now you can focus on breaking the licorice xs (see tip 2), and clearing all the jellies with special candy combos (see tip 3).

  • Samantha Cara

    thanks for the tips! the hiding jellies one, especially!

  • Minus

    Fuck this level.

    • Jordan Farr

      My sentiments exactly

    • KneeKnee

      I agree !!!
      I was getting totally pissed off. Stuck on the level forFKINGever !!
      FINALLY, it happened ~~ one mofo jelly left AND on my last move … I said “you SOB, doing it to me again” lol.
      Made the move.. and won !

      Don’t be in such a rush to beat it. It doesn’t get better. It doesn’t get easier haha.
      This game is a wicked, WICKED addiction !!!
      Good Luck !!!

    • Shavanda Reynolds

      A swear I know what you mean.. been stuck here for over a month

      • Beef curtains

        I got by this level by clearing the chocolate first, then went for the jellies. It took me 8 attempts though.

        • Whordley

          Done exactly the same but always left with one jelly. I’m at screaming pitch with it

    • Vincent

      I’ve been on this level since like two weeks before school started. It’s now been two weeks since school started and I now hate chocolate!!! I thought this tip site would help, but its only telling me to do what I ALREADY DO!!!

    • TISHA

      I feel the same way . Fuck this level. My husband is on level 71 but I cant get off of 65. I get to 2more jellies, then no more moves. LMAO.

  • Izzy

    These tips and cheat are not even fucking good thats what ive been doing!!! And i saw it today and im still fucking stuck on it like WTFFF

  • Rev

    This level is doing my head in. Shit level

  • alek

    my sister is on this level and she had to start all over again like 2wks ago

    • KneeKnee

      why did she start over ?

  • Naveen Maddali

    I have wasted so much time from my life on this damn level!

  • Kathy-Gary Sitler

    I’ve been on this #*%$&@ing level for weeks!!! I’ve tried this tip every day for the last five days and I still can’t get past it!! AAAAGGGGhHHHHH!!!!

  • anne

    YOU ARE DA BOMB! TYSM, I FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY passed this damn level!!! I’ve looked at other help, but yours was BY FAR THE BEST! TYTYTY!

  • Christopher

    Hey thanks for telling is to do things that anyone who has played for more than 20 minutes
    Already does. Your tips are literally the only basic way to play this game and are of absolutely no help to anyone

  • Neats

    Been on level 65 for three wks. Cleared all jellies except one four times! I enjoy the rush playing at this level gives. No need for cheating tips bc it’s not whether or not you lose, but how you play the game! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! LoL

  • JR

    No shit to the obvious.

  • Greg

    Cleared 1st time after reading this guide, clear all chocolate bits first, then look for power combos to kill jelly. Candy bomb and striped work well and wrapped candy/stripe is good

  • Linton Conrathe

    That took a while.Clear chocolate.Try and get 2 sprinkles next to each other.Fire away.Done.

  • Sasha

    This nightmare took me 2 weeks, last night I passed it with the third life.-no boosters.
    My tips are: right when it starts don’t click anything, take a good look at the entire screen and available combinations first. The chocolate won’t multiply until your first move. Focus on getting rid of the chocolate immediately. Once they’re gone, you can take your time figuring your next moves peacefully with lots of thought. Once I cleared the chocolate, I had 32 moves available to work with without the pressure.
    Hope this helps-

    • Jau-Ling Chou

      HELP! I passed three times already but still can’t move on to the next level. Do I have to pay to unlock? It asked me to either ask my friends or pay to unlock.

      • Sasha

        Hi Jau-Ling, I haven’t paid for anything since I started, nor asked any friends. You should be able to click on the next level on the map. After you won this level, did you see the little train traveling to the next station as like all of the others?

        The last quest after passing level 80 is another nightmare! I been working on it for 3 weeks now.

      • Betty Dull

        I am in the same boat. Beat level 50, 20xs and it still won’t pass tp level 51. I have lives but it won’t recognize them…..HELP. Really getting to dislike this game…

      • ladyfern31

        Make sure that you have accumulated the required number of points as well as clearing the jellies. I was so jazzed after clearing the jellies when I realized I was just 10 points shy of reaching the minimum number of points.

  • Sasha

    BTW, I play on my ipad to forward the time 3 hours in “settings” when I run out of lives to be able to keep playing a consistent 5 lives each time . I’m in year 2016 right now-
    You can return your device to real time afterwards, but you will have to forward to the future again when you return to the game.

