Candy Crush Level 117 Cheats and Tips

How do you beat Candy Crush level 117? These Candy Crush level 117 cheats and tips will tell you how to pass this hard ingredient level. You have 40 moves to move your ingredients down and score a minimum of 35,000 points. But don’t worry because these cheats and tips will get you through level 117 of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Level 117 Cheats

Level 117 Cheat #1: Keep ingredients in the middle 3 columns. Next >>


  • It will be much easier to get your ingredients to the bottom if they start in the center of the board. Before you make your first move, make sure your first ingredient is in one of the 3 middle columns. Reset your board by pressing exit and re-opening the level. As long as you have not used your first move, you will not lose a life. The second fruit comes down on move 20 and the third at move 10. On these moves, make moves on the center of the board so your fruit comes down in the right position. Do not switch your ingredients into other columns, as you may not be able to bring them back over again.




  • Beth Cook

    These “tips” were a total waste of 2 minutes of my life. Thanks for NOTHING

    • Beef curtains

      Hello Beth,

      2 minutes in the life of some one with learning difficulties like you is like 5 hours. I hope this helps.

    • Guest

      Isn’t playing Candy Crush and worry about wasting your life sort of like an oxymoron?

    • Dr. K

      Isn’t playing Candy Crush and worrying about wasting your life sort of like an oxymoron?

  • Kate Wade

    I agree with Beth.
    1.Exiting out and reloading the board you will lose a life.
    2.The next ingredient falls with 25 turns left.
    3. I have played this level about 50 times now and have NEVER had a start with the first ingredient in a center column.

  • Angela Russo Wilson

    How do you reset the board without losing a life; when you play this on a laptop through Facebook? No matter what I try to do; without clicking on the game itself; I lose a life and can’t try to get a better looking grid.

    • Bilal Agha

      Yes very right..and unfortunately with having a blackberry phone it is good if you stick to laptop

  • Jeremy Brown

    Great cheats but umm they don’t help when you just get a mess of candy you can’t crush also chocolate piled to the top of the board… pissed off once again cuz your wasting all your moves and you know you lost another damn life…

  • konaque

    I’m so disgusted with this level, I’ve decided to play reverse Candy Crush. I try to get the lowest score possible, with the most chocolates. Try it. It’s a challenge. You have to avoid striped candies and play mostly the top of the screen.

  • indypack

    Yeah, you can’t exit the screen without losing a life. This tip is totally false!!

    • Joan

      You don’t lose a life if playing on a tablet but you do on computer or laptop. You can get more lives on a tablet by adjusting your clock forward 3 hours and bingo there are 5 new lives. Just remember before you start playing you adjust the clock back to the correct time!

      • indypack

        Thanks for the tip. If I had a tablet. :)

        • April Walsh

          If you play on your phone, you can keep refreshing the board as well (also the clock thing works on mine, but only if you have a phone that allows you to adjust the date). But yeah. Seems it won’t work on comps.

  • suze

    Some people want tips that give them some sort of miracle. I find the tips good for setting my focus when I am stuck on a level. This one is a challenge but I know these tips will help me eventually!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      I hope they of help to you Suze! Good luck

    • jeannie

      I agree Suze. The tips have helped me a lot. I just got to this level and knowing to keep the ingredients in the middle 3 columns is already a help.