Candy Crush Level 70 Cheats and Tips

How do you beat Candy Crush level 70? These Candy Crush level 70 cheats and tips will tell you how to pass this hard jelly level. You must clear all the jelly on the right side of the board and free a row of candies from licorice X’s while containing the chocolate. But don’t worry because these cheats and tips will get you through level 70 of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Level 70 Cheats

Level 70 Cheat #1: First make all the possible matches on the top right side without breaking the licorice or freeing the chocolate. Next >>


  • This tip is crucial to beating level 70 of Candy Crush because the second you break open the licorice X’s, that is when the chocolate begins to multiply.  The best strategy for this level is to use your first moves eliminating all the jelly that is above the licorice X’s (on the right hand side of the board) without breaking them open.  This will make it so that you have less jelly to get rid of once you break open the licorice X’s and have to worry about the chocolate.  Always remember that if you don’t like your board before you make your first move, you can exit out of the level and get a fresh board without losing any lives.




  • Helen Byrne

    i cant get off level 125, ive been on it for a month

  • Jim Lee

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip with me.

    Candy Crush Level 70

  • Patricia Wheeler

    I tried exiting an unfavorable board and still lost that life..

    • Tony Perez

      Yeah, you can’t do that.

      • Susie Q

        yes you can on a smartphone… before you make any moves scan the level. if you dont like it hit back and you wont lose a life

        • Tony Perez

          Thanks, but I use a computer.

    • GGaia

      You can using a smart phone but not a PC. I do it all the time on my iPhone .

      • Tony Perez

        I use computer…larger screen easier to see.

        • GGaia

          Do you get full lives when you change your time back on your computer? I do when I use my phones.. :)

      • Hobo Rodriguez

        “I been stuck for two months…” Just Kidding. Just wanted to mock you broke niggas these days. My advice is to stop being broke and stop asking random ass people for lives. STOP BEING DESPERATE NIGGAS!!!

        • Beef curtains

          Hey homo,
          Thanks for this advice….it’s finally got me pass this level.

          • Sherri Trunk

            HEY BEEF, Its ME again. Reading your comments shows you are nothing but a troll. Go play somewhere else.

      • StarFire

        How do you change your time?

        • GGaia

          You just go into your phone setting… Scroll down and look for (Time and Date) Change your date 1 day head… Then go open Candy Crush, you will have 5 new lives. BUT do not play the game yet. Close Candy Crush, and go back to your setting and reset the date back to the original today’s date…. The go to Candy Crush and play the game. You can do this as many times per day as you like. BUT ALWAYS remember to reset the date BEFORE you play the game. This can also be done on an iPad, Smart phones, and IPhones. BUT not a P.C. Hope this helps. :)

          • Ajay

            this trick is awesome, and do you have any tricks to get booster’s??

          • GGaia

            No sorry.. Can’t think of any tricks for that. If i find any, I’ll sure post them here. This is a great site for posting info. ;)

    • GGaia

      Exiting an unfavorable board can only be done on Smart phones, Iphones, and Ipads, an a few other smaller hand help devices. It cant be done on a PC. :) Hope this helps.

  • Patricia T Davenport

    how do i play level 70?……been stuck here forever

    • GGaia

      I got through it. But it was pure luck. I did get 3 big bombs. That’s what did it for me.

      • AridBadlands

        It really is luck. I feel bad for the people that have been stuck on this one for months because it only took me 2 days and maybe 10 attempts to get past it. :)

    • Brandishing Aardvark and pink

      Tricky level this one

  • francine yaong

    where the cheats?

  • Alan

    INFINITE LIVES (FB connectors only)

    Manually set the time on your device forward under settings. As you repeatedly run out of lives, you can do this as many times as you please. The time being incorrect will disable other apps temporarily. After you’re done with Candy Crush, you’ll want to set the time back. When you go back to Candy Crush, it will say you don’t have lives until next year. However, if you are connected with FB, you can delete the app, and re-download it for original timing, full lives, and correct level placement. Everything will be back to normal.

    Or just delete the app every time you run out of lives, and re-download. (Bad option without no WiFi)

    • GGaia

      You have the right idea, but when you set your time, set it 3 hours ahead. Then go open your game’ you’ll then see you have 5 new lives. BUT don’t play the game yet. Now close the game. Then go back and reset your time 3 hours back, make sure you set the time back to the original time . Then go open your game and play. If you do it this way your time will never increase into years.

