Candy Crush Tips, Cheats & Best Moves

These Candy Crush Saga tips and cheats will help you beat all the levels in the game. Keep reading for tricks and cheats on how to make the best moves in Candy Crush, form special candies, get free lives, reset your board and much more!

Candy Crush Saga Tips

On mobile devices, you can manually set ahead your time to refill your full lives in without paying! Click on the link above for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to get free lives. More >>

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On any untimed level of Candy Crush, you can reset your board before you make any moves. If you don’t like the set-up, tap out to the main menu and then tap back into that Candy Crush level. The board will be different and you won’t lose any lives. Click on the link above for instructions on how to reset your board. More >>


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3. Always look for special candies.

Special candy moves are always better than the basic 3 candy match. There are three types of special candies in Candy Crush Saga: striped candy, wrapped candy, and color bomb. Learn how to make all the Candy Crush special candies.


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4. Special Candy Combos are the best moves to make.

You can combine any two special candies to make a special candy combo. Each special candy combo has a different effect, and they are all very helpful in helping you beat each level of Candy Crush. Here are all theCandy Crush Special Candy Combos.

5. Remove blockers first.

Clear the squares with the blockers first. By matching candies in and near the blocked squares you will be able to complete the level within the set number of moves. Be wary of any blocked squares on odd corners of the board, as they will be more difficult to remove, so try to get rid of them first. For more on  in-game obstacles and blockers, check out this site.


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6. Don’t always use suggested moves

If you get stuck and don’t make a move for a certain amount of time, the game will provide a hint for you in the form of candies flashing. Only use this move if you can’t spot any else.

7. Take a look of the entire board and plan out your first moves before randomly matching.


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Remember: What are the objectives? Is this a timed level, how many moves do you have, are your ingredients already on the board?

  • Samantha Cara

    I just got started playing this game and these tips were so helpful. Thanks so much!

  • Ted Lee

    HEY!!!! BIG TIP!!! before starting a level you can restart if you dont like the board! i havent tried for timed levels yet but so far they are working!!!!

    • Fran Murphy

      Just exactly what do u do to get another board without loosong a turn?

      • Ted Lee

        Just hit back on your phone before you mark any moves. If you can’t do that, press the bottom left menu button and endthe level. KEEP IN MIND YOU CANNOT HAVE MADE ANY MOVES

    • Jessie G

      Love this tip. Nope doesn’t work for times levels.

    • Heather Martin-Pena

      The only problem with that is if you exit the game before you finished you’ll lose a life

      • Ted Lee

        …… thats why the tip is for “BEFORE starting a level”. just so you know.

  • Susan

    need help with level 95!

    • Jagpreet Singh Bhatia

      Hi can you help me with lvl 13

  • Fran Murphy

    14 moves , 4 squares. I have gotton 15/16. Some squares have NO moves at all. How do
    u reatart a game? Exasperated

  • Fran Murphy

    Also, pet rescue is impossible to attain 29 level. I know buying is their objective,
    ballons take up most of ur moves, the blocks u get are staggered, thus cannot be moved.

    • Rashi Venkatesh Yadav

      if you dn’t mind send it ur ID and password I can play that level……….

      It possible friend..Iam playing now level 560

  • Janesblondie

    Can’t get past 77. Any hints???

  • kathleen

    i am stuck on level 155 helppppppppppppppp

  • Tia Smith

    so i am having a problem passing level 65 any suggestions. Also does any one know of any cheats for boosters ect.

  • Georges Mitelsbach

    I am stuck at level 140 for a long time. Need help!!!

    • Patrick Murtha

      it helps when you reset until you have a lot of red orange and yellow and color bombs plus striped are the best

    • JudiMD

      Me too! Been stuck on 140 for almost a month! Ready to give it up.

    • Rashi Venkatesh Yadav

      First your sending ur ID and password to me

      Iam solve the problem. then massage to u. that’s it

  • Rita Caruso Navarre

    Can anyone tell me if there is a cheat or tip suggestions for level 384, PLEASE

    • shony-123

      How did you pas #361 !! Please help me

  • Fran Murphy

    Anyone have tips on #100. If I get lucky, exploe bomb, I dont have enough moves left to clear board. HELP.

    • lisa

      6 months Fran I feel like I have been here for 6 years, not kidding. Just stuck!!

  • Gay Lynn Nichols

    I am so stuck on level 315 on the computer. I have looked up help but the help is showing a screen that does not look like mine. My level 315 on the computer is different than the one’s on the phones.

  • Cheryl Stracener

    Level 394 is impossible!!!! Someone needs to take a look into this level!!!!

