Candy Crush Level 133 Cheats and Tips

How do you beat Candy Crush level 133? These Candy Crush level 133 cheats and tips will tell you how to pass this hard jelly level. You have 50 moves to clear all the jelly and score a minimum of 45,000 points. But don’t worry because these cheats and tips will get you through level 133 of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Level 133 Cheats

Level 133 Cheat #1: Reset the board until you have strong opening moves Next >>


  • On this level you will have to make most of your moves in the limited space on the top half of the board.
  • So before you make your first move, eye your board first for good moves.
  • If you do not see any, reset the board by pressing exit and reopening the level.
  • This will give you a new board without losing any lives.
  • The best starting board would be one where you can make a color bomb or vertical striped candy on the first turn.




  • Corinne Hayes

    Where is the exit button? I always lose lives when I reset my board.

    • Anonymous

      Do you use a computer? Might be because of that, I’m pretty sure the exiting technique only works if you’re on a mobile device.

  • Jan

    Can you tell before you make a four candy combo if it is going to be horizontal or vertical?

    • PattiLynn

      if your 4 candies are horizontal, the stripe candy you make will be vertical. if your 4 candies are vertical, the stripe candy you make will be horizontal. – the stripes are always opposite the direction the candies are on the board.

      • Jan

        PattiLynn, thanks so much for your help.

        • PattiLynn

          Jan, you’re welcome. happy i could help.