      • Tamytha Jordan Jenkins

        I tried this, but I didn’t get new lives. :(

        • GGaia

          I can’t say if this works on a PC. But it will work on Iphones and smart phones. Good luck.

  • Shimon Rosenbaum

    I beat it and only got one star and now it seems like it’s impossible. I don’t like to move on to the next level without getting at least 2 stars per level. What non of these cheats tell you is that a lot of the board and moves are luck. I was stuck on level 65 for a few days, so I would also recommend patience. Luck, patience and combos.

  • Brenda Garza

    Can’t get passed 70 been stuck for 2 months please help

    • karmichael

      same here 2 months on level 70 interest n hope is lost.

  • Brenda Garza

    Can’t get passed 70 been stuck for 2 months

  • Katrina Staigle

    I tried ‘x’ ing out and it cost me a life….

    • Sherri Trunk

      same here. Doesnt work on PCs!!!

  • theotherRJH

    70 is what I call a “revenue round”. There is no way to beat it without buying the boosters. I needed the bomb, wrapped/stripe combo and 3 lollipop hammers to finally beat it.

  • Bobsmithsmith

    owner of this game is sucking in $850,000.00 a day stop paying, or playing

    • AridBadlands

      That’s a bitter attitude to have, don’t you think? Who cares how much the genius of this game is making. Your obvious jealousy at the creativity and business acumen of others is incredibly petty and sad.

      Not paying I can understand, because you don’t HAVE to pay to play and anybody that does is, quite frankly, an idiot. But boycotting this game simply to serve your own self-righteousness is pretty pathetic. But hey, more power to ya I guess.

  • Bobsmithsmith

    there are no cheats just hints, X out and you lose a life you play or pay to get past this ugly level keeps screwing you up on the right side with no combinations and blocking choc’s then it’s just running down the moves and end game.

  • GGaia

    I found a good way to get free lives. Go to your clock, set it 3 hours ahead, then go open your candy crush game. Then exit the game, return to your clock and reset your time 3 hours back. The, reopen your game again. Wala 5 new lives. But remember to always reset your time before you use the lives up. :) have fun.

  • Guy

    After what has seemed like an eternity (I think it was a week all told) I’ve finally got past L70 – the only tip of use I would endorse from the ones given is to be patient and wait for the combo’s to line up properly. This is a frustrating level and I agree that it’s geared up to make you pay to get past it

    • Sherri Trunk

      Its easier said than done trying to get those combos.either you have the moves to get them or you dont. I hardly ever get the chance to make combos on this level. If I do they are vertical not horizontal to help get rid of the right side.

  • Debbie Toth

    Was stuck on 65 for months, Ok. Now 70. Terrible. !!!!!

  • Pon Sim

    This sux arse. Not enuff lives.

  • Musikonica

    I feel like posting the youdon’tsay.jpg meme of Nicolas Cage. THANKS, TIPS. Not like a first play through doesn’t teach a user this. Thanks for nothing helpful.

  • cruxial fritz II

    cruxial fritz II
    please HELP me LEVEL 70

  • James L. Greenlee

    The tips here are all good, but I didn’t end up beating it until I got a “reshuffle” when there were no moves left. It took three of my striped candies and moved them to the right. I destroyed all of the jelly with 28 moves left. So, the tips helped, but so did a little luck.

  • Jh root

    I find l70 terrible, I paid twice and won’t do it again. It is a trap for paying as I see it, IMHO!

  • jessica

    I Hate This Level

    • Jessica

      Agreed, me you and everyone else.

      Did I mention the rest of the planet as well?

  • Marjo Vaughn

    this game stinks………I removed all the jellies on level 70 and the whole right side was full of choc and I had over 70,000 points……does this not clear this level

  • BluePotion

    I got this after about 10 tries by getting the chocolate covered doughnut hole and matching it with a striped candy on the right side. It cleared out almost all the chocolate and then it got easier.

  • Genevieve Brown

    I purchased bars on level 70 and went to use them and game froze up. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Beef curtains

      Hi Genevieve,

      You will most probably need to restart your device if you find it freezes. If you ask your kindagarten class mates, you will find that’s what they have been doing as well.