    • Melissa

      The trick with switching the time on your iPad is to go to settings, when ur out of lives, set the automatic time switch off (which u already have) go a day ahead of where your at, get out of settings, go and open candy crush and u will see ur 5 lives, don’t play just yet – go back into settings first (after you’ve opened candy crush and see your 5 lives) then go and go back to set automatic time switch on. Go back into candy crush and play. Then when u deplete your lives, do the process over. The key is to set the time (I usually just do 1 day ahead), and then OPEN candy crush, see that your lives are there, close candy crush, go back and switch the set time automatically to ON, and then open Candy crush and use your lives. This has been working for me perfectly forever – however I’m still stuck at this freakin level despite getting the lives – hope that helps. I use to do it the same way as you until I read about this trick so you can keep your calander at the correct date and still keep playing.

  • sarah

    Excellent tanx. Stuck here for ages

  • Sari Takanashi

    who fucking created this game?
    Like c’mon 2 months
    I am tired of trying -_- BASTARD

  • Shawnee Hodgson

    I did 65 , 66 , 67 in one shot but now I am stuck on 68 for thee days now. I almost got it the first try
    but I did not see the one JELLY in the corner waiting for me. Dam Dam
    Dam!. So I am on 68 for now. also I was stuck on 38 I think it was 38
    for a good week. I would get up in the middle of the night game in hand
    and just start playing. I had to take a brake for about two weeks and I
    paid the .99 cents to keep going but I refuse to buy any bombs, Really
    $39.00 BUCKS really. also heard some kid on the news had kept playing
    with Mom and Dads money and rank up about $1200.00 That gets a REALLY!

    • Vincent

      I hate corner jellies!

  • Shawnee Hodgson

    Sometimes when I get stuck on a page I try to play a little different from the game before hand. sometimes it works!

  • Shawnee Hodgson

    KNEEKNEE got it right this is a WICKED GAME I’m telling you. A little competition can go a long way.

    Wicked I’m Telling Ya! Wicked I’m Telling Ya! Wicked I’m Telling Ya! Wicked I’m Telling Ya!
    FUNNY on how many people get so MAD at a dumb ass game and they just
    keep playing.

    DR. Phil Around!

    • Vincent

      You can’t blame anyone. It’s more psychological than you think! And do you the feeling triumph you have when you win a level you’ve been on for DECADES it seems?!? Huh??!!?? And it’s not a dumb ass game, it’s fucking GENIUS!!! It’s skill producing and has a very big congregation of players. I don’t think it deserves the title of dumb ass. It occupies the mind better than any other hand I know. And pisses people off better than any other game I know. But it’s awesome!!!

  • Erica Howard

    K there haters….I don’t see any of you posting anything different!

    Thank you for the tip!

  • Julia McDaniel

    I have cleared all the jellys and chocolate twice on the level and didnt meet the point goal. So frustraiting and i cant pass it

  • Ashley Hall

    For a loves reboot, go to settings .. Applications.. Candy Crush, clear data.. Go back to candy crush and re connect to Facebook waaa laa no date mess up. Btw been stuck here for 2weeks :(

    • Ashley Hall

      Sorry LIVES REBOOT.. 5 fresh lives

  • Love Bebe

    ive been stuck for 2 months -.-

  • Cel R

    I bet it in 2 days but you have to pay close close close attention and look for 4 candy combos in your next move. Get as many stripes as you can. The key is to try and get at least 2 donuts. You have to have patience and not rush thru it or you will be out of moves in no time. Another tip is that once you clear the chocolates try to make stripes combos near the bottom if possible if not just make regular ones. Also try to unlock the caged early as well. Hope this helps.

  • mel

    I see everyone so fustrated but you keep on playing. Game is addicting lmao….

  • Emilie56

    Totally stuck on this level no matter how I try it and I’m following tips and suggestions.

  • Cat

    I’ve been stuck on this level for weeks!!!

  • Ddbruce07

    This is a no progress game! Enjoyed it till 65… Now I just give lives to my addicted gaming friends! It’s a shame it is so dang hard to feel progress! 1st game I have ever really enjoyed and lost sleep over!

  • Rebeccca

    Glad to see I’m not the only one. However, this level is so long it get tiring. I can pretty well tell that I’m not going to make it but have to continue, you know, just in case. lol. I was zipping through levels at a pretty good speed until thing ONE..uhggg. days upon days.

