Candy Crush Level 98 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 98 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 98 of Candy Crush. In level 98 you must get 120,000 points in 40 moves while eliminating falling bombs. This is a difficult level, but follow these cheats, tips, and strategy to help you pass Candy Crush level 98.

Candy Crush Level 98 Cheats

Level 98 Cheat #1: Clear bombs first. Next >>

Make sure you clear the bomb in the center of the board first. Then when more bombs start falling you need to focus on eliminating them before they explode. The bombs in level 98 will explode in only 8 moves, and if you have not cleared them by then you will fail the level before you can even try to reach the target goal.

  • Shirley Brinkmeyer

    I keep loosing lives. Very discouraging to get half way thru and the game ends. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!

  • kbuz

    I agree. I only get three moves and it closes. How can you get to continue all your moves?

  • Eileen Tucker Parker

    y in level 98 do I NOT get all 40 moves?

  • Eileen Tucker Parker

    hello is Anyone on this page currently? I have a Question

    • otha

      kelu da mutta punda

  • patzy

    If u want free lives do the following.
    When u are down to no lives
    1) go to settings and change the date to the next day
    2) open candy crush
    3) go back to settings and fix the date to the correct date.
    4) ha back to candy crush. You should now have full lives again. Takes about one minute to do.

  • Guest

    I scored 156,789 points while having 26 moves left and the game went on until move #2 when a bomb count down got me. What’s up with that?

    • Princess Peach

      That’s what happened to me!!

  • Joseph Casey

    We all have the same problem, doe’s anyone have the answer?

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Joseph, what problem are you having exactly?

  • AtlasShrugged11

    This level is almost as crappy as level 70. 70 is still the all time worst level. I don’t get why it says get 90000 points and nothing about bombs. But the bombs make you fail BS

  • AtlasShrugged11

    ok finally just passed it….WTH
    One time got 150,000 points….had 1 bomb left…..failed level
    Another time got 105,000 points, had 2 bombs left….passed
    This game is so messed up

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats on your triumph!

  • Sandy Lane

    They should just call this a timed level, as you are hurrying around the board to line up your colors to clear off the bombs, that there isn’t time to watch for striped and wrapped combos to use for my advantage or to worry about points! The bombs seem to drop faster toward the end, and often no colors nearby to even clear it, and I often have 17 moves left when it takes me out! My biggest beef is the warning message comes up telling me there is a bomb about to explode, and it comes a few seconds early and while it is up you cant even make ANY moves, or try to right the situation. It even blocks most of the board so you cant even see where the hold up is or what the best move would have been. I truly think the KING co. really just wants you to buy more lives or moves. Quickest 5 lives down the drain, and then WAIT for more. Not even fun at this level: its becoming stressful. I quickly became addicted to this game, but I may be moving on to something else!

  • Hydrago

    :D :D :D :D

  • Sharon Stephens

    I agree with Sandy on this. This game is all about getting you to purchase ANYTHING. I refuse to give this company any money. I’m deleting it off my iPhone and will stear clear of The King Co. products !!!

  • Wanda Bunn

    I also got 128,140 points and the game kept going unyil a bomb got me. Then I got ‘Level Faild’. No fair!!!

  • Debrah Johnson

    Something this cheat doesn’t say is that you have 8 moves to clear the bomb. Not 8 seconds. Once you know that, it’s quite easy.