      • Sherri Trunk

        LIke I said Beef..this isn”t for people like YOU. We need help and advice not SARCASM.

  • Cupid Stunt

    This was my easiest level so far. I managed to clear it first time. I tried it a 2nd time and managed to clear it again. I don’t know why you guys are struggling on this one? Use the cheats and it’s simple!

    • Sandy Darst

      Don’t believe you at all.

    • Haroon Baloch

      Where are the cheats stupid cunt ?

  • Cupid Stunt

    I just had 3 more goes to clear it. It seemed a little harder this time, but is till find it an easy level. BTW the punk who owns this game is making $1,010,000 a day now and counting

  • AJ

    I’ve been on level 70 for three days and there’s no hope in sight. My sis has been on it for a month! I have bought boosters for most of the other levels when I’m frustrated and only have one or two moves left. But level 70 isn’t letting me get even close! I’m getting close to just giving up on this whole game! 70 isn’t a challenge, it’s impossible! Although I know one person who is in the 200′s so somehow he did it. Waaaaaaaaaa!

  • raevenlock

    How is this a cheat? up up down down left right A B… thats a cheat!

  • Michele Silva

    i cannot pass level 70 stuck on it for 3 days getting very aggravated

  • Lilykn

    The chocolate only grows when the licorice is broken. Create horizontal stripes and break them on the rows UNDER the licorice. If you can break both chocolate rows the choclate will be eliminated and will not grow. You are then free to play normally. Lilykn

  • Sherri Trunk

    this level is impossible! they say get rid of the jelly above the Xs

    first. WELL YOU CANT if you dont have the right moves!! sometimes i end up getting swallowed by all the chocolare with like 20 moves left. I just keep playing and let the chocolate overtake the board!!!!!

    • Beef curtains

      Hey Sherri,

      This forum is not really designed for people to come here and complain that they can’t complete a level.

      The reason marriage was invented was to give women the lifetime opportunity to complain for evermore.

      Maybe you should consider this if you are straight?

      • Sherri Trunk

        HEY Beef, This forum isnt for people like YOU who just make fun of people and put them down. YES, I can complain about not being able to pass a level. Just as many other people do here. Hopefully I can get tips from people that may help me! So, go somewhere else and “troll”.

    • Jenny Ashley

      I got through level 70 in a few hours, it was very frustrating until I figured out that you have to take out the chocolate first by making striped candy on the left side be careful as you lower them to the bottom carefully line up with the chocolate… then take them out first. Take out the lower level of chocolate first if not at the same time and if you take out the licorice next using the same method the upper roll of chocolate will blow up too. Choose your moves carefully and you will have enough to clear the jelly. :)

      • Sherri Trunk

        Jenny, I am now stuck on level 109!! I thought level 70 was impossible! That was easy compared to this one. I know what has to be done but it is all on pure luck!!! I get through the moves then the bombs go. GAME OVER!!!!!Im reall getting frustrated. any suggestions??

  • Sherri Trunk

    I just had 40 moves left on this level and the chocolate overcame me! i had no choice. The moves just werent there. If they arent there is nothing you can do to pass this level!!! they say get rid of the jelly on the right side first. Well, I never have moves to get rid of the jelly on the right. Mayeb one or 2 thats it! this is bullshit!!

  • Sherri Trunk

    This video of how to win cracks me up!!! If I had those moves I could win also!!!!!! What a joke!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Have people forgotten about the daily prize wheel, or whatever its called, at the top left hand corner of the screen? Use a special candy you can get from there. The fish are really helpful because they can clear the jelly at the end.

    • Guest

      Haven’t forgotten, just that Its difficult ….or is t only me?

  • Bob Wilson

    I hear what everybody’s saying. Strategy tips are useful, but if you don’t have the colours then nothing’ll work. Persevered for 2 days, and finally got the right board – without buying boosts. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it :)

  • Judy Orris

    I have been trying to get past this level for a long time now. I tried to use all the cheats and tricks that I read. But its no use. Even if you clear the jellies on the right hand side and don’t break open the licorice, if you clear a lot of the candies so they all go down a certain was, the licorice gets broken anyway.

