Candy Crush Level 89 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 89 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 89 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 89 is to clear all 24 jelly and score 100,000 points in 50 moves. Make sure to clear the chocolate as soon as possible, and use these cheats to help you get past the level.

Candy Crush Level 89 Cheats

Level 89 Cheat #1: Clear the chocolate first with moves on the bottom of the board. Next >>

candy crush level 89
You need to remove all the chocolate in Candy Crush level 89 quickly or else it will cover your board and the jellies that you need to clear. If you do not start with a board that has any moves on the bottom, or better yet right next to the chocolate, then you should reset your board. You will not lose any lives, and you will start the level off with less chocolate blockers. Once you clear all the chocolate in this level is will not come back.



  • Geertje

    The chocolate KEEPS coming back!!! I had tremendous moves but the chocolate comes back faster than you can remove it.

  • Warners Sporthorses


    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t fret my friend, what are you particularly having trouble with?

  • Brian

    Level 89 and any other level with chocolate sucks. I reset 10-12 times every attempt to even get a screen that might have a chance. I get down to 1 chocolate and the controllers of the game make sure I don’t get any possible combination to get the last chocolate. Same with gels – I get to 1 with 10 moves left and no chance to clear it. The one time I cleared the gels on 89, I was too low on points. They want people to pay to advance and I won’t, so I get crap screens. If you have to score a minimum number of points AND clear gels, then enough points without clearing gels should also work.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Brian, clearing the chocolates is pesky. However it is also the top priority here. Unfortunately, there is no real trick here other than simply clearing out the chocolate. A wrapped candy or horizontal candy (In the bottom row) would be ideal but don’t count on it. But you are right not to waste you money. If you have come that close before then you can surely topple this level in time. Don’t give up!

      • Brian

        So tonight, I cleared the chocolate in fewer than 5 moves and worked on the gels. Things going well and got them cleared with about 10 moves to go. I get the sugar crush, and am thinking I finally can move on. But wait – the stinking pile of human waste game stopped accumulating points at 98,200. So guess what – the game thought I had it too easy and I did not successfully advance. Just another example of the frustration for not paying to play.

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          Hmm, that does sound odd Brian. But We assure you that it can be done without paying for boosters and what not. Just keep at it and it’ll happen!

          • LadyJane27

            stupid question, how to clear the board. refresh?

  • Deborah

    WooHoo! Thank you! I completed Level 89 with 32 moves left. It CAN be done with no money spending.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Nice! Congrats Deborah!

  • Debby McGuire

    How do you refresh?

  • Ptfont

    You say we have 50 moves to clear level 89, but I only get 20 moves from the game. How come?

    • Carol

      I am only getting 20 moves on 89. What is up with that?

  • Carol

    You say 50 moves? I get 20, no wonder I can’t win here.

  • Kimberly Hornsby Hill

    I did it; with 21 moves left…

  • Gracie66

    How do you reset?