  • Chanky

    i swear its the fuckin toughest level till now…. stuck since 1 month

  • Laurkat

    It took me 3 weeks but it can be done. It is luck. Believe me though, I almost deleted the app from FB and my phone. I was getting so frustrated after the first 2 weeks. The only thing possible is to try and clear those chocolates on the corners first. Sometimes of course that can be impossible but I promise, it can be done. Yes, like another person said, it is a wicked addiction. Other levels are more tough. Level 70 took me just as long and it looks easier but it’s not. Good luck!

  • Danielle Stevens

    Yeah F U level 65.

  • Danielle Stevens

    Glad I’m not alone in this silly addiction! Lol

  • flamearms

    Fucking level, cheated and paid on my phone so tempted on tablet before I smash 7 shades of shit out of it

  • denise a murphy

    Stuck forever. Been doing the tips since day 1. My question is why does choc ball and stripe when switched sometimes have a powerful burst and other times a small pop.

  • Ratu

    Shavanda, stuck for over a a month? . . I’m stuck for nearly 2 weeks and its already so frustrating . . I’ll give it a go and see . .

  • Amber Youngblood

    I’m still stuck on this stupid level UGH HELP

  • emma

    i hate this level so much have been stuck on it for ages

  • emma

    thanks so much these cheats really helped i was stuck on this level for about a month and i have finally completed it these guys really do help

  • Jarrett Huggins

    man this shit is crazy i never been on a level more than a weak i been on here for tree weaks its hard

  • tryplot

    I switched 2 colour bombs and i still haven’t passed this level fml

  • Karen

    I done with this level, and this game I can’t get pass this level been there for ever, so, so long candy crush!

    • lucyann

      I hate level 65

  • Zara Caroline


  • John Peterson

    Thanks for sharing this cheat with me.

    Candy Crush Level 65

  • Jane Rooney

    It’s pissing me off

  • no

    The game is nothing more then more then a way to grab money from you its a fucking heap of shit. Its.a Con the way the different sweets come down then when you want a certain colour you can never get it.SHIT……….

  • Nina Herrera Skaggs

    A year stuck on this level and just find out all i have to do is google how to beat it! ERRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!

    • varsismaname

      hahaha damn…hahahaha.
      thats sounds really funny

      you made my day!

  • cowpattybill

    “Use these cheats and tips next time you attempt Candy Crush level 65 and you will be sure to get past it in a couple tries”. Yeah right.

  • chad

    Terrible advise, if you didn’t already know this info you prob wouldn’t be on this level. Waste of time……

  • cris

    haha im level 320

  • Karen

    I have been on this level for 2 months, I like a challenges but this is crazy, I am going to delete it.

  • chiefcalvin .

    I finally beat this bitch after trying for 3 weeks.

  • Julia

    Yes I am getting totally pissed off with this level. I have got to the point of no more chocolate and only one bit of jelly left and the game ends. I just needed one more move and this has happened twice. Now I shall concentrate on the chocolate and see what happens…….

  • redsea68

    thank managed to get through this level on 6th attempt thankyou your advise really helped get rid of choc, get a choc ball and swap it with a candy that you have alot and it wipes most of the board clear

  • Verlock

    Hack acc Fb

  • Verlock

    Hackker account FaceBook..

  • Jinny Sklodoski

    I have beat level 65 twice, got all three stars… But it won’t let me advance to level 66….. Does anyone know why?

    • bethwetzel

      You need to reach the point level of 310,000 or you can’t move ahead. Beating it is one step…getting enough points is the other. Very difficult level.

    • Beef curtains

      What’s that yellow costume meant to be????

  • Meir Mariani

    I will say this to all those that are stuck on this level. I am level 167 so far, and by far this was the most frustrating. But wait until until you get to a few more levels where the chocolate doesn’t stop once you clear them all. Either way, the best thing for this level is the special candies. I personally love combining the stripe candy with the wrapped candy to make a super candy. Also, when you have the disco ball (round candie with all the sprinkles) make sure to switch it up with a stripped candy so as to make all the candies of that striped color a striped bomb. This will help you out tremedously. Don’t be so quick to use your special candies, but capitalize on them by combing them with other special candies. I know I am telling you guys things that you already know, but this is what helped me pass the level. I was stuck on it for 5 days. Patience ran out after the first day. Good luck to you all.

  • Amulya

    what the heck is wrong with this level, seriously i’ve been trying to complete it since a month duhh!!!!!