  • Geertje

    Me too. Until now I could find a strategy but this one is so unfair. Chocolate keeps building no matter what you do!!!! And btw, I will rather stop playing than paying! I still have Word with Friends after all. :-)

  • Michelle Ragan

    I was stuck on this level a day, came in here and read what everyone was saying got on this morning and first time I played I got through it, I played the left side and got 4 across and then zapped the chocolate straight across, once that chocolate is gone you are able to play the game

  • Jenny Ashley

    I got through level 70 in a few hours, it was very frustrating until I figured out that you have to take out the chocolate first by making striped candy on the left side be careful as you lower them to the bottom carefully line up with the chocolate… then take them out first. Take out the lower level of chocolate first if not at the same time and if you take out the licorice next using the same method the upper roll of chocolate will blow up too. Choose your moves carefully and you will have enough to clear the jelly. :)

  • StarFire

    is there a way to just buy the level?

  • Vicki Alpaugh

    Argggg…can’t get thingd lined up right!

  • xJulie Trojanowski

    I’m sick of it ! I’m stuck

    • weshallovercomb

      Yep, I agree. I was such an addict but this level has got me so frustrated that I just can’t be bothered.

  • Roxanne Feighner

    This was no help

  • Conan776

    I got stuck here for a nearly a week, and that was with the timer trick and a small blizzard keeping me away from work in play.

    After some early failures, I tried doing it the way advised here all that time but I couldn’t get the sideways candies on the left often and quickly enough to accomplish anything.

    So a few hours ago, after coming back and reading some of the comments below declaring this article bunk, I decided instead to try a mixed approach and put faith in my combo making powers to battle back the freed chocolate while hoping useful combos and candies formed on the left. In fact I found that if I had a right-side combo that the chocolate wouldn’t reach for a few moves, by holding that back to clear the chocolate when it reached it, I could clear jelly or make candy on the left without too much concern of getting overwhelmed.

    In fact, I now think maybe the game is rigged in favor of this style, because candies were forming on the left practically by themselves. Maybe I just finally got lucky, but I just beat the level using this mixed approach after about 10 tries. (One star but I’ll take it!)

  • Ethel Attaway

    The teeth help to eat the chocolate, but I can’t get the game to let me buy more.

    In fact I can’t buy anything. It won’t let me click on the tab to buy more gold.

  • Dee

    It is luck, I am stuck, my board is constantly running out of moves and changing my board! Just stupid!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Dee, have you tried matching 4 candies vertically on the left side? If you have, try and combine it with another special to stretch across the board and clear jellies.

      • Dee

        Thank you! Yes, it was hard to get it lined up and the board kept moving my special candies to different spots when it ran out of moves but I finally got it! ;) I’m on level 83 now.

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          Awesome! Congrats!

  • Same T Berman

    been stuck here for two months and its so frustrating…

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hello! Have you tried saving your specials on the left side so you can combine them with each other? Special candy combos are great for stretching across the board and clearing jellies at a distance.

  • Garys_opinion

    Candy Crunch use to be fun, until level 70. Now it’s just frustrating.

  • Barbara

    Can’t get pass level 70 either. Going on 2nd week. I was almost there twice with one jelly left but I couldn’t clear it. Bummer.

  • maria kristiani

    Level 70 cant solve

  • rsder

    Wow do people need to grow up, CC Cheats took the time to post helpful tips, Thank you!! As for Cupid, talk about beef being a troll…it’s not rocket science to figure out your little letter pattern of your screen name; that speaks volumes about why you don’t know how to play nice in the sandbox!! Sherri people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones; you definitely not only mock CC Cheats, others also; by far no angel!! It’s nobody’s business who earns what money, stop being green with envy; it’s not becoming. Beef, Hobo and Bob misery loves company; the three of you deserve each other; just a fact!! Why not just appreciate the fact that Cheats took the time to post the tips; leave the game playing on the board, not in the comments!!!

  • Barbara

    I stopped playing Candy Crush level 70 and started playing with Odus the Owl. He’s much more fun. I’m on level 37 now.

  • Joann Orman

    I need help. My candy crush openings keep cutting out on me and I loose the life even though I didn do anything but press play.

  • Carol Thompson

    I hate this stupid level! Every time I get close, the chocolate takes over. Seems impossible to get past level 70.

  • Lost in candyland

    What does it mean when it says no more combinations possible then it shuffles all the candies

  • Bunny

    stuck on 70 too long, is it possible to skip