Candy Crush Level 132 Cheats & Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Candy Crush level 132.

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candy crush level 132 cheats pt 2

  • For the color bomb candy, keep an eye out for 4 candies of the same color in the same horizontal or vertical row, separated in the middle by 1 candy of a different color.
  • To create wrapped candies, make sure you are looking for both L-shape and T-shapes.  The T-shapes are harder to spot but are often on the board when you do not even realize it.  In order to place the special candies together, it is easier to create one above the other and eliminate all the candies in between rather than trying to match them side by side.  
  • The tricky part about level 132 is that the candy combos you are making both involve color bomb candies, so you will have to move either your striped candy or wrapped candy into place around the color bomb candy, since moving your color bomb  will activate it.




  • Carole A Fetters

    My board doesn’t have any purple. What is wrong? Candy crush 132

  • Marha

    Thank you. After making sure that I had the sprinkle candy at the bottom I solved the level in a couple of tries!

  • Cheryl Farmer-Fox

    What on earth is a sprinkle candy? One of those bombs? Cannot figure this out and what I need to do….help!

    • Linda Miller

      Like when you match 4 candies, you get a striped candy. Well, match 5 in a row to get a sprinkle candy.

    • nobody

      sprinkle candy is the round candy with colored dots all over

  • Christine Terrade

    i played twice and had 2 sprinkle candies that I crashed with others striped one and it did not pass the level… I don’t understand!

    • JoJoann Stump-Morgan

      You need one striped candy with a sprinkle AND one wrapped candy and a sprinkle to pass this level.

      • Christine Terrade

        ok, thanks.

  • devans00

    Good tips but I don’t understand why you force us to go through 3 pages instead of only using 1 page.

    • Laura D

      I agree just list them all. The web page owner probably get paid for advertising based on more clicks. More clicks = more $$

      • devans00

        You’re probably right @disqus_mfpEWoc0uf:disqus

        Now I avoid this website. Plenty of other Candy Crush help sites out there with all the text on one page.

  • KneeKnee

    this is near impossible !!!
    i get striped, wrapped and sprinkled candies all over the board ..
    i usually can match striped w/ sprinkled, but to get the wrapped candies i find more difficult ..
    any suggestions ?
    i’m getting frustrated with this level … PLEASE HELP !!!!!!

  • KarenCanfieldMaskens

    ugh, I can’t stop the cascading when I finally get a striped.. I hate this level!

  • Paulette

    I cannot get this level 132??Nothing works for me.!

  • James Penny

    This level cheats. I got the wrapped candy and a sprinkle not too far into it, and it created another sprinkle candy. I was able to then create a striped candy and after some effort managed to get them one candy away, which was a line of 3 with one on one side and two on the other. I moved my striped candy in to make four and it took the four in a row away as well as the sprinkle, but yet it doesn’t count. I don’t think that’s fair. I think I may stop at this level, very frustrating!

  • Laura D

    These tips are no help and after over a week of being stuck on this level I’m done. If it only gets harder from here I’d rather save myself the frustration and wasted time.

    • Eimz Matt

      Are you sure you’re using the tips? I’ve just read them and completed this level 1st time in about 5 moves. Got a score of 238,000 and 3 stars!

      • Tarin Delaney

        5 moves? Yeahh right. I’ve played this level for a better week now and using all the moves. Absolutely impossible to beat in 5 moves.

        • Eimz Matt

          Em, well I did it so how can it be impossible?!

      • Michael McGinnin

        Took you that long? In one move I achieved Sugar Crush, with a score of 487,281 points. Guess you must be a rookie at this? :)

  • Joan Giura

    Completed first time after reading this…Awesome thanks!

  • Betsy Billingsley

    I can get one order and when I get the second one I don’t get credit. This happened about 5 times

  • Ellen

    I can’t get even ONE sprinkle candy. It’s five of the same candy in a row right? Driving me crazy. They change into striped at four together.

    • Ellen

      I did it….Not that hard. Just stopped trying too hard. Lots of luck and a little strategy, and it worked.

  • Mary Smith

    NO ONE has or is answering why the 2nd match NEVER counts..!! Would someone–please?!

  • ctg0324

    Can someone explain how you get the wrapped candy? I get the first one, but don’t know how to get the wrapped candy. Thanks