  • Donna

    Thank u! Finally I passed it and didnt av to beg help from my hubby.I screamed and danced around! Yay!

  • Elie

    I have a problem that I already finished level 65 but I can’t go level 66…it just backs to level 65 again again and again….what can I do??????

  • harleen sodhi

    I’ve completed level 65! And how I go further? To level 66? Anyone have advice?

  • Sanju MRcool

    so many times i had just 1 jelly left with game finished!! FUCK this is so annoying!!

  • adils

    Bingo !!! Was stuck on this level for last 2 days. And i read this post, did as per the instructions, and cleared it on the first go :)) Thanksssss :D

  • jean

    I have cleared 65 lots of times but still won’t go to 66

  • Kim Youmans Jaycox

    Help cleared level 65 won’t let me go to 66 I got 399,00 points what’s up? help?

  • Pavan

    Fuck off the game itself man

  • Kim Young

    how come i only get 40 moves?

  • Barbara

    I’m stuck on level 65 for a couple of days now. I followed the cheats and it hasn’t helped so far. I have gotten down to one jelly and no one matching candies to clear.

  • Barbara

    I got pass level 65 today (2/26/14). Don’t ask me how but I did. I followed all the cheats and it didn’t helped too much. I had to use some brain power.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Well, congrats on your win Barbara!

  • gina kazzi

    i can’t win this level oh its so hard :(

  • jeraldine

    alll :)P fuck u

  • Kmarme

    I want to know why I cannot connect with fb on candy crush. Is anyone else having this problem? I used to be able to. Know I can’t.

  • Dubee

    Level is soo hard…So hope no one ended up paying to get past this! FB is just a way for them to cheaply advertise and promote. SHAMELESS!

  • Simon

    I’m now really pissed off with level 65!

  • Chrysi Michael

    Elie I have an I-pad and a computer but on the computer I just cleared level 65 and I have a question to ask you that you might ask me.Can you tell me how to advance to level 66? If you don’t I will go mad like a useless chick.

  • gb

    beat this twice, with 580000 and 939999 and all jellys gone. cannot advance. am about to delete game if i cannot go forwards. any ideas. thanks

  • Brian

    § We all know that King is in the business of making money. We all know the game is rigged to make you spend money (Lvl 65, Lvl 140, Dreamworld 101). We all have seen the owl “happen” to fall off for no reason on candy breaks, the needle slow down to a snail’s pace on the jackpot just to find that extra “momentum” to go to the next section on the wheel. I believe in a fair game not rigged for people to spend their hard earned money on it. Let me help everyone stick it to King and maybe a fair, reasonable game will happen. This is what you do……
    § You just go into your phone setting… Scroll down and look for (Time and Date) Change your date 1 day head… Then go open Candy Crush, you will have 5 new lives. BUT do not play the game yet. Close Candy Crush, and go back to your setting and reset the date back to the original today’s date….Very Important!!!
    Then go back to Candy Crush and play the game. You can do this as many times per day as you like. Always open CC and make sure there’s 5 news lives… BUT ALWAYS remember to go back and reset the date BEFORE you play the game. IF you don’t the “minute ticker” on CC will turn in days, and weeks, and months, maybe longer. (YOU don’t want this to happen)
    ALWAYS reset your Time and date before you play CC……
    This can also be done on an iPad, Smart phones, and IPhones, and other small hand held computer devices. BUT not a P.C.

  • Carol

    I’ve cleared this level multiple times, often earning all 3 flashing stars and with a high score above 750K. Why won’t the game advance to Level 66?

  • Diane

    I got over 324000 points and cleared all the jelly but it will not advabe me. It raised my points to the ppints I earned. What gives?

  • Donna Rodriguez

    I beat level 65 and got 510040 points, and it won’t let me advance unless I buy gold bars. I don’t want to buy anything! What do I do?

  • Whordley

    I am with you all. I’m deleting the game. I do all that the cheats say but I cannot beat the wretched level. It’s not worth the continual loss of temper

  • Whordley

    This is a wretched level. Can’t get past it. Wasting my life on this stupid game

  • Whordley

    My post keeps being removed so I will join you all. Fuck this level. I’m out

  • Whordley

    I’ve spent hours on this level. I have taken all the advice offered. Still can’t do it so the ruddy game can go to hell.

  • Izzy

    But it should be boring cuz your not really playing the game. But w.e