    • shony-123

      How did you pass #361 !!!??? HELP PLEASE

      • Rashi Venkatesh Yadav

        if you dn’t mind send it ur ID and password I can play that level……….

        It possible friend..Iam playing now level 560

    • Rashi Venkatesh Yadav

      if you dn’t mind send it ur ID and password I can play that level……….

      It possible friend..Iam playing now level 560

  • Sonja Toomy

    Guys how much time do you invest in this addiction? gay Nichols? My goodness lost in candy land. Best wishes for 2014.

    • Maureen

      Let’s just say…..I need to get a life…or live the one I own!

  • Sandi Wimmer

    245 is a joke. Stuck all week. Tried at least 100 times between pc and phone. Mystery candys more often deterrents rather than useful candy. If a useful piece is discovered, it’s usually wrapped…really??? Are the developers laughing at the rantings of people posting their frustrations? Statagizing is useless since stripes and wraps are usually blown away. Color bombs are useless. This might be the level that leads to the end of the saga for me. This used to be a fun, relaxing distraction from an otherwise hectic, stressful day. I don’t need more aggravation.

  • Patrick Murtha

    level 153.fix the whole nearly impossible thing.color bomb plus color bomb?done it before but its hard

  • Maureen

    Never going to pass level 140…SOS

    • Rashi Venkatesh Yadav

      if i dn’t mind send it ur ID and password I can play that level……….

  • Maureen

    If anyone has any tips on fulfilling orders….I’m begging you to help…I’m so frustrated I don’t even bother trying because I know I can’t do it after about a month of failed attempts !

  • Tomed Per

    I’m struggling really bad at level 70, please help me!

    • Cindy Thomas

      So am I, just don’t get it, I start on the left, make as many different candies as possible, then go to the right, run out of moves, then go back to the left, that’s when the chocolate takes over and I run out of moves all together

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Tomed, have you checked out our level 70 guide?

  • Jessie G

    I have been playing for months not connected to Facebook (I hate playing connected to Facebook). Today I accidentally clicked ‘connect to facebook’ and it went 100 levels back, where I was the last time I was connected! Ahh so annoying. Please tell me there’s a way to disconnect from FB and get back to my level….

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Ouch, I’m not sure if you can. Are you still stuck at old levels?

      • Jessie G

        I am. 😛 But I just started playing connected to FB anyways. It just sucks to have went back literally 100 levels. Such a bummer.

      • Crystal

        Same problem here!!!! I just clicked connect to Facebook and it got me back to level 1 ( I was on lvl 301) what can I do to get back to me level … .?..

      • nicole

        does anyone know if you can get your old game back??

    • mindy

      Jessie, were you able to resolve this? Same thing happened to me.

  • Jessie G

    I have been playing for months not connected to Facebook (I hate playing connected to Facebook). Today I accidentally clicked ‘connect to facebook’ and it went 100 levels back, where I was the last time I was connected! Ahh so annoying. Please tell me there’s a way to disconnect from FB and get back to my level….

  • Tracy Grieve

    stuck on level #460 can’t seem to clear the cakes and when i do i run out of moves

  • Melissa Brennan

    I have been stuck on level 500 for 2 months, how do you skip this and keep going?

  • kyootie

    Why didn’t the opening sequences of wafer warf and gingerbread glade not play?

  • madhu

    real new commer, when they say clear all jelly what does that mean

  • mudasar

    use the cheat engine for any level on candy crush

  • sanjana leona

    hi can i get a tip to level 40 plss

  • Terri EC Mom5

    How do I use the coconut wheel?

  • shuja

    m on 166 help me

  • judy

    Who is odus bird and why play it after doing 50 levels. Just wondering

    • Bucinka

      Odus is a retarded bird who should have been weeded out of the owl gene pool long ago. Apparently he forgot he can fly, so if you knock the crescent moon he sits on out of balance by making too many matches of a particular color, he falls off instead of using the wings God gave him. 😛 Especially annoying when you’re on an color orders level and his crescent has one or two of the colors you’re trying to collect. In that case, reset the board.

  • Melchor Madrigal

    I’m having trouble passing level 35 to 36 any help

  • Diana

    Omg level 265 is killing me!!!!been here for weeks…tried your suggestion and still stuck!!!!Arrrrrr lol

  • shyma1

    i’m on level 350 and i can’t pass this level plzzzzzzzzzz some one helm me what to do??? =(

  • lorraine

    Im stuck on leval 350 for 2months or more help plzz

  • preet

    need help for level 30

  • Ralp Allcandycrush

    Please tell me.. does sending candy crush life requests to friends on Facebook actually help? I feel so guilty stacking their notifications with my game requests..:(

  • Francine Blake Savage

    Does anyone have a tip for level 334,I am losing my mind!!

