Candy Crush Cheats – Boosters & Charms

Our Candy Crush Saga guide will help you with both Candy Crush for Android, iPhone, and Facebook. We’ve compiled a guide on every booster and charm featured in the game of Candy Crush! Learn about boosters like the lollipop hammer, coconut wheel and candy bomb! Find out how to use these boosters and where you can find them!

Candy Crush Boosters & Charms Tips

Boosters cost various amounts in the game, but once you use the booster, it’s gone. They are one-time use items. Once you select and purchase your booster, some will activate before you enter the level, while others can be activated during gameplay while selecting the booster you wish to use in the top left screen.


Free Boosters

Facebook Boosters:
If you normally play on mobile, connect to your Facebook account then try playing on facebook. The game will reward you with free boosters (like Lollipop hammers), also, when prompted to play another game to earn free lives refills, you can also earn FREE boosters.

Don’t forget the BOOSTER WHEEL which lets users spin it to earn prizes!

3+ Moves Booster:
Whenever you get stuck on a level you can have you facebook friends send you an extra three moves to help you out.

Extra lives:
A Facebook friend can send you extra lives if you run out. But remember: on mobile devices, you can refill your lives for free!


Paid Boosters

Remember, certain boosters, like extra moves, can be gifted from your facebook friends!

extra5 + Moves: This booster automatically will give you 5 more moves in the game to help you complete the level.
jellyJelly Fish Booster: This will have jelly fish appear randomly in the levels that are in the jelly game mode. These jelly fish will eat away the jelly tiles behind the candies. A jelly fish booster can be combined with other special candies–like striped candies, wrapped candies and color bombs.
coconutCoconut Wheel: The coconut wheel is a booster that creates 3 striped candies. It activates before you enter the level, and can appear several times within the same level. If you combine the coconut wheel with other special candies, a large amount of combos and power ups will occur.
bombcoolerColor Bomb: When you use a color bomb with a colored candy all the candies of that color will become striped candies. When you use the striped candies the rows will blast off horizontally or vertically.
wrapstripedWrapped and Striped Booster: You will receive on striped candy and one wrapped candy before you begin the level.
lollipop Lollipop Hammer: The lollipop hammer will crush any candy you want on the board. You can get some lollipop hammers for free in the beginning of the game, but I would save them later for a more difficult level like level 33.
ShuffleShuffle Candy: Only available after you complete level 30. You should use this booster as a last resort in a level when you don’t have any moves left. This will randomly mix up all the tiles in the screen to give you potential new matches, although there is no guarantee if the tile positioning will be better or worse after you use this booster.
bombBomb Cooler: This booster is only available after Level 98. This should be used when you are near the end of reaching a level but the bomb is about to blow. When you use this booster it will add an extra 5 seconds to any of the active bombs on the board.
mysterycandyMystery Candy: Available after Level 130. Use this power up to add a “mystery” candy randomly to the board that will have a question mark as its icon. When you match these up you will be given a useful tool for that level.


  • diamond

    very great web site

  • Ella Webster-Peal

    i dont get the cheats they same a bit useless as i kow all the stuff they are on about as they are explained in the game

  • Matthew Boulding

    Help. Can’t get past level 35

    • u4euh247

      Just close Wi-Fi and Data connections. Then go back into the game click on the locked level above 35, it will give you a third option to complete 3 quests to unlock it. Complete the quests and you’re unlocked it will take 3 days to complete the quests as it puts a 24 hour clock on after you complete each task.

  • Andrea Dom Ralston

    I have always played on my HTC One Android phone, just played today thru FB and am amazed at how many different options there are such as extra lives earned, boosters, etc. than on the phone… I always wondered what people were talking about. It’s about 100x harder to play on the phone. Great, now a whole other way to play the most addicting game EVER… !

  • Tara Parker

    If I buy a booster in Facebook, why isn’t it showing up on my iphone?

    • Ella

      Whatever u get on ur iPhone stays on ur iPhone. The boosters from your F.b (or computer) won’t transfer to ur phone. If you connect your phone to facebook, then the levels are connected, but not the boosters. :) does that kinda make sense?

  • Jill Matheson

    Why can I no longer send my friends lives or spin the daily booster wheel? Every time I try to do either thing I get booted out of the game and sent back to my home page!

  • tiff

    How do I get the 3 moves from fb friends? Tried everything I can give them but don’t have the option to get them