  • Frizbit

    If you allow the wheel to spin for an hour you get the jackpot every time!!!

  • Lori Stevens

    There’s a roadblock how do I pass

  • manpreet singh

    hi .. can u help me…
    mylifes r finishednd i used more lifes by changing time..
    nw for new lifes it shows near abt 15 days..
    can u pls tell me wat can i do nw..?

    • JudiMorrisonDunham

      When you first increase your date in settings, then opene candy crush to see your 5 lives, you NEED to go back and change your date/time settings back to “automatic” before playing the game. Happened to me several times. The only way I could fix it was to delete my candy crush and reload it. NO, before you ask, YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR LEVELS! Have done it several times.

  • Cis Drish

    what is the cheat engine?

  • deepak

    yup i crack the game

    • deepak

      i am on 299

  • Keith Brogdon

    Does any one know how to get by level 384?

  • Akhil Krishna

    am stuck for one month can u help me for level 70

  • apeksha jha

    need help with 573

  • Pete Haynes

    stuck on 647 need a pass how do you get a pass

  • DGB

    Candy Crush told me to log into facebook to get extra jellies. Joined Facebook & it wiped out level 260 I was on started me back to level 1. How do I get back to 260 level?

    • bigdic

      What you have to do is go to the menu and push up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,a,b,select, start. Then play every board until you get to 261!

  • Gloria Harper

    why can’t I buy extras for games when I was able to before

  • Gail Wynns

    Timed level 121 HELP!!!

  • mes

    a friend of mine used my Ipad to use facebook and from that moment on my Ipad automatacly connect to his Candy Crush and not to mine! i tried to log out, cancel candy cruch from his facebook, i also tried to get it back form AppStor but NOTHING did work!!! please help me i was at level 649!!!!

  • Paul Seager

    Am on level 365 and suddenly the game has started telling me that my facebook login has failed and am therefore unable to have my free spin for daily booster – which makes life hard because I dont buy boosters and dont intend to start. I do not, and have never facebooked. I do not intend to go on facebook, I would rather play on without my freeboosters!

    Can anyone give me an idea how to get rid of this message and go back to playing the way I want.

  • luc

    I have tried to access the spinning wheel for bonuses. Now I am being told “your facebook session has failed.Please login again” I have never signed on to facebook. How to correct this issue?

    • JJ L

      I have the same message and I also have never signed onto Facebook! I emailed Candy Crush a month ago and never received a reply! I would like bonuses!

  • basant

    i am at the stage of 652. so i want to restart candy crush game from the first stage and it will show in the facebook from 1 stage. what can i do now..??

  • Diane Morschhauser

    Why cant I get to 36? Is that as far as you can go for free?


    Thanks for the tips.. Always good to read some (Y)

  • ℐ ℒ0/ἒ ⒼⒶⓂⒺⓈ

    i need extra moves in candy crush

  • Pat Simonson

    Level 735 is impossible.

  • Pat Simonson

    Level 735 is impossible. I think I have come to the end of my playing.

  • مختار ملک

    I reach the 310 level. ….

  • Deborah Eder

    Candy Crush is telling me I have to pay to unlock level 201? I shouldn’t have to pay to go to next levels should I?

  • Sylvia Sallee

    I am on #340, attempted to play & everything is lost! Please help me get reinstated.

  • Andrea

    I’m on 463 and don’t know what the blinking sprinkle is that has the candy over it. I hit it with something else but it just keeps staying there and another candy will fall on top of it.. but it stays and just keeps blinking. Also, if anyone knows the trick to getting threw this level, please share, I’m about to throw in the towel… been on the same levels for over a month!!

  • Michelle Jonan

    How do I use the candy eating frog?!

  • Samar Abbas

    stuck at 376 help me

    • Rashi Venkatesh Yadav

      if you dn’t mind send it ur ID and password through chat I can play that level……….

      It possible friend..Iam playing now level 560

  • Denise

    Is there anything I can do if my board (level 688) does not look like the board in the Tips and Cheats screen? I play on facebook and do not have the row of candies below the cake bomb.

  • Betty Scott

    I am on 257 several time I have had the answers and it does not give it to me.what is the problem

  • Cindy

    When I play this on my desktop computer, I am at level 333 (I think). But when I play on my cell phone, I am stuck behind a roadblock at around 330 (it’s the caution sign with paint buckets). I’ve deleted the app from my phone and re-installed, signed in/out of FB, reloaded the app, etc, and I can’t get my cell phone to match up with my desktop. Any suggestions?